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Gray and Juvia in the recent chapters

Gruvia fans have been waiting for a proper reunion since chapter 499 when Juvia sacrificed her life and Gray thought she had died. Mashima-sensei wouldn’t be Mashima-sensei if he gave it to us that easily though, especially with this pairing being one of the most teased in the series. Currently there are 4 chapters remaining before the series end (chapter 545 is the last, confirmed by the creator via twitter), and we are still waiting for Gray’s “answer” to Juvia, which is basically a promised on panel canonization of the ship.

We know that promise will be kept, not only because it was in the manga, but also because Mashima-sensei himself confirmed it last year when he went to Japan Expo in France.

Fan: Will Gray give Juvia an answer or will he make her wait?

Mashima: I think everyone wants to know his true feelings/how he truly feels, so yes, we can expect an answer soon enough.

Announcer: Ah, love love.

It’s not a matter of “if” Gray will give an answer. The question is “when”.

Following chapter 499, Gray went on a rampage due to the intense emotions he was feeling after what had happened to Juvia. He was so overwhelmed, the emotional gravity of the situation caused him to pass out the moment he saw that she was alive. Juvia being heavily injured, passed out as well. And thus, Gruvia fans and their reunion were left hanging.

After being separated for quite some time, Gray and Juvia are finally back together:

But the war is not over. Lyon comments on this fact, and Gray even confirms it.

Gray is sticking to what he said in chapter 453; that the answer will come after the battle is over. That was Mashima-sensei’s way of telling us to wait as well. That is also why the two aren’t talking about what happened yet, so it’s important to not be discouraged. Especially because Mashima-sensei reminded us of how significant it is that the two talk. That was the point of this scene:

The first thing Gray thinks of when the “after the war” topic is brought up is his commitment to Juvia. 

Not just that, but Mashima-sensei’s recent twitter sketch tells us all we need to know regarding the future of our beloved pair:

We’re fortunate that the author has given us so much–and not just these reminders. Gruvia is one of the most developed pairings in shounen history. We got the chance to see that growth take place, on panel, step by step throughout the manga. 

The above official art showcases Gray the happiest we have ever seen him. On the topic of Gray’s happiness, in the afterword of 413 Days, Mashima-sensei said that Gray and Juvia had a “boom” (impact) inside him, and had mentioned the different types of Gray fans (those who like him in his entirety, those who want him with a specific girl, those who don’t care for his romance, those who don’t want him with anyone, etc). He states:

I’ve already decided exactly what Gray’s future will be (/how Gray will turn out). I won’t (/unlikely) change my decision despite the various fan opinions/reactions. However, as a writer, no matter what happens [to Gray] I’d like people/fans to think more along the lines of #1 (he would be happy if fans thought that way).


#1. Those who like Gray in his entirety. If Gray is happy, everything is fine.

We know what, or rather, who makes Gray happy. This last arc has mainly focused on his side of equation, which is wonderful. We also can ascertain that he wants to experience that happiness to the fullest without conflict and past demons marring the future. Juvia’s love for Gray is of course, still as strong as ever. The fact that her feelings are still very much present in the closing chapters of the story is a tell tale sign they will be reciprocated. That has been clear for quite awhile now.

Gray has waited. Juvia has waited. Surely, we can handle that wait as well. As we wait for the finale, we get the chance to see Gray and Juvia work together one more time. Even though we have not gotten a “proper” resolution yet, they are both ALIVE and facing the final obstacle TOGETHER to set a firm foundation for a bright future. The mere fact is that chapter 453 stresses that the answer would come after the battle. 

Acnologia must be defeated before any meaningful conversation and resolution takes place. As we wait, let’s enjoy the final battle where our ship is together and putting the finishing touches on the journey towards their future. :)


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