official race photos!


I finally found an “official” race photo, so now I can post a recap of Flower City Half! But where to start??? It was an amazing weekend.
Saturday: Shakeout run with Britt & Neil, homework, errands, then packet pickup with @littlebean-jellybean. We had dinner and talked and went on a little shopping expedition and just chilled for hours. So nice!
Sunday: I got 2 hours of sleep, but wasn’t tired at all when it was time to head out. I wasn’t expecting to see anyone I knew, but ended up finding 3 high school classmates and one of my IB teachers too. Extra pre-race hugs are the best hugs!
Miles 1-3: We started significantly slower than the 2 hour pace group, but they went out WAY harder than they were supposed to. We kept a little faster pace than intended, but comfortable.
Miles 4-6: Light rain, casual conversation with the other runners, and pretty scenery. I’ve only run in Rochester once before so there were tons of new things for me!
Miles 7-9: This section had the most hills, and also the best crowd support. We ran through Mount Hope Cemetery and I was surprisingly okay with it. Cemeteries tend to make me really uncomfortable, but Heather reminded me that I was good, and I was. I really loved a few of the hills in here. We also caught up to the 2 hour pace group (they were moving much slower and back where they should be).
Miles 10-12: We felt much better than anticipated at this point (It did NOT feel like double digits!) and moved ahead of the 2 hour group. We also picked up one of Heather’s buddies from the preview run. More good conversation and still pacing strong!
Mile 13.1: We got to about 12.5 before the skies absolutely OPENED UP on us; literally just downpoured! We sent Brandon to finish ahead of us and spent the last 5 minutes laughing, sloshing, and singing (terribly), then across the finish line in 1:56:01. We were COMPLETELY soaked through and so so so happy ❤️
We attempted to warm up/dry off inside the arena, then blasted the heat in the car til we got to Hart’s to get food. More coffee, yummy lunch treats, then back to the house before parting ways. I could’ve lived without the rain, but I wouldn’t change it for anything❤️