official poster

I just am over the moon that It’s the MAIN hero in the official poster. No  Instaheroes or other masks that the show “killed” Oliver to make room for. This says to me that not only are we getting back to Original Team Arrow and a lighter tone but we’re getting back to OLIVER QUEEN'S story! And don’t worry because Felicity and Diggle and Thea all play the most pivotal roles in his life so they’ll have plenty of screentime but Oliver is the character whose journey we’re following and it’s about time we got back to that!
One Direction look fit af in their new 4/4 poster. Warning Harry is in BLUE jeans.
One Direction are gearing up for their TWO Cardiff OTRA gigs which are in just 5 days time. Now, since there's been a bit of a break since the last leg of the tour we could be seeing some brand new 4/4 merchandise from the lads. If this new poster is anything to go by…