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🍜 A huge thanks to @polygondotcom for the interview 🍜


Parallel Hearts, 2017.

I’ve wanted to draw a more serious Amnesia comic for a long time now, and now, it’s finished. Comics and sequential art in general are a tough field to work on and this was very challenging to put together, but I feel extremely satisfied with it. I’ve always seen many parallels between Daniel and Alexander’s respective stories - it only adds to the tragedy of the game’s story, in my personal opinion. I hope you like the results!

I’ve signed the story with my main blog’s url, by the way, as it’s my “official” portfolio.

mothmammoth replied to your post: did i tell yall i was at the entrance exams of my…

i’m laughing but i also respect them for their dedication and sheer gutsiness to submit that as an official exam portfolio omg.

its gutsy but also tragic bc i can guarantee u she didnt get in

its a shame bc shes a pretty good artist but if u legit just support a portfolio with the same character drown over and over again in the same style u…aint gonna get in

art schools hate animu shit too, so

Everyone Pines and Angsts (The antepenultimate part of Bucky's Gay Epiphany - I hope)

Hey remember when this was a one-off 1500 word ficlet?

Previous parts:

Summary: This is the bit where everyone’s really unhappy. Don’t worry, it gets better. Just… not quite yet.

Also… yeah, sorry Sam.

Warnings: um… general emotional fucked-upness.

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