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@koitoshi asked for Kenma and Kuroo wearing glasses and i was like siGN ME UP


supernatural url-inspired graphic challenge
↳ glorioustiel vs wiccasam


“I don’t know who will cross the finish line, but I can promise you this:

                                     It will be crossed.”            

Tom Mason, Reborn

Haven’t posted a picture of myself in a while, so here’s sleepy, gay me thinking about gay stuff and wanting to do artistic gay stuff but lacking the skill to do said gay thing.


Arashi cheering and being impressed by A.B.C-Z’s acrobatics
— Music Station 2015.05.15

Zesty Snapchats!

He’d totally send another one like this to Rose saying ‘My bf is cuter than yours’

Rose grabs Alisha and sends one back saying ‘oH YEAH? LOOK AT THIS CUTIE’

It turns into an entire snap war-

Please don’t repost or edit

i said some weird shit at this party but i regret nothing