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Something about the man’s eyes were impeccable. They were beautiful and pure…but Hamilton knew the power behind them, so he rolled his eyes and looked away from the man.

Jefferson, also, was lost in the infuriating man’s eyes, but for a moment, he felt something. He was unsure of what in the hell that zap of feeling was, but it was something.

Here’s my entry for @burrn‘s art contest!! I had chapter one of their CYMFH series :) I tried out a new coloring style for this and I think it turned out pretty well!! The total time put into this was about 8/9 hours!!


At last, here’s my entry! I just wanted an excuse to kiss Tokiya

Notice me @skillshotlabs-senpai!

If you like my art, why not commission me? Sanddollars aren’t made of money you know!

What’s Up Next?

Now that the Bang’s done, and Rec Day has come and gone, the big question looming over the horizon is… 


what’s next?

We mods have been talking about this for a little while; we’ve been going through the results of the feedback forms (still taking them, so go fill one out if you’ve got thoughts!) 

We’ve had a lot of requests for genres other than angst or fluff (don’t worry! we’re planning on resuming the wars in June!), so we all put our heads together to see what we could come up with. 

A bingo challenge, for those unfamiliar, is a challenge where a Bingo Card with prompts is presented. You then try to get a “Bingo”, over a certain span of time. Bingo Challenges can last months though, so we decided to embrace the RvB spirit and…

Team Bingo

Mods Taller and Steph have embraced their Inner Red, and will be producing a Red Team bingo card. Mods Iz and Becky, meanwhile, have chosen to continue their lives as Dirty Blues, and will be creating a Blue Team card. Mod Rena is living the peaceful medic life, and will also be creating a card for those who prefer to stay neutral in this glorious war. 

You’ll pick a side (all entries for the Bingo Wars should have the team declared in the description) and then, as a team, we will see who can get the most bingos! The Mods will be keeping track, and we will declare the winning team at the end of the War! As long as it’s shared through Tumblr, tagged with #RvB Bingo Wars, and follows our official content guidelines, the entry will count, be shared by the blog, and included in a masterpost. 

We’ll have an official rules page up sometime soon, as well as the cards!

Winning team gets nothing but bragging rights, but what else matters? 

We will be posting a more complete upcoming events schedule over the next few days, so keep  your eyes peeled!


It’s official–Good Time, starring Robert Pattinson, will debut in competition at Cannes in May.

Directed by Josh and Ben Safdie, the film is one of only 18 official competition entries. Ben Safdie also plays Rob’s brother in the gritty crime caper, alongside Oscar nominees Barkhad Abdi and Jennifer Jason Leigh. Run time: 139 minutes. 

This will be Rob’s fourth trip to Cannes. He was there in 2009 representing Remember Me, and then had Cosmopolis in competition in 2012, and The Rover and Maps to the Stars in 2014.


I went to the US Border at Calexico, CA to get a Global Entry pass. 🐰 and I had an appointment with Border and Customs. This office was in a building. I repeat, in a building.

My dad went to park the car and went inside the building to look for me. He mistakenly went into a line to ask where the Global Entry office was located, when he accidentally put one foot in Mexico. I don’t understand how he was in Mexico since we were at the customs office but that’s what happened.

While I was getting treated like shit at the Global Entry office (that’s a story for another time), my dad was forced by Border Patrol to physically take a few steps into Mexico, turn his body around 180 degrees and make an official entry into the US.

The border entry officials gave my father the third degree and accused him of having been in Mexico. My dad was very polite and said he had never left the building but they insisted. Finally, after 30 mins or so, My 85 year old US CITIZEN father was allowed to go and sit in his hot ass car. I am horrified and appalled. Did this happen because my dad is a dark skinned Latino with an accent? I’ll never know.

But then I remember that my father is a crazy right wing Republican. He didn’t vote for Trump but he’s happy about a potential wall. Don’t feel too bad for him.


My several aesthetic pictures… I can never stop. I was tagged by @greenappleeyes @casbabydontgoineedyou and @webcricket. Thank you for tagging me! The first three are my ‘official’ entries, the rest are just… hey, why the hell not.

Anyway. Now you know how much i like collage-ing LOL. Fun fact: In every collage EXCEPT the all-Cas ones, there are photos that I have personally took. I like photography hehe.

Fun fact #2: In the second collage, there is a cover for a fic I once wrote. I had that cover as my phone home screen for a long time.

In doing this, I have discovered that I CLEARLY need MORE pictures of Cas. And wings in general, because I am a huge wing freak. (And yes, Bill Cipher eating a chip through his eye is CLEARLY my aesthetic)

Tagging @seafoodmomma, @ferid-trash-bathory, @bloodstained-porcelain-doll @narisjournal-blog @mate-im-captain-jack-sparrow @devilscharismatic @beccaamm and @raspberrymama, as well as anyone who wants to do it!


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- February 14th, 2017, 12:00AM CST
Sunday Best

  Church is letting out.  I can hear the bells tolling near by and then echo in the distance.  My spot here next to the Circle K was my bed for the night…as it is for most nights. I like it here where the lights never shut off & the foot traffic never stops…it’s cozy….but mostly I chose this spot because i love the view.  Sitting perched up against the bricks of the corner store I look directly upon The South Tucson First Church of the Nazarene.  In all my travels I’ve never seen a shittier part of town than South Tucson.  The filth in the air is so thick, it’s almost tangible, and it hangs on EVERYTHING…..including the people here. Too bad people here don’t understand that it’s not a requirement to be icky just because you’re homeless…or because you live in the projects….or because the people around you are icky.  It’s just gross here & I hate it…

    ..But there’s the church and it gleams, & sparkles & takes up two city blocks.  It doesn’t belong here….yet here it sits. So here I, too, sit……and sitting in this spot on Sunday mornings is one of my favorite things to do  - Minivans driven by men in ties and women wearing too-big hats roll slowly by me…..Two, three, a dozen….filing by.

  Some carry children crying.  Their little fists shaking and mouths open, yellin’ as they fuss and tear at their Sunday clothes.  Others carry children better behaved.  Two smiling kids look in my direction and, without hesitation, I stick out my tongue menacingly in their direction… they both pause for just a second, then laugh uproarously!…    their amusement surprises me. And i like it… so here comes the next batch of kids and I do the same…..then to the next and the one after that…..and they all laugh! even the criers.  These people are not from South Tucson.  Everything from their hair-weaves to their name-brand slacks scream “EAST Tucson!“….they don’t belong, but i suppose, like me, they come for the church.  I’m telling you, It is magnificent!  and now that I’ve made some unhappy kids smile, I’ve put a smile on, too.  I Think I’ll wear it for the rest of today….

  The day is hot and muggy - My hair is coarse and ugly - My clothes today aren’t slutty.  ‘Cause it’s Sunday & God is watching 

[[ Canon information about the Uchiha clan learned from Itachi Shinden, in no particular order:

  • The Uchiha did not live in a district prior to the Kyuubi Attack. They lived in scattered, single family homes. 
  • The district is riddled with security cameras. Judging by the description used upon their reveal, they are video-only.
  • There isn’t an acting group of “clan elders” above Fugaku. Fugaku is the Captain of the Police Force and the head of the clan, though he must answer to the collective pressure of the clan and steer them as best he can.
  • It is tradition to bring the eyes of felled Uchiha back home, so they do not fall into the wrong hands. They are possessive of their Kekke Genkai, to this extent.
  • The Uchiha are not allowed to take positions considered “central” to the village. IE, ANBU, Hokage. Anything that would allow them to be too close to the Hokage or enact any sort of regulations/laws in the village. This has been in practice since Senju Tobirama’s reign. 
  • The KMPF was specifically created to keep Uchiha out of these sorts of positions. 
  • Uchiha Itachi was the first official entry of Uchiha into ANBU. 
  • Uchiha Shisui was the unofficial entry into ANBU, answering only to Hiruzen himself.                                                             ]]
Journal of deceased SMITE player recovered Recalls Queue Horrors

A mourning family recently released the personal journal of SMITE player who has died of mysterious injuries. The family member who found them, a younger boy, was quoted to having walked into the family room to find it occupied by the collective remains of their sibling grasping the work journal and they appeared to have aged considerably.
HI REZ officials have said nothing but that they mourn the loss of one single person who might have considered buying the next bundle of content.
The journal itself was detained for study by police officials, but some entries were released to the public to help generate leads to this young persons death. They include:
-“entry 1:
I’m going to record myself and the builds of other players while I start playing ranked games. Hopefully, this will help me improve and learn and remember techniques. I hope to get that skin by the end of the season.”
-“entry 2:
I had some decent skrims in casual to practice my main, but I still lack the confidence to actually queue up to the ranked…”
-“entry 3:
I finally queued up for ranked, but my computer kind of fuzzed and some sort of Archaic writing of some sort flashed. I don’t know what it was, but it looked like some creepy blood pact… probably just an advertisement for some lovecraftian game.”
-“entry 6:
I haven’t gotten to get to the picks and bans screen of ranked, it just keeps requeuing me like someone keeps leaving. Sometimes I go 75 minutes before I get requeued.”
-“entry 8:
The numbers in the queue timer have stopped making sense. I think SMITE is having some new event because I keep hearing chanting rather than the lobby music. I don’t know how long I’ve been here.”
-“entry 17-46:
Welcome to SMITE: Battleground of the GODS (repetitively)”
-“entry 50:
I finally got to picks and bans and I don’t recognize any of the Gods. I’m bleeding from my gums.”
-final entry
“Our tank got fukin’ sanctuary.”