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Day 1: It All Began With The Lights

Imagine Endless Summer as an animated series, what I’d do to have something like that! 

My official entry for the anniversary giveaway!

It’s not actually my best work but, I really wanna share something for the anniversary!  I tried to make it look close to what I imagined it would be. I really love this series (and it’s quite obvious who I ship the most in all the Choices books) and I will never tire drawing and creating headcanons about literally everything in the series! Thanks Pixelberry for making such wonderful stories!

Day 6: Fav OP/ED

I absolutely loved the animation and the song for the 3rd ending. It feels so peaceful and gives a strong sense of feeling at home ^u^

For @natsumeweek 


Something about the man’s eyes were impeccable. They were beautiful and pure…but Hamilton knew the power behind them, so he rolled his eyes and looked away from the man.

Jefferson, also, was lost in the infuriating man’s eyes, but for a moment, he felt something. He was unsure of what in the hell that zap of feeling was, but it was something.

Here’s my entry for @burrn‘s art contest!! I had chapter one of their CYMFH series :) I tried out a new coloring style for this and I think it turned out pretty well!! The total time put into this was about 8/9 hours!!


Disclaimer: Contrary to popular (?) belief I don’t actually “hate” Silver. His characterizations make sense and it’s very compelling to watch– what I’m NOT here for, is the constant defense of him by various fans/shippers. He’s allowed to be a flawed character, you know, and people are entitled to feel disdain towards him and his harmful (yes, they are harmful) actions. 

Let’s break it down, then:

In retrospect, this is an odd scene because why would Silver even entertain the idea of them walking away? They should be focused on the war and trying to win, yet he speaks about the two of them walking away unscathed like it’s a certain outcome. And to ask Madi if he would be enough, when he’s well aware of the answer (judging by how invested she is now in her war), is telling. This gets echoed by Flint in 4x10, where he tells Silver that she won’t be enough for him anymore because the war brought purpose to all of their lives. Of course, knowing what we now know with the knowledge of 4x10, Silver has in actuality already obtained information about Thomas and that he is indeed alive and well in Savannah. In his mind, the option of walking away from the war is already set in stone, seeing as he’s got everything he needs to put an end to it– the only question remains is a matter of when.

He knew the Spanish were coming, he knew that there would be massive casualties yet he went along with it anyway. He knows Madi found her purpose as the next Maroon Queen, as this war only solidifies her will to liberate her people even more. He knew, yet he betrayed her anyway– because her legacy, the life of her people, the subsequent treatment of future generations of her people, doesn’t matter to him as much as her life. It’s an utterly selfish act, and it’s an act of someone who refuses to be supportive of the woman he loves, regardless of the fact that perhaps it’ll cost Madi’s life to achieve her goals (collateral damage is a-ok as long as it’s not the woman you love, I suppose?). He, a cishet white man, definitively stripped away Madi’s own freedom of choice and her power as a leader, merely because he doesn’t want to lose her. Her and Flint’s war isn’t important, because the struggles of marginalized people never affected him, and never will affect him. He simply doesn’t care. He’s the man with no backstory, a man who can spin tales to fit whatever narrative he wants to tell, while Flint and Madi’s backstories are the driving force of their character.

James McGraw said it best: “In most cases, a man trying to change the world fails for one simple and unavoidable reason: everyone else.”

Silver, and people like Silver, are exactly the reason why Madi’s people had to suffer for centuries. The curse of the Cishet White Male™.

May 19, 2017

Basically a coda of 12x22


She wanted to go west, as far as she could. She had grown up near there and wanted to see a childhood fantasy made reality. Kelly wanted her child to see a world in total tranquility, away from the darkness. That place was North Cove, Washington.

It truly was a world in and of its own, the lake that surrounded the house stretching as far as an ocean, giant mystic mountains surrounding the entire cove to a point where it could as well have been a page from one of the many children’s books I have consumed over the past few weeks. All start the same way. 

Once Upon A Time on a house by the lake, a deer began to dream.” That had been one of them, a tale of a deer that wished to scale the mountains and become an astronaut. The deer never did become an astronaut, but the story was about the journey, not the destination. Maybe that is why I found so much meaning to it.

The house had not been rented in some time, but it was not in total disrepair. With Kelly in the state that she is I took up most of the labor. The sinks were fixed once I found the manual to do so (and invested in heavy duty duct tape. It truly does stop any leakage). The rooms were cleared of any potential infant death traps and were accommodated, and the yard outside just by the lake was cleared and polished. It was rickety and it was old, but Kelly loved it nonetheless. If Jack was to be raised here, then it would be a house worth living in.

As for the world around us… there have been so many signs. Nephilim are not simply just born; they create and destroy around them. The very air can grow toxic or storms could begin to brew. Comic consequences very well could come and receive me here because of this child’s birth.

But he showed me the future. A future with no pain. A world where Sam and Dean could retire and live out the lives they were robbed of. It was a paradise. That is what I needed to see; that is what I need to believe.

This may be the last you hear of me for a while. Jack will be born in a matter of days now, if that at all. And when that happens, I am devoting my life to seeing through that he not be consumed by the darkness that will come for him. But there is one more letter I must write, one that I have had trouble starting for quite some time. You may have already read it, or you may not have.

“Once Upon A Time on a house by the lake, a deer began to dream…”

This is a castle on a hill; a house by the lake; an angel that dreams of a world with no pain and yet does not know of his place in this world.

But it is the journey that has been seen, not the end.



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theotakux  asked:

I just bought a DVD of Memorial Valley Massacre that uses the 'Son of Sleepaway Camp' title, and it got me wondering about horror movies getting retitled for VHS back in the day (usually to cash in on other, more popular movies). Do you know of a list of movies that did that? I'm really curious about it but haven't found much online.

Oh, gosh.  Now this is a subject that I know much about, as it’s something that was pretty common throughout horror during the 80′s–particularly Italian horror, as Italian filmmakers realized that there was a greater market for horror films in Italy if the public there believed them to be American-made (this trend actually plays a MAJOR part in jump-starting the film career of horror maestro Mario Bava–and the rise of horror and sci-fi films in Italy–but that’s a story for another day).

For example, let’s start with the late George Romero’s Dawn of the Dead (1978).  In Italy, it was known as Zombi.  Lucio Fulci’s Zombie (1979) was created to profit off of the popularity of Romero’s film, and was marketed overseas as Zombi 2Zombi 3 later came about in 1988, and was co-directed by Lucio Fulci and Bruno Mattei.

Here’s where it gets weird: 

  • Sometimes Umberto Lenzi’s Nightmare City (1980) is credited as being Zombi 3 (it was also sometimes marketed as Cannibal Holocaust 2 to ride the success of Ruggero Deodato’s “found footage” horror), as is Andrea Bianchi’s controversial Burial Ground (1981).  Let Sleeping Corpses Lie (1974) and Zombie Holocaust (aka Dr. Butcher, M.D.) (1980) have both been marketed at some point as being Zombi 3.
  • Jean Rollin’s A Virgin Among the Living Dead (1973) is often referred to as Zombi 4, as is the 1988 film After Death (which many consider the “real” sequel).  Panic (1982) is known as Zombi 4 in Greece.
  • Jess Franco’s Revenge in the House of Usher (1982) has been marketed as Zombi 5 in America, but it’s Joe D’Amato’s Killing Birds (1988) that’s widely considered to be Zombi 5.
  • Joe D’Amato’s Absurd (1981) has previously been marketed as Zombi 6, when–in actuality–it is the sequel to D’Amato’s own Anthropophagus (1980).
  • And, it is Anthropophagus that has been marketed as Zombi 7, even though it came before Absurd.  Andreas Schnaas’ Zombie ‘90: Extreme Pestilence (1991) has also occasionally been sold as Zombi 7.

Confused yet?  Let’s try an easier one.

Let’s talk about House (1986):

  • Not to be confused with the Japanese House, later renamed Hausu (1977).
  • House was followed by House II: The Second Story (1987), which did not follow the previous film’s storyline whatsoever.  It was also known as La Casa 6 in Italy, but I’ll get to that…
  • Overseas, the supernatural slasher The Horror Show (1989) was sold as House III (and La Casa 7).
  • House IV (1992) is the official third entry in the series, as it actually shares a character with the original film.

So what’s La Casa?  Hmm…I guess this one wasn’t much “easier” to understand after all:

  • La Casa is what Sam Raimi’s The Evil Dead (1981) was titled in Italy.
  • La Casa 2 is Raimi’s sequel, Evil Dead II (1987).
  • La Casa 3 is actually an Umberto Lenzi film, originally titled Ghosthouse.
  • La Casa 4 is the sequel to Ghosthouse, and originally known as Witchery (1988).  Neither have anything to do with Raimi’s films.
  • La Casa 5 is really just a film called Beyond Darkness (not to be confused with Joe D’Amato’s controversial Beyond the Darkness (1979), also known as Buio Omega and Blue Holocaust), and was directed by Claudio Fragrasso, who brought the world Troll II (which was originally titled Goblin, and also has nothing whatsoever to do with the movie it’s allegedly a sequel for!).
  • As mentioned before, La Casa 6 is what we know as House II: The Second Story (still no relation to The Evil Dead).
  • La Casa 7 is just The Horror Show.  I guess House IV wasn’t good enough to be La Casa 8.

Ever heard of the Curse series?  Well…it isn’t a series:  The Curse (1987), Curse II: The Bite (1989), Curse III: Blood Sacrifice (1991), and Curse IV: The Ultimate Sacrifice (1993) are four films that have absolutely nothing to do with each other. 

  • The original film is an adaptation of H. P. Lovecraft’s The Colour Out of Space (this same story was the inspiration for 1965′s Die, Monster, Die!, and partially inspired “The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill” from the 1982 horror anthology Creepshow).
  • Curse II: The Bite is about a man being bitten by a radioactive snake, and spawning other snakelike creatures.
  • Curse III: Blood Sacrifice was originally called Panga, and is about a tribal magician in Africa summoning a demon.
  • Curse IV: The Ultimate Sacrifice is actually a film from 1988 called Catacombs that’s about a monastery haunted by a demon.  The film wasn’t released for five years after its completion due to the financial downfall and seizure of Charles Band’s Empire Pictures by a credit company (which later led to Band forming Full Moon Features).  Columbia TriStar slapped the new title on it to try to pass it off as another entry in a series that was never a series to begin with.

How about Demons (aka Dèmoni)?

  • Lamberto Bava (with Dario Argento producing) brought the original film to the world in 1985, with great commercial success.
  • Dèmoni 2 (1986) is a legitimate sequel from the same people.
  • Dèmoni 3?  Well, that could be a few films, including Lamberto’s own The Ogre (1988), Michele Soavi’s The Church (1989) (coincidentally, Soavi played a part in the original Demons), or Umberto Lenzi’s Black Demons (1991) (which is commonly considered the “official” third installment).
  • Soavi’s The Devil’s Daughter (1991) was marketed as Demons 4: The Sect.
  • Bava’s La maschera del demonio (1989) was marketed as Demons 5: The Devil’s Veil.
  • Luigi Cozzi’s adaptation of Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Black Cat” was retitled to Demons 6: De Profundis (1989).
  • Soavi’s Cemetery Man (aka Dellamorte Dellamore) (1994) was occasionally marketed as Demons ‘95.

Only the first two were intentionally linked.  The rest were renamed when convenient for the sake of sales.  Did anyone notice the frequency with which certain names have been appearing here?  The Italian filmmaking industry was some wild shit.

Other examples that I can think of (at least at the moment):

  • Meng Hua Ho’s supernatural shocker The Rape After (1986) is sometimes re-titled Devil Fetus 2, after the original film by Hung-Chuen Lau.
  • Izô Hashimoto’s Lucky Sky Diamond (1990) is occasionally falsely associated with the infamous Japanese Guinea Pig film franchise (due to sharing similar themes of cruel experimentation), but is a separate, unrelated v-cinema release.

Sometimes it’s just the packaging that tries to pass something off as something it’s not.  Check out this Japanese box art for Andreas Schnaas’ Violent Shit III: Infantry of Doom (1999).

If this titling nonsense isn’t bad enough, poster artists also ripped each other off right and left during the 80′s.

Someday, I also want to post about parodies and rip-offs in horror, because some of them (such as India’s Mahakaal) are so blatant that they’re honestly endearing.


Returning for the 13th year, the New York Television Festival has revealed the lineup of original pilots competing in this year’s Independent Pilot Competition. According to the official release, the 2017 entries represent the festival’s most diverse slate yet.

“Bartlett” [World Festival Premiere]
Created by Martin Edwards and Chrissy Mazzeo – San Francisco, CA
Washed up advertising exec Roger Newhouse has just 10 hours to turn his life around in a series set in that vast gray area between fraud and re-invention.
From the team behind Freestyle Love Supreme and Starring Lin-Manuel Miranda (“Hamilton”) and Utkarsh Ambudkar (“The Mindy Project”)


I have no idea what this is but I strongly hope that Lin is credited as “Jesus”.

Bollywood: 5 offbeat movies directed by women

1. Luck by Chance (dir.: Zoya Akhtar)

A look into the behind-the-scenes workings of Bollywood, written and directed by insider Zoya Akhtar, starring Farhan Akhtar and Konkona Sen Sharma (plus basically everyone else in the industry in special appearances).

2. English Vinglish (dir.: Gauri Shinde)

Sridevi plays a housewife, overlooked by her family and humiliated for not speaking English, who goes to New York for a family wedding and secretly enrolls in English lessons. English Vinglish is a very sweet dramedy of self-discovery and female empowerment. A huge hit inspired by director Gauri Shinde’s own relationship with her mother.

3. Peepli Live (dir.: Anusha Rizvi)

This brilliant dark comedy touches on the issue of farmer suicides in India, media sensationalism and political nonsense. It was produced by Kiran Rao and was India’s official entry for the 83rd Academy Awards.

4. Nil Battey Sannata (dir.: Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari)

The touching story of a mother who goes back to school in order to encourage her daughter to climb her way out of poverty through education. This critical and commercial hit film is director Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari’s debut.

5. Jugni (dir. Shefali Bhushan)

Written and directed by débutante Shefali Bhushan, Jugni is the story of a music producer who travels to a village in Punjab in search of a golden voice. Features amazingly passionate, stunning music by some of India’s top composers, including Oscar-winner A.R. Rahman and Vishal Bharadwaj.

See also: 5 mainstream BW movies directed by women



At last, here’s my entry! I just wanted an excuse to kiss Tokiya

Notice me @skillshotlabs-senpai!

If you like my art, why not commission me? Sanddollars aren’t made of money you know!

What’s Up Next?

Now that the Bang’s done, and Rec Day has come and gone, the big question looming over the horizon is… 


what’s next?

We mods have been talking about this for a little while; we’ve been going through the results of the feedback forms (still taking them, so go fill one out if you’ve got thoughts!) 

We’ve had a lot of requests for genres other than angst or fluff (don’t worry! we’re planning on resuming the wars in June!), so we all put our heads together to see what we could come up with. 

A bingo challenge, for those unfamiliar, is a challenge where a Bingo Card with prompts is presented. You then try to get a “Bingo”, over a certain span of time. Bingo Challenges can last months though, so we decided to embrace the RvB spirit and…

Team Bingo

Mods Taller and Steph have embraced their Inner Red, and will be producing a Red Team bingo card. Mods Iz and Becky, meanwhile, have chosen to continue their lives as Dirty Blues, and will be creating a Blue Team card. Mod Rena is living the peaceful medic life, and will also be creating a card for those who prefer to stay neutral in this glorious war. 

You’ll pick a side (all entries for the Bingo Wars should have the team declared in the description) and then, as a team, we will see who can get the most bingos! The Mods will be keeping track, and we will declare the winning team at the end of the War! As long as it’s shared through Tumblr, tagged with #RvB Bingo Wars, and follows our official content guidelines, the entry will count, be shared by the blog, and included in a masterpost. 

We’ll have an official rules page up sometime soon, as well as the cards!

Winning team gets nothing but bragging rights, but what else matters? 

We will be posting a more complete upcoming events schedule over the next few days, so keep  your eyes peeled!

Round 1 Closed

Voting for round 1 is over ! Round 2 will begin as soon as I have at least 4 contenders for each of the following categories 

  • Dresses
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  • Holiday Special (ANY holiday)
  • Beachwear 
  • Jackets/Coats 
  • What the heck is that

Any character who has been a member of the X-Men, X-Force, a student at an X-School, etc or is featured heavily in those books qualifies 

no fanart - any official comic is fine

Send entries to or message them to me @punchportals -with a note that this is for the contest and the character’s name (sometimes its hard to tell!)

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Sonora by alithographica


Quercus velutina by aaronapsley


Crinum asiaticum by to-see-clearly


Echeveria rudolfi by aaronapsley


Spring light by macroramblings

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Thanks go to this year’s jury and co-hosts Sula Vanderplank, Kristi Rugg, Joy Matthews, @randomc, @cactguy@moretortor, and, as always, a shout-out to all of this year’s artists and fans that made the fifth annual BOTANICALITY TUMBLR SPRING BOTANICAL ART SHOW a success!

[[ Canon information about the Uchiha clan learned from Itachi Shinden, in no particular order:

  • The Uchiha did not live in a district prior to the Kyuubi Attack. They lived in scattered, single family homes. 
  • The district is riddled with security cameras. Judging by the description used upon their reveal, they are video-only.
  • There isn’t an acting group of “clan elders” above Fugaku. Fugaku is the Captain of the Police Force and the head of the clan, though he must answer to the collective pressure of the clan and steer them as best he can.
  • It is tradition to bring the eyes of felled Uchiha back home, so they do not fall into the wrong hands. They are possessive of their Kekke Genkai, to this extent.
  • The Uchiha are not allowed to take positions considered “central” to the village. IE, ANBU, Hokage. Anything that would allow them to be too close to the Hokage or enact any sort of regulations/laws in the village. This has been in practice since Senju Tobirama’s reign. 
  • The KMPF was specifically created to keep Uchiha out of these sorts of positions. 
  • Uchiha Itachi was the first official entry of Uchiha into ANBU. 
  • Uchiha Shisui was the unofficial entry into ANBU, answering only to Hiruzen himself.                                                             ]]