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Official 2016 1DFF Awards - Winners!

Thank you to everyone for participating in another round of our official awards!

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Jimin Ft. XIUMIN ‘Call You Bae’ MV Hits 20 Million Views on YouTube.

The music video for AOA’s Jimin & EXO’s Xiumin collaboration ‘Call You Bae’ hits 20 Million views on YouTube (1theK channel). ‘Call You Bae’ has an additional 5.9 Million views on AOA’s Official YouTube channel.

Congratulations Jimin & Xiumin!

Watch the ‘Call You Bae’ MV Here:
U.S. intercepts capture senior Russian officials celebrating Trump win
Intelligence showed that Russians “felt pretty good” after the Nov. 8 vote, an official said.

They’re not simply ecstatic that Trump won, mind you: “Russian officials congratulated themselves on the outcome.”

Of course, they could be claiming credit for something they didn’t actually do… taking a page from the playbook of their biggest fan.

I Hate You  (Theo Raeken)

Note: I think this imagine is much better than my first and I kinda like it. Hope you do too! Make sure to check out my last one if you’d like and comment requests! I need some better ideas and input other than my own. I’m planning a sequel to this imagine, it will involve Stiles and the others more than this one did. There will also be more drama, fluff ect.

“If your still in this class, congratulations. Your officially AP biology class material” Mrs Finch announces.

“Now, I have a project for you due in two weeks, your going to split up into pairs of two”

Instantly, my eyes dart over to Stiles. My best friend iv known since the age of three. We first met in the sand box, but our first impressions of each other weren’t the best. We fought over one of the plastic trucks, but got over it pretty quickly like all three year olds do. Soon enough, we became great friends.

“Your pairs will be of my selection” Mrs Finch reveals. I slump back down in my seat groaning. Great. Stiles is my only friend in AP biology. I mean, I have to talked to his friends before, but they never really share much with me.

“Scott and Kira, Lydia and Maddie, Stacie and Isabella, Y/N and Theo” she continues.

To be frank, my first impressions of Theo were pretty mediocre as well. Never met him, but Stiles always talked badly about him. Im not one to follow on, but Stiles seemed pretty positive this guy wasn’t a nice person. I believed him.

I make my way over to Theo’s desk, in order to start working on the project.

While taking my seat I tell myself ‘don’t engage’, just like Stiles said.

The bell sounds, signalling the end of a school day.

“I need your number” Theo says frankly.

“I’m sure you’ll live without it… Shitty pickup line by the way” I snicker.

“So we can work on the project, don’t flatter yourself”

I scribble my number down on a piece of paper, handing it to Theo.

“Only call when you absolutely need to” I state, leaving Theo behind me.

“Trust me! Your the last person i’d ever want to call anyway!” he yells in my direction. The comment makes my blood boil, why was he so rude? Our first impressions were most defiantly mediocre.

My phone vibrates on my leg, indicating a text message. I slip it out of my pocket and unlock it, the text was from Theo.

‘How far are you on the project? I need to run through some notes with you, you busy?’

‘Come over. My address is 16 Revere Street’ I text back. For some reason, my stomach filled with nerve. I was pretty sure I hated Theo, why you ask? I was best friends with Stiles and Stiles hates Theo. It’s the law of friendship. I had to dislike him back, it was an unsaid rule. But I couldn’t deny it, he was pretty damn attractive.

Ten minutes later, I hear a knock on the front door. Sure enough it was Theo.

“We need to be quick, my parents will be home in half an hour” I say, opening my bedroom door, allowing Theo inside.

“It’s not like were having sex” he scoffs.

“If either of them found out I had a boy in my room, sex or not they would kill me. They’re both way too overprotective”

“Well then I guess we’d better hurry up”

The next half hour later we spend working on our project. We finished a lot of work, but we were pretty much ignoring each other the whole time. When we needed to, we would exchange notes in a bitter manner.

“Your parents are home, they’re cars pulling up outside" Theo says slightly startled.

“I guess i’ll see you tomorrow then, leave through the window so they don’t see you” I say, continuing to dot down notes in my book.

“Your not even gonna introduce me? Have you ever introduced a boy to your parents” Theo snickers rudely.

“For your information, I have. I just don’t want them to know I hang out with a complete jerk” I snicker back looking up at him, feeling quite victorious at my response.

“That was uncalled for” Theo says, climbing out of my window. I walk over to the window.

“It was completely called for” I respond, shutting the window as he looks back at me.

It was very hard to hold a grudge with Theo Raeken. One of the hardest things iv done. He was very cute. Actually no, hot. And I never had any actually proof that he was a bad person. Maybe if I gave him a chance? No, I couldn’t let my guard down. Stiles was my best friend and I wouldn’t do that to him. 

I pull the keys out of the ignition and slam my cars door shut. I remind myself why I was at school so early, periscely six am. It was the beginning of the lacrosse season and to maintain my spot on the team, I had to attend try outs. Making my way to the field, I spot a couple of people who have perviously been on the team, some who haven’t. This included Theo Raeken.

“Never knew you played lacrosse” Theo snickers rudely, as I walk past him.

“Then you don’t know how good I am. Good luck, because your going to need it, Raeken” I yell back in response, continuing to walk onto the field.

“Y/N! Your in goal!” coach yells out. I nod in acknowledgement and everybody forms a line. Catching every single shot, I scoff in response to my victories. Not bragging or anything, but I have to admit, I am one of the better players on the team. Soon enough, it was Theo’s turn to shoot. We make eye contact, smirking back at each other.

“Scared?!” I yell in his direction, while firmly holding the stick in my hand.

“Never” he yells back confidently.

“Then make the shot Raeken!” Before I could register anything else, he makes the shot. To my surprise it lands straight in the goal. I instantly feel outplayed and embarrassed.

“YES! That’s how it’s done!” coach announces. Theo smirks back at me in victory, making my face burn with anger.

“Time for some field play! Besides you Greenburg, take a seat!” coach adds.  

After half an hour of practicing, the action of playing lacrosse felt somewhat tedious. Making my way over to my duffle bag. Taking a sip from my drink bottle, someone taps me on the shoulder.

“How does it feel to loose?” A puffed out voice says. I turn around to see Theo. Who knew someone could look so hot with sweat dripping down their face.

“It was one shot, and you had me off guard” I respond coldly.

“Maybe your the one who needs the luck, not me” Theo says smirking, taking a drink bottle out of his bag. I look back at him with earnest.

“OK! We are done for the day. I will post the results on the school website tomorrow!” coach announces walking back into the school.

With that, I swing my duffle bag over my shoulder and head towards the girls locker room.

I turn on a nice cold shower, instantly relieving my minor heatstroke. Being the only girl on the team had it’s benefits. I had the entire bathroom to myself, or so I thought. I heard the locker room door swing open and someone walks in.

“What the hell are you doing in here? This is the girls locker room” I say loudly, trying to speak over the sound of the shower.

“The boys locker room is full” After hearing the familiar voice, I realise it’s Theo.  

“You couldn’t have waited?” I ask rudely and confused at the same time.  

“No. I want a shower now” he answers bluntly.

I turn the shower off and wrap my towel around my body in order to avoid Theo seeing me naked. I dry myself off then put on my clothes. But keeping my attention off Theo was hard. I could only see the top half of his body, but damn was he easy on the eyes. He turns around to see me staring, then smirks back in response. I quickly avert my attention back to my duffle bag.

“Staring?” he asks, sounding friendlier than usual.

“I don’t blame you, every girl does”

“Don’t flatter yourself” I respond, swinging the duffle bag over my shoulder. I leave the locker room to go on with my day.

“Your being careful of Theo, aren’t you?” Stiles asks firmly. I finish chewing my chicken salad sandwich.

“Yes, Stiles. I’m being careful.” I answer impatiently, trying to finish my lunch.

“He’s not all bad, you know?”

“Y/N I can feel it, I just know it. There’s something up with him”

“Hmm, okay” I say, taking another bite of my sandwich. After talking with Theo, i’m not sure sure he’s a bad person anymore. Sure, he was rude and cold, but in return so was I. To be honest, I don’t know why i’m continuing to act so bitter towards him. But i’m still holding onto Stiles’s point, he was always right with things like this.

My phone dings, signalling a text message. I avert my attention from my science project sitting on my bed to my phone.

‘I’ll be over in five’ It read, the text was from Theo.

‘Okay, come through the window. My parents are home’ I send back. Maybe this was my time to give him a chance? I mean, everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt. Right?

Theo climbs in through my window, causing a loud thud.

“Be quiet!” I whisper with a firm look upon my face.

“Calm down” he answers carelessly. I hold up a sheet of paper dotted down with notes. Theo takes it from my hands and investigates it.

“You wrote all this down for me?”

“I want to get a decent mark” I answer, still focusing on my work.

“Or… you like me. Couldn’t help but notice, you didn’t take your eyes off me when I was showering” he smirks.

“Shut up, I don’t like you”

“Prove it”

“How?” I ask, looking at him like he asked a stupid question.

“Tell me to my face” he says firmly.

So I walk over to Theo, standing only inches away from him.

“I don’t like you, never have and never will” I snicker.

“Liar” Theo says firmly. Yes, I was lying. The only thing that was going through my head was, ‘damn you look nice up close’. We both stare into each others eyes for a couple of seconds.

“Fine. I lied. You happy?” I state, sighing.

“Very” he smirks, before mashing his lips onto mine. Before we know it, we are well into a heated make out session. Our breaths huffing down each others necks. His hands on my waist and mine on his neck. Lifting me up, I straddle his waist. He starts biting my lip, leaving marks. Then dropping me back down on the bed, but careful not to hurt me while doing so. His lips move from my lips to my neck to my ear. Leaving purple spots and small bite marks down my neck. My back arches and I moan quietly in response. Then his lips leave mine.

“I don’t think I can hate you anymore” I say. We sit back up, Theo sitting on my right.

“Me neither” He says, with his thumb caressing my bottom lip.

“We should get back to our project” Theo sighs in response.

“Fine, promise to get back to what we we’re doing later?” he says smirking.

“Fine” I answer biting my lip.

Israeli officials congratulate Trump - 20 January 2017

Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Danny Danon, on Friday congratulated U.S. President Donald Trump on his inauguration.
“A true friend of Israel will enter the White House today. Thank you President Trump for your unequivocal support, we look forward to welcoming you to our capital of Jerusalem,” said Ambassador Danon.
“After the shameful resolution that was adopted by the Security Council, Israel looks forward to strengthening our most important alliance and leading together towards a new era at the UN,” he added.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also congratulated the new American President.
“Congratulations to my friend President Trump. I look forward to working closely with you to make the alliance between Israel and America stronger than ever. Shabbat Shalom,” he wrote on Facebook.
Earlier on Friday, opposition leader and Zionist Union chairman Yitzhak Herzog congratulated Trump, but not before he said goodbye to now former President Barack Obama.
“To outgoing President Barack Obama, now is the time to thank you and your administration for eight years of friendship and support, for your noble efforts to promote peace, your indisputable contribution to Israel’s security, and for strengthening Israel’s most important strategic alliance. I am convinced that the extraordinary and ground breaking years of your presidency will continue to inspire all lovers of good and justice, in the United States and around the world,” wrote Herzog.
“To incoming President Donald Trump, we here in Israel wish you good luck as you begin your term as President of the United States and leader of the free world. We are convinced that together we will continue to maintain and strengthen the strategic alliance between our two nations, which share common values and interests, led by democracy, equality, freedom and the constant strive for peace and security. We seek to reach the much coveted peace with our neighbors, the Palestinians, during your term, based on the principles of true security and regional cooperation with the moderate countries within the ever changing Middle East. The challenges facing us on a global and regional level are difficult and complex, and I have no doubt that you will address these with wisdom, responsibility and determination,” he added.

Rude Gentlemen: Seventeen Kingsman AU

a/n: long hiatus after this one because exams are coming up TT TT hope ya’ll like this. I’ll work on the first chapter next week after my exams I promise! 
xoxo Jio



With those rings and suits, I now pronounce all of you, official Kingsman agents. Congratulations.

Thundering applause and confetti flying down, the latest candidates went back to their respective tables and chatted. However, a particular group of boys were different from the rest of the crowd. Except from being the first Korean Kingsman agents, they were a bit ill-mannered. Well, since they were still young, the other senior agents paid no mind to them. Despite being young, these thirteen boys have only one thing in mind; to protect the people and have fun doing it.

Choi Seungcheol, the oldest out of all of them, excels in hand-to-hand combat and heavy firearms. Yoon Jeonghan, second oldest, is the lover boy of the group. Despite the title, he’s got the highest marks in biochemistry and toxicology. Hong Jisoo, though he prefers to be called Joshua, is the third eldest. He is a light firearms expert and negotiator-in-training. Wen Junhui, Jun for short, is one of the two Chinese Kingsman agents in the group. He is a martial arts expert and will take you down before you can say thumbs up. Kwon Soonyoung, frequently called Hoshi, is an aspiring inventor. During his days as a Kingsman trainee, he has already invented bio-weapons designed to disintegrate a person in less than 10 seconds. Jeon Wonwoo, the second tallest, is also a toxicologist. He worked with Jeonghan and created a poison that takes effect only when the victim drinks water, making the poison look like it was in the water.

Lee Jihoon, who likes to be called Woozi, is both a hand-to-hand combat expert and an explosives specialist. Despite his small stature, people are advised to approach him with caution. Lee Seokmin, Woozi’s younger brother, is a negotiator and a neuroscientist. He is inches taller than his older brother but he knows better than making him lose his temper. Kim Mingyu, the tallest in their group of friends,  excelled in almost every subject, except the subjects where his friends excelled. He is an all-around agent. Xu Minghao, preferably called by his Korean name Myungho, is also a Chinese Kingsman agent. Along with Jun, they both practice martial arts; he’s an expert nunchuck user and likes to breakdance. Boo Seungkwan is a very talkative boy. However, he has shown talent in light and short-ranged firearms. He’s still learning how to use the nunchucks from Myungho. Chwe Hansol, nicknamed Vernon, is part Korean part American. Inspired by his mom’s work as a CIA agent, he trained himself to be where he is. He is an expert short- and long-ranged firearms expert and a hacker. Last but not the least is their youngest, Lee Chan. He is the youngest of the Lee siblings and he is a neuroscientist despite his young age. He is also a martial arts student and a melee weapons expert.

After the celebration, they all went back to their shared rooms and dressed back into their casual clothes and hung out in the local fastfood restaurant.