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I honestly don’t know which is better,so Im just going to upload both!xDD

It begins because my loadout for sniper made him look like a doof,and my friend’s scout loadout,which is @teddy512freddy‘s,looks like a doof as well!So Im like,why not let these two doofs go together?Annnnd this happened!

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Hi Julia! The scarf is a new signe no ? I know that Cait love to help associations but this one is mostly a "men one" and Sam is involved with them, and with his fanbase bigger than Cait's one.... I know they are officially BFF but between the Sam's rôle with Cahonas, the number of his followers and the fact that he is the one with visual balls (bigger impact to encourage men to do it) the fact that it was Cait who sign he scarf is very telling I think..

yep I agree. their personal lives and their charities continue to overlap. I don’t think it’d happen this often and this many times if they were just coworkers.

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tumblr best friends?

hmm there’s so many people on here that I love sm I’ll start with the ones I’ve spoken to a little but would like to speak to more (but I’m v awkward and shy):

@jvghead-jones-iii (I think the first person I ever spoke to? and they’re great and are one of the best writers I love everything they do), @sardonic-jug (spoken to a couple times and is awesome), @murderyoursoul, @noones-girl1980, @betty-coopers-number-one-stan (only ever through posts but damn she’s awesome), @thejugheadchronicles (new friend is awesome), @ohsnapitstaz (one of the loveliest people I’ve ever spoken to) @forsythe-pendleton-jones-iv (the, amazing writer and v friendly), @many-miscellaneous-musings (I think we spoke once but they were v nice so we’re friends according to me)

People I speak to almost all the time (all of whom are lovely):

@onceuponagladerhead, @notsarasblog, @jugheadxreaderinyourhead, @full-dark-no-starsxx, @mrsjugheadjonesthethird@wearelondonbound (we don’t speak as often as I’d like but still awesome), @rivvrdalejournal

and the person who has claimed the title of Official Tumblr BFF:


{I’m sorry if I forgot anyone, you’re still my friend I’m just tired and in a hurry}

Also, I like making friends but I’m always too awkward to initiate so if you want a pal hmu :))

I was making a reaction gif and this happened and he is too flawless for 245px so here you go!

Relationships, Reds

How Red Team behaves in committed relationships.

Sarge: Very old-fashioned. Dead set on romancing you properly. Goes out of his way to take you on dates–picnics and candlelit dinners primarily–and tries his best to get dressed up for them. Even goes so far sometimes as to get Donut to give him a proper shave and haircut. When you’re out together, he offers his arm for you to take, and does his best to hide the flush that creeps up his neck. Makes you dinner whenever he can, and will often bring you flowers and things that “reminded (him) of you.” Always does his best to listen to you, and understand; even tries to set his prejudices aside for your sake, although it isn’t easy for him by a long shot. Blushes easily, but is never deterred in doing what he feels should be done. Keeps basically none of his thoughts or feelings secret from you, so you know exactly how attractive he finds Agent Washington.

Simmons: Unironically terrible at this boyfriend thing, but he tries his best. Constantly torn between his significant other, and kissing up to Sarge. The latter usually wins out, and it’s a pretty big strain on his relationship at times. Is very bad at expressing his wants and needs (uncomfortable, really), or even figuring out what they are in the first place– so a lot of patience is necessary. Needs to constantly be reassured as well, and gets jealous ridiculously easily. Fairly attentive to his partner, however, and in his eyes you can basically do no wrong. Complains about his teammates near-constantly (especially Grif). Likes to show off about all the stuff he knows, and tends to go out of his way to explain everything like you have 0 experience with it (even if you do have experience). He is 24/7 itching for your praise like an addict.

Grif: If you assume he’s the chillest person to be involved with, you’re only half right. Sure, he doesn’t care what you look like, what you wear, how you groom yourself, what you do– but he worries constantly. If he had his way, you and his sister would be back on Earth, completely out of any possible danger. But Grif rarely, if ever, gets his way. So in the meantime, he’s stressing himself out preemptively making sure you’re well out of harm’s way. It might seem kind of sweet initially, but it can wear on the nerves pretty quickly. When not worrying, the only thing he ever wants to do is eat, make out, and then lay around and cuddle. Forget going anywhere, or doing anything together– and also forget him ever remembering your anniversary.

Donut: Like having a boyfriend, a best friend, and a mom all at the same time. You can’t really tell most days if you’re dating, or BFFs. Officially you’re the former, but Donut doesn’t really treat you much differently than he did before. He introduces you as his significant other, sure, but otherwise nothing’s changed. That’s not to say he isn’t affectionate. Oh no– he’s a champion cuddler, calls you cute pet names, treats you exactly how you want to be treated (nay, deserve to be treated), and spends all the while making sure you’re eating and staying properly hydrated. Endlessly loving and supportive. Always telling you how wonderful you are, and how proud of you he is. And so many innuendo you’re about 75% certain he’s trying to hint at something.

Lopez: For his robotic monotone and movements, he’s very passionate when involved with someone. They are effectively his whole world, and have #1 priority in his life over everyone else (especially considering he hates everyone else). Although he doesn’t get jealous, it’s easy for him to feel unloved, unwanted, and like an afterthought. It’s not enough to reassure him with words, either– he needs to be absolutely certain you’re serious about him, and one of the only ways that can happen is if everyone else knows it too. He’ll never be happy as a secret, and the turmoil and heartbreak Red Team caused him in the past has turned him into an open wound. What this means is that it’s terrifyingly easy to hurt him, especially with how close you’ve become. It’s possible for him to heal, but it’ll take time. And with it, your patience and understanding.

being best friends with 5sos would include:

🔹low key bass sessions with calum

🔹cuddling with ashton while the boys play FIFA

🔹eating pizza with michael for every meal of the day

🔹helping michael pick out colors for his hair

🔹"no luke she’s mine, fuck off"
“but michael, you’ve been hanging out with y/n all day!” - muke


🔹making fun of luke with michael even though luke is just a little bean

🔹"I love you ashton but I really don’t want anymore vegetables.“

🔹sneaking into their studio to hear their new music and eventually making keeks with the songs

🔹pinching michael’s squishy cheeks and reminding him how beautiful he is.

🔹"so here we are y/n. you, me, and your tits.” - calum

🔹taking ten hundred thousand selfies with daddy….. I mean ashton

🔹"but babe, have you heard this record yet?“ - ashton

🔹malum arguing over who’s lap you get to sit on when you’re in a car

🔹"ashton for the last time, you are my dad!!” - luke

🔹having cake play piano songs for you

🔹"no boys, y/n loves me the most. she said that she doesnt like you and you all are major cocks.“ - michael

🔹"the drums are where it’s at babe. fuck the bass and guitar.” - ashton


🔹epic roadtrips and adventures with cashton

🔹"please y/n, I just wanna cuddle. c'mon kitten, at least for five minutes, please.“ - michael

🔹"michael, we can’t have Chinese food everyday.”

“why not? we’ll still be fat after eating something else”

🔹"oh my god, look at those puppies!“ - calum the puppy

🔹"oh wow y/n, you read smut?”


Its pretty official, that every time bff updates, I’m going to do fanart. .__.

[edit] Lol added one more. I’ve been in a calm Vincent mood lately instead of a flustered Vincent mood. Maybe because he (and Teddy) has been so stressed out lately. Hahahaha. @__@

Be a good girl and you’ll get the good cake from me hah 🙀🎂👌🏻
My bfs’ b-day today 🎁🎉 and she’s a crazy 5SOS fan💥💥, so I decided to surprise her with da cake and I hope she’ll like it ❤️😻
Who else would like to get this cake on b-day? 😼

Winter: “Have you made any new friends?”

Weiss: [shit shit shit shit ohhhh shit okay uhh friends let’s see there’s uhh………there’s Ruby, right, even though we haven’t officially signed that “BFF” contract, but Winter won’t check for paperwork yet. there’s……………Yang??? no, I’m not confident enough with our friendship status to add her as an Official Friend yet, and the Doily Incident is still too recent. Blake could count–no, wait, can’t mention her, risk of starting The Discourse. and if I name Pyrrha now I’ll definitely jinx it and we’ll never get married in a tropical destination wedding. fuck, who else do I know in this school?????? Jaune, Ren and Nora…ahahahahaHAHAHAHAHAHAHaaaaaaa oh Weiss, you crack me up!!!]

Weiss: “…Well, there’s Ruby.”

Want Me? Love Me

Can you do a one shot where Roman hires a personal assistant not realizing she is the fan that has been in love with him forever, at every show she can go to, and messaging him on Twitter in hopes of just one notice? Fluffy/romantic/sexy


It was a normality in my job to get calls at unfriendly hours, so when Roman called me at 7:12 am, I wasn’t too surprised. More so because I was always excited to see him everyday, that was the biggest perk, if not incentive for my job.

“Hi,” he said plainly.

I’d been working for him for just under a week, and whilst that wasn’t long enough to really get to know him, I knew he wasn’t in a good mood from his tone. Maybe he was just tired; being the person in charge of his schedule, the man barely got more than six hours of sleep most of the times.

“Morning,” I started, rubbing the sleep away from my eyes. “Everything okay?”

“Nah, not really; think you can make it to Luke’s office in an hour?”

“But the meeting isn’t until 9:30,” I said as politely as I could muster.

“Yes, but I need to talk to you. Urgently,” he said with a sigh. “See you then.”

He didn’t give me anytime to respond, he just hang up the phone. It made me anxious not knowing why I had to go in, but I assumed it was something personal to him. Maybe a problem he needed help with, and so desperately too, it clouded his judgment - making him call me so early.

Luckily, I’d sorted my outfit the night before because of the scheduled meeting, so getting ready didn’t take too long. I was out of my house and in the taxi where I did my make-up by 8, and made it downtown where we were scheduled to meet; his manager’s office.

“Good morning again,” I smiled, walking into Luke’s office, two cups in hand.

He was a sight, especially in the morning; a sure pick me up. Better than the coffee.

He sat behind his manager’s desk in a crisp white shirt, sleeves rolled up and a tie. His hair was slicked back looking ever so gentlemanly. The cooperate type. My libido was too high at this point. I already found him so excruciatingly good looking sans all the facade of a suit and tie; so you could imagine him all dressed up.

He glanced up from the paper he was reading and smirked briefly, before his lips returned to a straight thin line.

“Thanks,” he said as I placed his signature green tea in front of him.

I stepped back and stood awkwardly, not knowing where to place myself in the big office.

“Sit,” he ordered. I arched my brow instinctively. “Please?”

Okay. I’ll let that pass, I thought as I dragged a nearby leather chair. I sat down, glad that behind Roman were floor to ceiling windows that overlooked the city. I needed a good distraction from how handsome he looked.

He looked the type of man who was a CEO of his company, called you in the afternoon to agree on dinner or take you out for lunch and fuck you on his desk whilst his employees were on the other side. The type of man that would rush back home to his wife and made tender love to her, help her clean up after dinner and bring up stuff like “oh honey, let’s go to the Maldives next month…think we can get a dog?…your eyes look beautiful in that dress…I’m the luckiest guy in the world.”

“So,” he began, clasping his hands together, elbows on the table, disturbing my perfect idyllic fantasy. He was taking on this role quite seriously. “I know I wasn’t there when Luke did your interview, hired you or whatever…so I don’t know what you guys discussed and whatnot,”

My heart began to hammer in my chest. I was going to get fired. Shit. I was going to get fired. I hadn’t been good enough within those past days? So much for showing off to the world that I had a new job.

It made sense actually. In the time that I’d known him, he hadn’t let his guard down with me. It felt very professional, very stoic…no private jokes between us, no compliments when I did something new with my hair…he did it with other women. Especially on the Divas team; I couldn’t pinpoint it to one person because he did it with all of them.

“I’m not gonna lie, I never read new PA’s or Publicisit’s resumes or application forms. I don’t have the time. So I trust Luke with that,” he said. “But, last night made me question how much I trust him in fact,”

“Wh-wha-what do you mean?” I stuttered.

He unlocked his iPad and swiped through several times before turning the screen to face me. My face heated up instantly. My palms started sweating, hands trembling. I couldn’t believe my luck. I was screwed and embarrassed as I watched my past; well my digital past catch up with me. On his screen was a screen shot of my Roman Reigns Twitter fanpage feed, sending love notes to the man himself and glorifying his existence. Stupidly I’d put a link of my personal page in my Bio section. The tweets read:

OMG 😍 angry @WWERoman giving Triple H a good beating. I shouldn’t find that hot but he looked so good angry!!!!

I wish I was the woman he was going home to after that match…imagine the frustration he’s got to vent. I’d give him a massage and pamper him in every way.

Sorry guys, tmi? (At least I’ll say it on behalf of his Empire 😝😉)

I OFFICIALLY LOVE MY BFF! She got got me tickets to see @WWEROMANREIGNS Can’t wait to meet you. #CountdownBegins

@WWROMANREIGNS It’s my birthday; can I get a shout out? It’d mean the world to me. Please?

And there were more. Me being a fangirl, acting like a teenage with raging hormones.

“I can explain,” I said, with no invitation to speak. He opened his palms out as if to say ‘go ahead’. I swallowed the lump in my throat grudgingly. I had only said that out of anxiety. How the hell could I defend my way out of this one? “It was…was just for fun, I mean, I admired you, I set up that page to support you and unify fans, in the same respect. I meant no disrespect. Besides…this was a long time ago,”

“The last tweet was six months ago,” he said dryly.

I paused.

“I mean, I stopped. That page is no longer active anyway,”

“I’m flattered by the support, I am, but what am I supporting by letting you continue to work for me? I’m gonna have fans and the press out there thinking you slept with me to get the job, or I hired you for that reason. How do I explain that?”

I shrugged, completely agreeing with him from that perspective but at the time I was having fun. It was innocent and harmless - well I thought back then. Now it seemed poisonous to my career. But we all do it; have fantasies about our favourite celebrities. Only I took it further and made an incriminating page about it and got caught.

“Maybe you shouldn’t care what people think,” I said before I could stop myself.

“Excuse me?”

I had to look up to see his expression. He wasn’t angry, just shocked. I sighed relief internally.

Now I had to explain myself.

“Look, Mr Reigns,” I mustered up the confidence.

I even sat up straight. I could talk an ear off, I was good at that and I was gonna use it to my advantage.

“You’re an attractive man, you know that, I know that, everyone knows that. Like every other celebrity, you happened to have adoring fans, I happened to be one of them; a keen one at that and I made that page. I don’t regret it. But you can’t fire me because of that. I do my job pretty damn well. I’m good at mt job, if you cared to look at my resume you’d see my past clientele, A-listers who can testify that I excel at my job. You know I do a good job, you even said it to Luke, I overheard you. I’m professional so don’t worry about personal things interfering with how I work. This certainly wont affect how I do my job, if it was, I’d have done it already whilst the idea of meeting you was still fresh and novel,”

“Well I need assurance that you’re not sharing my personal life and information with your fanclub, your Empire, whatever you call them,”

“They’re not my Empire, they’re yours,” he looked at me puzzled. “Roman…Roman Empire?”

The penny dropped. I saw a twitch on his lips.

“You didn’t know that?” I poked him, deflecting.

“No, that’s cute, and beside the point however,” he said hurriedly, blushing. “I need to emphasize to you that confidentiality is something I take very seriously Miss Y/L/N. As my PA you become my advocate, speak on my behalf and absence. You literally become me, at sometimes you have to make decisions for me. But I can’t let you do all those if I can’t trust you.”

“There’s no reason why you shouldn’t trust me,” I punctuated my sentence with a shrug. “If anything, If I were in your shoes…I’d embrace me. As a fan, I’m more obliged to work harder to stay in your good books, no?”

He shook his head at himself, head bowed down at the table absentmindedly.

I guess I hadn’t gotten off lightly. He was gonna fire me either way; whether if I flashed him, got on my knees and sucked his dick or fucked him until he lost his senses. I was gone. Bye bye.

“I haven’t made any weird passes at you, if that helps. I haven’t harassed you - sexually either, aaaand I haven’t made a move on you, soooo-”

“You have to understand where I’m coming from, in my position, I have to consider my image and unfortunately, it just wont look good. With my personal image or my ring character. My past assistant’s have always been male, so this just wont look right.”

“You’re punishing me for being a woman?”

He sighed, pushing his chair back and stood up, stuffing his hands in his pockets. He turned his back to me and faced the city. The view was great from behind, and I wasn’t talking about the skyscrapers. I imagined him shoving all the stuff off the table onto the floor and taking me there; but that was besides the point at that moment.

“No, I’m not punishing you. I am helping you and myself. Trust me, the press and public will love a story like this, I’m used to it, but they will eat you alive,”

“So I wont be able to handle it because I’m a woman,” I muttered quietly to myself.

“I’m willing to have you on until you find another post,” he offered, ever so kindly. “I will have Luke help you out,”


I sat through the meeting later, next to Roman and had to pretend that all’s well. His fragrance permeated my senses, our close proximity destroyed me and I’m certain that I didn’t concentrate one bit. I knew I was an idiot for sticking around, ideally I shoulda said ‘thanks Roman, but I don’t need this job that much’. But I did. In the real world, I needed the money, bills had to be paid, I liked eating out and expensive clothes, so, yeah. So I had to swallow my pride and work hard at searching for a job.

Maybe it was true what they said; never meet your favourite celebrity, they’ll disappoint. I had been so excited about meeting Roman, working for him took the straw, but the past week hadn’t been as I anticipated. We hadn’t bonded. I guess for that reason, it was valid. So maybe he wanted to fire me anyway, he just needed a reason to. Fair enough.

Another week and a few days passed and I’d managed to find something. It wasn’t in my PA field, but it was related and relevant, and it was only a temporary maternity cover. I hadn’t told Roman, I guess a part of me felt spiteful. I was due to start so soon on Monday, but I was still with Roman until then.

“So is this really your last day?” he asked unnecessarily when I told him backstage before his show.

I shrugged and chuckled, “Yeah,” you fired me remember? “This is it,“

He wrapped his wrist and hand in tape. With his eyes cast down I couldn’t gage his mood; whether he was ecstatic or indifferent to me leaving him.

“Good for you, I’m happy you found something,” he said quietly.

“Yup, somethings just aren’t meant to be, y’know?” I said, and I believed it; truly. Him and I weren’t meant to meet or know each other. He’d just never been keen from the get go. “I, uh, let me go get my seat, my friend’s waiting. Here’s your planner for whoever’s next on the job, my Press Pass, key, fobs and I have deactivated my log-in on the system. I’ll go now…good luck with the show,”

“Thank you,” he said moments later. Then he stopped me as I reached for the door handle and said softly, his eyes solemn, “I’m sorry,”

I took a look at him and thanked fate for this experience. It put my fangirling for him in perspective. He turned out to be someone else than I expected, and that was okay. That’s life. I didn’t hate him. He was still good looking, and I’d still watch him Wrestle for years to come.

“You okay?” was the first thing my best friend Chelsea asked me when I sat next to her ringside, waiting for the show to start.

I sighed heavily and smiled. “Yeah, I’m great, let’s just enjoy tonight okay?”

“Of course, we’ll go for drinks, pick up some guys, get you laid,” and that’s why I loved her.

But it shifted when his theme song thudded in the arena, sending fans into a chaos of chants and screams for him. He was a popular guy and reasonably so. The adrenalin got to me, my inner fangirl sufficed as I watched him descend the stairs a few aisles down. He looked ridiculously sexy. I watched women caress his arms, touch any part of him they could without getting kicked out and flashed their cameras in his face - shame, I never got that opportunity. He stood by the steel steps and looked around as he usually did, flipped his hair and climbed into the ring. He climbed the corner of the rope and threw his fists up as he and our eyes met.

I saw a glint of surprise in them. He didn’t expect to see me still about. I hadn’t told him either that I was gonna be watching his fight. Feeling weird and awkward, and slightly regretting the decision to stay, I gave an awkward wave. He smiled, breaking out of character.

“What’s going on?” Chelsea turned to me and then him.


“He’s eyefucking you from there, you sure you told him you’re done?”

“Yes!” I laughed, wishing her claim was true.


His match was tense, eliciting “this is awesome” chants from the crowd. I joined in too, i had nothing to lose. And frankly, I just didn’t give a damn. When it finished, he slid out of the ring, unashamedly walking over towards me with a confident stride, pushing his wet hair back. The action made his muscles flex, even with the sheet of sweat. He made sweat alluring. Who on earth was this guy?

“Umm?“ Chelsea hummed and elbowed me roughly.

“You’re still here?” he rested his palms on the leather barricade and leaned towards me, the fans calling him and taking pictures fading into oblivion.

“Um, well, I sorta got these tickets for this six months ago, before y’know…” I shrugged, daring him to challenge me.

He smiled. Really smile, a smile I’d never seen him flash at me before and I wish I’d been an objective party so I could capture it.

“Good,” he mumbled, intending to be heard.

I looked at him with confusion, the frown apparent on my face. He reinforced his response with a smile and a wink.

“I’m glad you stayed,” he said softly.

Chelsea started sipping her drink as if to stop herself from saying inappropriate things. I knew her. Always there for the drama.

“Would it be too much to ask you to stay a few minutes and wait for me backstage?”


“Please? It’s…important,”

“We have somewhere to be after this,” I claimed.

“No we don’t,” Chelsea frowned and sold me out. I glared at her and she immediately looked away, slipping her drink.

“Please, I need to talk to you for a minute. I won’t hold you up.”

I sighed, looking away and then back at him defeatedly. “5 minutes,”


“I swear, if he pisses me off one more time tonight, I’ll kick his ass. I don’t have anything to lose. Fuck him.” I said to Chelsea frustratedly. It’d been 30 minutes since Roman asked me to wait for him backstage. All he had to do was run a round creating the fans and then back to meet me.

“Just wait and see what he has to say,” Chelsea gave him the benefit of the doubt; yet she was the one talking about us getting drinks and hooking up with guys.

“I’m not sure i care enough to,”

“Shut up, shut up,”


“Your man’s coming,” she hissed.

As if on demand, he appeared with a nervous expression on his face, hands in his pockets. He seemed to do that a lot. He looked between us and then rested his gaze on Chelsea.

“I’m sorry, I haven’t even greeted you properly,“

“Because you were preoccupied with someone else,” Chelsea teased with a smile.

I felt my face flush in embarrassment. Roman’s did too.

“Jheeze, guys, relax. Anyway, Reigns - I’m Chelsea,” she said way too calmly.

“Pleased to meet you,“

“Of course,” I wanted to tell her to calm her ass.

“Can I borrow your friend for a few minutes?”

“Uh, yeah, sure, I’ll..just…go sit…over there…by the…speakers - okay, I’m talking too much, bye.”

“So,” I said once she hurried away.

“So,” he echoed. “Sorry. Look. Ummm, this is embarrassing, not how I imagine it going down at all from the first time I met you. Umm…I’ve told you before I’ve never had a female PA, shit, I’m nervous as hell,”

“Five minutes is really not that long,” I said impatiently.

“You’re right, I’m sorry,” he said, avoiding eye contact, but then he thought against it and looked me straight in the eye. His eyes were gorgeous. They soften as our eyes met. “I can’t let you go,” he began nervously.

I rolled my eyes and shifted my weight on the other foot. He could tell I was exasperated, so he beat me to speaking first.

“I mean professionally - I had no choice, but umm, I’m speaking about you, us. I don’t want today to be the last time I see you.”

“Roman, what?” Me? Us? What?

“I’m saying I uh, I like you. It’s complicated, I really like you, from that first moment we met I fell for you hard, Luke knows. He saw it. He told me to stay away as long as you were working for me. The only way I can pursue you is if I let you go, Public Relations and all that.”

What? Was I hearing right? I blinked a few times, the dream would be over soon.

“I was willing to do that so I could tell you how I feel, I’m…I’m a shy guy, despite my stage persona, I don’t know what I’m doing. I don’t know how to approach women. When I saw you ringside tonight, I knew it was meat to be. It gave me hope, that maybe you didn’t hate me. I was being given another chance to speak to you, to tell you.”

“You let me stress about getting a new job? Roman, I don’t understand why you would go to those extremes. I just…it’s not adding up, you barely seemed keen on me. At all,”

“I didn’t have the courage to tell you how I felt, especially then because you were mad at me and I understand why. I came off like a dick but I don’t want you to think that that’s the way I am. I’m not. I’ve never had to deal with a business and pleasure ordeal, so when you came into my life you turned it upside down just like that.”

“What about all that stuff you said about me stalking you,” I said sarcastically.

“I had to have a valid reason to let you go,” he shrugged. “Luke worked with me on it, in hindsight, it wasn’t the best thing to expose or confront you like that. I didn’t enjoy it either. But if it helps, I too have dirty laundry, let’s even out the playing fields,”

“I’m listening,” I smiled.

“I snore, I hate sleeping alone, I can’t cook, and I have a crush on this incredibly woman called Y/N, you know her?”

We both laughed.

“Yes, I know her,” I looked away then back at him.

“So what are you saying?”

“I’m saying would you let me take you out? Let me get to know you, because I would really love that,”

“Where is this coming from?” I said with confusion. “You barely paid any attention to me unless it’s about work, your schedule, or appearances. There was nothing from you - no signs of interest or you just liking me as a person,”

“That’s my problem, I’m shy about these things. It’s not my character. I have shit defence mechanisms, I fell for you the minute you smiled at me and brushed your hair behind your ears. I remember that. I remember what you wore too that day. But my guard went up, I thought if I acted too friendly you would know how I felt, and Luke made it clear that there was absolutely no chance unless I let you go. I’m sorry it happened that way, if it were up to me, I would have kept you on…keep it on the down low, but it is what it is,”

I smiled, warming up to him. How could I stay mad at him? It’s the moment I’d always fantasised about, even creating fictions in my head about Roman prophesying his love for me. Now here he was and I sure as hell wasn’t gonna turn it away.

“Shame, I always wanted to experience mixing business with pleasure, but, hey, what can you do?”

He laughed, lightening up as he noticed my mood change.

“I guess being friends wouldn’t hurt?”

“Friends?” he frowned and stepped closer to me. It was like a different part of him had turned on a switch. I held my breath when his index tilted my head up to look at him. Suddenly I was nervous. The roles had reversed. How ironic. “I’d like more than that,”


Is Roman off the market? I read somewhere that he’s been bringing some woman to matches. Can anyone confirm? @RomanReignsEmpire @WWERomanReigns

If Roman is taken, I’m so done and I already hate her! lol jk, lucky girl. @RomanReignsEmpire come back girl, we need our fave Roman gossip Twitter to confirm this!

You’re my favourite wrestler, I’d be so happy if you replied. P.S, is it true that you’re spoken for? @WWERomanReigns @RomanReignsEmpire

“Can I reply? Please?” I looked up at Roman with a pout.

“And say what? You’ll get me in trouble with Luke,”

“Y’gotta have more faith in me than that,” I said taking the iPad into my own hands.

We laid in bed naked, early on a lazy Sunday morning catching up on his social media feeds after a long night of dizzying sex.

“Why do your Twitter fangirls always tag me in posts to you?” He inquired.

“Because, as my Twitter bio said, I’m the ‘number one destination for Roman Reigns news and updates,’ duh.”

Now having been with him for three months, I was glad that was in the past. I never wanted to speak of that bloody Twitter page, ever again, but Roman loved to bring it up and humour himself.

“Now you’re the number one source of my pain in the ass,” he groaned, taking the gadget easily out of my hands and began typing a response.

@RomansEmpress don’t hate baby girl, she’s cool peoples #confirmed.

“Ever so romantic,” I teased him looking at the screen and reading his reply.

“I’ll show you romantic,” he laughed.

Putting the iPad on the bedside table, he rolled me underneath him; hooking my bare legs around his waist and kissed me deeply.

“Is that romantic yet?” he asked with a lopsided grin.

I shook my head no, “Nah,”

Then he displaced his lips so he was sucking on my neck and I let out a small moan.

“How about this?”


Without caution, he entered me. I gasped. I arched into him. He groaned. My eyes fluttered. My body tingled. Trembled. His body tensed. Those grey eyes pierced into mine.

“Is this romantic?” he lowered his voice, speaking in my ear before nibbling on it.

When I didn’t answer straight away, he gently pulled out and then thrusted back into me, roughly.

“Uh, ye-yes,” I answered, satiated.

It’d all been worth it in the end. It was true; things happened for a reason. I’d been so wrong about the theories on being disappointed after meeting your idols. Case in point.

_____________________ A/N: I’m so sorry for the delay girl, thanks for your patience. You know who you are😊
official buzzfeed bff oscars predictions 2015
  • Best Actor: Channing Tatum for Jupiter Ascending
  • Best Actress: Mila Kunis for Jupiter Ascending
  • Best Supporting Actor: Eddie Redmayne for Jupiter Ascending
  • Best Supporting Actress: Tuppence Middleton for Jupiter Ascending
  • Best Original Screenplay: The Wachowskis for Jupiter Ascending
  • Best Cinematography: John Toll for Jupiter Ascending
  • Best Film Editing: Alexander Berer for Jupiter Ascending
  • Best Production Design: Hugh Bateup for Jupiter Ascending
  • Best Costume Design: Kym Barrett for Jupiter Ascending
  • Best Makeup and Hairstyling: Whatever 200 people did that for Jupiter Ascending
  • Best Original Score: Michael Giacchino for Jupiter Ascending
  • Best Original Song: "Regenex is People!" by Michael Giacchino for Jupiter Ascending
  • Best Sound Mixing: Jupiter Ascending
  • Best Sound Editing: Jupiter Ascending
  • Best Visual Effects: Jupiter Ascending
  • Best Directing: The Wachowskis for Jupiter Ascending
  • Best Picture: Jupiter Ascending