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I'm kinda new but do you have any counter arguments when people pull the Venezuela card to discredit socialism? and also do you think there's a way for the people of Venezuela to get out of that situation? thank you!

Venezuela’s crisis is partly due to its reliance on oil. The government funded its welfare system with oil revenue, even while prices were dropping. How socialism is the fault for fluctuations of a capitalist market is a mystery to me.

Having said that, Venezuela has attempted to create socialist/populist spaces through communes and cooperative organizations. But they are propped up by the government; early on, when Chavez ruled, there was a movement toward autonomous organization, but they were eventually incorporated into the government to support his social democratic project. The government awards special contracts to these cooperatives, and folks start them only to get government credit, rather than any genuinely cooperative spirit. It’s an artificial, lifeless socialism at best. 

Essentially, the government became the new boss (as was the case with nearly all the socialist experiments in the 20th century), but it makes a much stronger use of libertarian language to manipulate the proletariat there and in the West. 

Government officials, bankers, and even businessmen – the “bolibourgeoisie” – are enormously privileged over the Venezuelan people. Under Chavez, they had access to the best restaurants, tailors, healthcare, masseuses, and lived in far better housing than the rest of the people.

Government in any form contradicts socialism. Political privilege, just like economic, racial, sexual, and gender-based privilege, makes equality impossible until its abolished.

The only way out, as far as I can tell, is a new revolution. A revolution aimed toward self-management, with militant opposition to the government, as well as the reactionaries and imperialist powers trying to topple it for their own interests. But I’m not sure if that’s possible.