official album art


I’m taking every chance I’ve got
Like the man I know I’m not

The album that invented music and rebirthed my soul.
Happy (belated) 6 years Vices and Virtues!

[ Inspired by Dallon in the background of the album art ]

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“PANTERA” - Vintage Album Designs

created by: Minimal-Pulse-Art []

Who’s down with this idea?

A book featuring all of the lyrics to every Tegan and Sara song ever, arranged like a compendium of poetry

Each one would include:
* who wrote the song
* the year it was written
* any available quotes from T&S on the meaning of the lyrics
* notable performances of each song, if applicable

The book would be:
* organized chronologically by album
* punctuated by b-sides, demos and unreleased material
* illustrated with the official album cover art and photos of notable performances

I feel like this would make it a whole lot easier to analyze lyrics…

someone uploaded a video on youtube and it looks all official like album art for the new gorillaz album and it’s the only one uploaded right now but if you actually go and listen to it the audio is like, the entire episode of a TV show or something and it’s so fucking funny