official album art


I’m taking every chance I’ve got
Like the man I know I’m not

The album that invented music and rebirthed my soul.
Happy (belated) 6 years Vices and Virtues!

[ Inspired by Dallon in the background of the album art ]

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Who’s down with this idea?

A book featuring all of the lyrics to every Tegan and Sara song ever, arranged like a compendium of poetry

Each one would include:
* who wrote the song
* the year it was written
* any available quotes from T&S on the meaning of the lyrics
* notable performances of each song, if applicable

The book would be:
* organized chronologically by album
* punctuated by b-sides, demos and unreleased material
* illustrated with the official album cover art and photos of notable performances

I feel like this would make it a whole lot easier to analyze lyrics…