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OMG THIS TRAILER JESUS CHRIST!! I had so much fun watching and freaked out.. A LOT. LANMFDSAP[GFHSDIOPGHS LMAO

I hope you enjoy xD

Attack on Titan (進撃の巨人)

Eren scarfs down carbs like there’s no tomorrow while Erwin and Levi try to be serious in the latest poster from PASH! Magazine (Amazon US | eBay) illustrated by animation director Megumi Tomita (富田恵美), promoting the upcoming sequel. 

The royal freak combi

Ugh I feel kinda down lately; pretty much because of school exams. BUT drawing my ship made me happier! :’) I really should draw more of my ships like OkiKagu, NaLu, BokuAka, GinHiji and so onnnn

Credit to the amazing KageHina artist for the pose:  (Wrong Direction)