NCT night night (010218)
* THE BOYZ~ Candid Choice Talk * – SUNWOO

(1) Recently, which member makes you think, ‘Ah, so cute’?
– Juyeon hyung

(2) At the dorm, which member is a ‘reversal’ (i.e. acts the most unexpectedly)?
– Q hyung! (watches a lot of horror movies, if you go near his room there’s screaming)

(3) The members say that they often play games.. ‘With this member on the team, we’re going down’ is which member?
–  Juyeon hyung ㅋㅋㅋ I don’t know why 

(4) Choosing a menu for twelve people is difficult.. Which member is active when choosing the menu?
– Haknyeon hyung!! (official piggy)

(5) Which member left the strongest first impression?
– Hwall (black eyebrows on white skin…)

(6) If you go into the entertainment industry, it’s about hard carry (i.e. carrying the group to success)! Which member is the most hard carry?
– Me!! I have confidence!





“Killing his father on Starkiller Base should have been the last step in becoming a dark lord, but then Kylo Ren let a young scavenger, a nobody, defeat and wound him in single combat. A disappointment his master Snoke cannot forgive, the source of Ren’s frustration and rage, and, maybe, the proof that there’s still good in him.” Star Wars: The Last Jedi Graphic Novel Adaptation by Alessandro Ferrari