Bri Reviews-Hit the Floor (Summer Special)

Hey loves! It’s Bri with a review of the Hit the Floor Summer Special. This review is typed scene by scene for easy reading. Enjoy and feel free to add thoughts of your own!

Sloane, Jude, Ahsha and Jelena-Arena/Hospital

I figured someone in that arena would find Jelena. My guess was Ahsha but it ended up being her mother and Jude. Interesting. Funny how the people you’ve burned are pretty much the people who saved your ass. Shows they have a heart.

I thought adding Raquel to the mix was a great touch. Raquel was a good friend to Jelena and I thought it was a great parallel to what Jelena told Raquel before she passed. Jelena’s greatest fear was being alone and Raquel was right there with her. Simple, yet beautiful moment. The sad part (not really) was Jelena waking up to find out she was alone in that hospital room. No Terrence. No mommy or daddy. No Raquel. No one. She’s living her greatest fear and she has herself to blame for that. You can’t treat people like trash and expect to have people in your corner. Does anyone think Jelena learned her lesson? I don’t.

Lionel and Pete-Garage Scene

Those cops saved their asses. I honestly thought they could drive the car through the garage door to get out. Thankfully, the cops came looking for Oscar and got them out because they probably didn’t have long. Sloane technically saved them because she sh-nevermind, we’ll get there later. (smirks)

I thought it was very dangerous for Pete to tell the police that Oscar was trying to kill Lionel. I know he had to think quick on his feet but you seriously just said that? These cops have been working for Oscar in the past, that wasn’t the smartest thing to do. Plus, Oscar is dangerous as hell. Surely he will get him back for this comment later.

Interrogation Scene

I know this scene was meant to be serious but I laughed a little. The smugness we received from Zero had me dying. He clearly can’t stand Jelena and that comment about the shooter not having a good shot was funny as hell. Where is the lie? All fingers pointed towards Terrence when Ahsha told the interrogator that he was the last person she spoke with.

Derek and Ahsha-Planning a Wedding Scene

Any moment with our babies makes me so happy. Did anyone hear the disappointment in Derek’s voice when he told Ahsha they would be eloping had she been in that limo? He was ready to be her husband, for sure! His tone changed when he saw her face which was too cute. That hug put me in my feelings because Derek sensed how upset Ahsha was at the time.

To hear Derek get excited about this wedding was the icing on the cake. He actually wanted a BIG wedding for them. How cute is that?! This man had three women in his bed in the first season. This same man probably wasn’t thinking about a wife in season one, now look. I love character growth and this character has grown A LOT since season one. It’s hard not to love him.

The line that got me was “I want the world to know how much I love you.” Dammit, Derek Roman! Why must you do this to us?  He has a way with words and it’s super sweet. Then the “I dos” punched me right in the gut. They were super excited about planning this wedding and getting married in front of friends and family. I’m sorry, but I can’t get over the fact that they are getting married. Their excitement made me excited and happy for them. They’ve been through a lot and deserve it!

Kyle and Ahsha-Arena

I love this friendship. They are adorable and Kyle is an awesome friend. When Ahsha asked Kyle to be her maid of honor, I thought Kyle would faint. I knew she would accept because it’s Carebear for crying out loud. She knows she wouldn’t turn that sweet face down. Ahsha was too cute asking, “You love your little Carebear, don’t you? Don’t you?!” Of course she loves you, which is why she was excited to help.


This was one of my suspects (plus a few others that weren’t discussed). I mean, Jelena burned this man twice and I could see him snapping. Makes sense, right? When Terrence said he was on his way to the airport, I was wondering where he was going? He said he wanted off the team last season, but did he ever get off? That couldn’t be that easy, especially with their owner being in the hospital. So was he just going to run off? I need answers. I have many questions. This is why we NEED a season 4. I don’t believe Terrence’s storyline is over that fast and easily.

Ahsha said they weren’t able to leave town, so where was Terrence during the party and wedding? Hmm.

Lionel and Oscar-Meeting

First things first, Oscar creeps me out. Every time he has a scene, I hold my breath, thinking someone is about to die. My skin crawls each and every time, no lie. Oscar saying, he would have shot Jelena but someone beat him to it, cracked me up. Jelena seriously has no friends and has a ton of enemies. Now Oscar probably would have sent someone else to do the job to keep his hands clean.

I got an eerie feeling from this scene with Oscar and Lionel. I don’t think he’s leaving Lionel alone. Add on, he was very calm and he still doesn’t have his team back. Do you all think Oscar will let Jelena run that team without fighting back? Hell no! He has to have something up his sleeve and I can’t wait to see what it is. *cough cough* Season 4, please!

Zero and Jude-Shower Scene

I was wondering when Zero got this haircut during the promo. I actually like his hair like this a lot more. Keep it like that Zero. No more of the fuckboy haircut.

Their scene together was cute. I’m assuming they are living at Zero’s place now?

Derek and Jelena-Hospital Scene

I’ve always enjoyed seeing Jelena and Derek interact. This scene HAS to be one of my favorites from them. We all know Derek and Terrence have stayed out of the Jelena/Ahsha rift. They let the ladies handle that and that’s fine. But, I loved the fact that Derek finally approached Jelena about messing with Ahsha. He’s not stupid and knows Jelena is messing with her for no reason whatsoever. So I enjoyed seeing him basically stand up for his wife. I think that shocked Jelena a bit.

Derek also saying that he wanted to leave because Jelena being owner wouldn’t be good for Ahsha….OH THE FEEEEEEEELS! Derek is willing to make a sacrifice and life change to keep his wife happy. Moving to Miami is big for the both of them, but it’s also a risk. A risk Derek is willing to take to keep his family happy. Yes, I said family! Derek was not playing with Jelena and you all know an angry D-Ro is sexy as hell. Check that, Ms. Howard.

Kyle, Sloane, and Ahsha-Wedding Dress Shopping


Like I said earlier, I love the friendship between Kyle and Ahsha. I knew Kyle would be excited to help with dress shopping. HA! The fact that they were in the mansion really gave me Mrs. Roman tea. Kyle is right, why would you need to go to a shop when you’re marrying THE Derek Roman? Um, those people can come to you girl. But it’s nice to see Ahsha has remained humble and is still a regular girl. She’s still our little Carebear and I find that refreshing. Kyle’s face when Ahsha told her there was no pre-nup….PRICELESS! Funny how Kyle had that notebook of rich men and Ahsha landed a great man (with lots of money! Not that Ahsha cares about that.). Maybe Kyle should take a page out of Ahsha’s book.

The mother/ daughter moment was very touching. To see Sloane doubt herself like that made me sad. Obviously, Sloane had other things on her mind too but she really doesn’t give herself enough credit. She raised Ahsha on her own and Ahsha became a beautiful woman with a big heart. That all falls on Sloane and how she raised her. I’m glad Ahsha reassured her that she is a great mother because she really is. The way she protects Ahsha is truly beautiful. Kudos to Mama Sloane.

Why does Kimberly Elise always make me want to cry during these sad scenes????

Zero and Jude-Arena office

Them planning out their future together was cute. Jude’s excitement about it all is even cuter. I’ve never really had a problem with Jude. Obviously I didn’t like Zero for VERY obvious reasons. You don’t mess with Derek Roman! Do you hear me, Zero?!  Okay, let me stay on topic. *straightens up and clears throat*

Anyway, I thought it was funny how Zero perked up when Jude mentioned a room for the baby. HA! Yes, your man said baby’s room, Zero.  

Then Ms. Howard comes and ruins things as always. I truly find it interesting how this woman just got shot, yet she comes in being the devil once again. You don’t even know who shot your ass and you still want to burn the bridge that’s already on fire? Girl, I won’t even call that brave. It’s stupid.

Derek and Ahsha-Bedroom

Are these two trying to tug at my heart strings until they yank my heart from my chest? I’m convinced they are because this scene was too cute for words. This is why I ship these two so hard. Moments like these are my favorite. Very simple, yet touching. That tender kiss Derek placed on Ahsha’s shoulder….*faints* Add on the fact that the chemistry is very natural and that is on the two actors. This entire scene seemed unscripted to me. Was it just me?

Them talking about their future warmed my shipper heart. I won’t comment on the bed being a mess and these two being half naked on the floor, but still….what the hell were they doing? *side eye* I can make a guess but you already are thinking the same thing. Am I right? *hums R. Kelly song*

You know what stood out for me in this scene? The parallels between Derek and the character we don’t like to name. But for this review, I have to say his name. German *gags*. Remember the whole Boston situation with German and Ahsha? Remember how much he was trying to push her towards Boston, though he knew she really wanted to be a Devil Girl? He was just wanting to get out of town because he was a murdering scumbag. It had nothing to do with Ahsha. Well, Derek wasn’t going to make any decisions without talking to his soon-to-be wife first. Him saying he wouldn’t do anything she didn’t want to do had me in my feels. He’s already treating her like his wife and that’s super important. Any decision either one of them makes from now on will affect the other. It’s important for them to have these types of discussions.

This was Dersha’s first BIG decision. Them moving to Miami is big for the both of them.

Those hell yeahs and Ahsha’s comment about Derek doing what he wants to her on international waters were adorable as well!

Bachelor Party aka The Birth of Peaches

*cues Partition*

The moment with Derek and his teammates/friends was crazy because it’s crazy how much Derek has grown. Derek Roman is about to officially be off the market. Wow! I loved the comment about his teammates having his seconds. Ha! Well, that’s probably very true. He has him a real woman now.

You know what was sad about this scene? No Terrence. Terrence is Derek’s best friend and pretty much his brother. It would have been nice to see him there being the best man. I believe Rob Riley, the actor who portrays Terrence, had another engagement at the time of filming. Maybe that explains his absence from the special. Ugh, but I wish we could have gotten TWall and D-Ro moments! This was the perfect time for them.

Now to the dance….SWEET BABY JESUS *in my Derek voice*. Ahsha was really trying to make this man put a baby in her. The way she popped out of that cake and then twerked down it, had the poor man sweating. Mrs. Roman aka Peaches was in full effect and I was here for every ounce of it. She literally twerked for her man, ya’ll. The rest of the Devil Girls were doing their thang too. I’m sure the fellas really enjoyed this show. I wonder if the best man knew Ahsha was going to do this. How did this plan work out so perfectly? Ahsha crashed the party and turned it out. Derek was looking at Ahsha like he wanted to devour her.

My favorite moment was when she sat in his lap and he wanted her to stay. He went into true husband mode when Ahsha said she was going to her own party. “Wait, where ya’ll going?” Oh Derek, you probably don’t want to know.

Kyle and Miguel

I figured Jessie wouldn’t keep his son. The part that gets me is Jessie threatening to take Miguel from Raquel, now you can’t keep him? You are far from father of the year. Miguel deserves better than you anyway.

It broke my heart to see how sad he looked though. He’s such a cutie pie.

Detective and Zero-Arena

This detective was very tough and I didn’t like how he almost put words in people’s mouths. Maybe he is working for Oscar. Who knows?

But he really made it seem like Jude shot Jelena and you know what? It made sense. Her trading away Zero was enough to make a man snap. Jude is Oscar’s son (though he is nothing like him); he very well could have done that. I wouldn’t blame him one bit either. Sorry not sorry.

Ahsha and Jelena-The Slap that the World Felt

Ever been told, “I’ll slap the taste out of your mouth?” Welp, here is how you can find out what that feels like. Welcome to Whoop that Trick 101 and here is Professor Ahsha Roman aka Queen Slap a Hoe, to instruct you.

Ahsha was strutting her ass off in this scene. The way she walked past Jelena as though she didn’t see her had me cheering. When you’re about to marry the man of your dreams, you don’t have time to converse with evil ass people trying to snatch your shine.

Jelena had that slap coming for a long time. You can’t push people and not expect them to finally push back. I felt that slap and I think my future children felt it too. Ahsha slapped Jelena into another nationality. She slapped the devil right out of her. I could only laugh at the shock on Jelena’s face afterwards.

Could Jelena taste her food the next day? Probably not. Oh and you were right Jelena, this was a Royal wedding.

Jelena-Arena Office

Question. Did investigators not search Oscar’s office, top and bottom? I know the camera was hidden, but I would think they’d find it before Jelena. I swear this girl was a detective in her past life. I’m just saying. Good thing they didn’t find that camera because someone would be getting arrested. Sloane, how you doin’?

Sloane and Jelena-Arena

TT took shooting lessons and still can’t shoot? Dammit. Girl, you need to get that in order if you’re going to be shooting at people. Actually, just don’t shoot at anyone else.

It would have been better for Sloane if she just killed Jelena because I feel like this isn’t going away. That was a huge mistake. I would say it’s shocking but then I can see a mother trying to protect her baby. Jelena threatened to take her daughter away from her and change her. She told Sloane she owned her child and that had to hurt. It would be different if this wasn’t Jelena Howard saying this stuff. Jelena could make all of this come true, so Sloane shooting her to save Ahsha really isn’t all that shocking if you think about it. A person can snap and Jelena definitely pushed her. Now Sloane has dug herself another hole because that was a huge mistake to make.

“I’m a human.” That was a powerful statement from Sloane because I’ve always questioned Jelena’s humanity. The girl is cold hearted.

Derek and Ahsha-Sex in the Wedding Dress

Very sweet scene with these two. The way Derek was looking at Ahsha in that dress gave me butterflies. It was as though she fell straight from heaven and he couldn’t believe she was about to be his wife. The “Come to Papa” line was straight fanfic Derek. To hear him actually say it made me smile.

Then he had to kill me with that speech. Omg, where did this man come from? Ahsha, you’re a lucky woman (and he’s a lucky man). “Love beats luck everytime.” *melts into a puddle of goo* You know what, Derek Roman is the fucking man.

Can we talk about the way he was kissing on Ahsha though? Jesus, that was hot! The irony of them sexing it up in her wedding dress is hilarious. That dress needed to be another color. HAHA! Who else thinks he put a baby in her during this scene? *raises both hands* That would be payback for having sex in a WHITE wedding gown. How dare you two! *cheers for Dersha sex*

Though that moment was cut short, we all know what went down.

Note: Did anyone notice how Ahsha’s hands stayed on her stomach for a bit when she was looking at herself in the mirror? Sorry, but I take all these moments to heart. James is known for burying clues or foreshadowing. I’m just saying, maybe we’ll be seeing Dersha babies before it’s all said and done. If I’m correct, James owes me DALLA for predicting the future. *winks*

I want them to enjoy the married life before having babies but I’m just saying…foreshadowing is a bitch.

Jelena, Kyle and Miguel-Arena office

I agree, Kyle and motherhood aren’t a good mix right now. This is the same woman who called Miguel by the wrong name last season. Manuel. BAHAHAHAHA! Auntie Kyle is what you shall stay.

Pete and Sloane-The Dance

This scene made me sad for a few reasons. One, Pete mentioning giving Ahsha away and two, the dance he shared with Sloane. I wondered if Pete felt bad for missing Ahsha’s childhood and now she’s getting married. He just got his baby and now he has to give her away. Awww!

Then the dance with Sloane broke my heart into a million pieces. This felt like a goodbye dance after we found out Sloane shot Jelena. Thinking about Pete and Ahsha losing Sloane almost made me cry. She’s honestly the one person who holds them both together.

Here goes Kimberly Elise making me sad again. Why are you like this?

Lionel and Jude and Zero-The Wedding

So Derek and Ahsha actually invited Zero, Jude and Lionel to their wedding? I was wondering if everyone got an invite, besides the Devil. Of course Ahsha nipped that right in the bud. Ha!

I thought the moment between Jude and Lionel was really cute. Jude’s innocence will forever be funny to me.

“I just want to eat your faces.” Oh Lionel.

The fact that Zero had a story ready for Jude to tell the police was very interesting. He truly believed Jude would shoot Jelena for him. You know what? I thought the same thing. It wouldn’t be too far-fetched. Jelena had everyone pissed. But the fact that Zero actually prepared a story shows how much he loves Jude.

Jelena and Ahsha-The Wedding

I honestly thought Jelena was coming to tell Ahsha about Sloane. That would be a very Jelena Howard thing to do, especially after you just got slapped onto a different continent.

Ahsha’s response to her walking in was funny as hell. She was ready to slap her again if she was coming to be the petty witch we know as Jelena. That mess was about to be nipped in the bud before it even started.

Jelena’s shade about Ahsha wearing white was one thing I had to agree with. Because I’m wondering the same thing. You’re really wearing white, Ahsha? After Derek was all up in those gu-Let me stop.

I saw this moment as foreshadowing too. Jelena telling Ahsha she is letting them go and she doesn’t want to see Ahsha again. Hmmmm, set up for season 4? I bet she sees Ahsha again. I know she will.

Sloane and Jelena-The Wedding

I’m very leery on Jelena letting Sloane get away with the shooting. I don’t trust that one bit and I hope Sloane doesn’t either.

Here’s where I’m confused. Is this investigation still going? Would Jelena just tell the cops to stop looking for the shooter? I don’t think that’s possible because someone clearly broke the law. I don’t trust that this is over at all. Sloane better stay low.


As a Dersha shipper, this was the greatest Dersha moment to witness. We’ve seen them as strangers, to lovers, now to husband and wife. This is such a great love story and I’m so happy this is my ship. To witness them grow into the beautiful couple they are today, gives me butterflies.

Seeing Pete walk his baby girl down the aisle made me tear up. I always go back to season one where these two were total strangers and Pete didn’t know how to handle the news of having a child. Now he’s giving her away. The parallels are crazy and make me emotional.

Did you all see those looks between Derek and Ahsha when she reached the altar? You could literally feel the love in that single moment. They can’t get enough of each other and I can’t get enough of them.

Now to the vows. I’m actually happy we got longer vows from Ahsha because Derek has put everything out on the table. To see Ahsha actually break down made me cry. The girl actually boo hooed while delivering those beautiful vows. Ahsha had been slightly open about her feelings for Derek but she was FULLY open with him. She opened her heart in front of everyone and I thought that was beautiful. We knew she loved Derek, but this moment truly proved how she feels about him. My favorite parts from her vows were, “I accept you for who you are. Like you’ve always accepted me.” And “You offered me a kingdom and now I offer mine. It may be humble, but you’ll always be safe there. You’ll always be protected. You’ll always be home.” Hearing those words come from her mouth really made me cry. Beautiful words from both of them.

Them crying definitely got to me. I am so happy about the tears and emotion we got from them here. Taylour Paige and McKinley Freeman nailed this scene. NAILED IT! I felt like I was watching a real wedding. My babies are married!

These two were so eager to be man and wife that they kissed before they were told. HAHAHA! That’s so Dersha. I found Derek calling Ahsha beautiful very cute and then hearing him say Ahsha Roman was the cherry on top. Do you all know how long I’ve been waiting to hear him say that?! Did I watch this scene more than 10 times? *nods*

Like I said, this single scene had me in tears. Just being on this Dersha journey and seeing them take that big step is very big for the Dersha fam. I can’t get enough of them and I am very excited about their journey moving forward.

And Derek wants lots of babies! We do too! I loved that he said this because I’ve always wondered if Derek wanted children. Him not having his parents in his life made me think he’d be leery on it. Nope, he wants babies. Lots of them. I’m here for baby Romans.

Jelena and Miguel-The Wedding

How cute is this kid! I want to adopt him myself.

“No one is perfect.” Aww, Miguel, but you are. You are an angel.

Derek and Ahsha-Throw that Bouquet

The way these two look at each other gets to me every time. I get butterflies and I’m not even there. How is this possible?

I knew once Ahsha threw that bouquet, that it was headed in Kyle’s direction. Did I think she’d actually punch it away? Nope. But I loved it! LOL It something Kyle would do.

The fact that it landed in Jude’s hands…foreshadowing much?

Derek, Ahsha, Sloane and Pete-Airport scene aka the scene that ruined my life with a single song

This scene did me in. I cried like a baby and I still cry every time I watch it. The song. The dialogue. The parallel to season one. The emotions were real and it got to me.

When Sloane and Ahsha pressed their heads together like they did in the pilot, I lost it. Their moments are so precious to me and Ahsha is leaving the nest. She has a family of her own now and sooner or later (probably soon because Derek wants lots of babies haha) she will have kids of her own.

You know what made me cry real thug tears? Thinking about Sloane watching her baby walk onto that court in the pilot. Sloane was standing by herself, afraid to let Ahsha go into the Devil world. Then she walked over to Pete and let him know he had a child. Fast forward to the special. Sloane is standing with Pete, not afraid to let her baby go because she knows she is safe with Derek. That’s what made this scene tug at my heart. The parallels killed me.

To see Ahsha and Derek walk towards that plane like the true power couple I know they’ll be, was icing on the cake. It only made me cry more though. Our Ahsha is no longer a baby. She’s a grown ass woman with a husband and now she’s stepping into a new chapter.

I also loved that moment between Derek and Ahsha when he acted as though he was snapping pictures while she walked. Awww!

Did I mention how much that song made me cry? I will never listen to that song again.

Kyle, Zero, Jude, and Jelena-Arena

This scene was another eerie one for me. Jelena playing the nice role isn’t sitting well with me. One, isn’t Oscar going to fight for the team.? Two, is Jelena going to stay nice? Will Terrence ever come back? There are so many questions we were left with which proved this special wasn’t a wrap up.

I hope Zero and Jude are sleeping with one eye open. I don’t believe Jelena will continue playing nice with them. Though she has never had an issue with Kyle, she better watch her back too.

Derek and Ahsha-Plane

It’s still unbelievable to see these two married. Derek calling her Mrs. Roman and the hand hold put me in shipper paradise.

Ugh, these two kill me.

Overall, I loved the special and how they handled the storylines. I was worried because it was a lot to touch on and they only had an hour, plus commercials. I don’t see this as a series finale, but simply a new chapter. The storylines can go so many directions from here and that’s why we should continue fighting for a season 4 (send those thongs to Chris!). This isn’t over and James LaRosa said it himself. We shall continue to fight. This show is too great and needs to remain on our televisions. @vh1 RENEW THIS SHOW!

Like I said, these stories were not completely wrapped up. Will Dersha stay in Miami, will we see any Dersha babies, will Mary Roman pop up, will Jelena stop screwing up people’s lives, will Oscar really leave Lionel alone, will Oscar fight for his team, will Sloane really get away with shooting Jelena, will Pete ever propose, will Jelena really keep Miguel, Will Zude get married and adopt a baby, will German move to the Sun, Where the hell is Terrence and so on…. WE NEED A SEASON 4! Period.

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