See that little bit of text on the bottom right corner of this Kingston DataTraveler HyperX Predator Flash Drive?  Yeah it says ”1TB“ and yes, its a flash drive meant for your key chain or pocket, with a full TB of data capacity.  Luckily you will have plenty of room in your pocket after you pay for this because your wallet is going to be empty.

According to the Kingston website it can store around 512,000 pictures at 6MP each or 265,000+ MP3s.

Manila Folder Paper Airplane

Luca Iaconi-Stewart is building a 1:60-scale Boeing 777 out of manila folders and glue that even includes retractable landing gear.

Check out the full article via Wired Magazine, but here are a few clarifications from Luca himself that he left in the comments section of the article:

Just to clear a few things up, as they seem to have gotten lost in translation:
1. I started this project over 5 years ago. I by no means have spent 5 years on it. I do other things with my time too (including working).

2. I did not leave college to work on this project. I left for other reasons, and since leaving have resumed work on this, though again not nearly 24/7.

3. Yes, this is a crazy project (even I can admit that), but I feel lucky and very grateful that I’ve been afforded the opportunity to work on it.

4. Do not underestimate the complexity of a project like this. I never could have expected the amount of work that I’d end up putting in. Keep in mind that there are no engineering drawings publicly available, so I’ve had to design everything myself, which is tremendously difficult if you’re trying to do it with any semblance of accuracy.

5. I am *not* planning on diving into another larger model. I’d love to, in theory, but there are more important things on my plate in the short term. It’s more of a far-off dream/goal.

Photo and full article via Wired Magazine.  wired