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Intro to USAF Pilot Selection

First thing’s first, to be a Pilot in the Air Force you must be a commissioned officer. This means attending the Air Force Academy, Air Force ROTC Detachment, or getting your bachelor’s degree and attending OTS (Officer Training School).

The Air Force selects pilots based on a ranking method called the PCSM score, or Pilot Candidate Selection Method. The PCSM score is comprised of three parts: the TBAS (Test of Basic Aviation Skills), the AFOQT (Air Force Officer Qualifying Test) Pilot score, and any private flying hours a candidate may have. Private Pilots’ Licenses are not considered in the PCSM score.

What does not matter is your degree major. Most people believe that only those with a background in aviation are eligible to be selected for pilot training. This is an incorrect assumption. Any degree completed can make you eligible for pilot selection. I, for example, have a degree in Political Science and still got picked up for pilot training. 

This does not mean that every degree will guarantee you a pilot slot. Highly coveted and in-demand degrees for the Air Force can be put into specialized fields no matter what their PCSM score is. For example, if the Air Force is in desperate need of Civil Engineers and you have a degree in Civil Engineering, but want to get a pilot slot, there is a possibility that you may be selected to be Civil Engineer instead, regardless of your capabilities and aptitude to succeed as a pilot.

Please remember that all selection rates and number of selectees are based on the needs of the Air Force. This will take prescience over all other factors.

For any questions on Pilot Selection, please feel free to ask me or check out the Air Force’s website on the subject:

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