And now for our main character, Officer Jones.  Yes, Jones is the main character.  No, he is not the Crimson Fly.

So, who is Jones? 

-Jones is a beat cop in the city.

-He is literally made of blocks.

-He has a multipurpose tool for different situations. Sometimes its a gun, most of the time its a taser, and on rare occasions, its grapple pistol you see above.

In a lot of ways, Jones exists as a foil to the Fly, or rather, for the purposes of this piece, the Fly exists as a foil for Jones. Both have similar ideas about justice; its just, one’s a police officer working within the law, and the other is a vigilante working outside of it.  I tried to reflect it in their designs; the Fly’s comprised mostly of curves, whereas Jones is comprised mostly of blocks and hard edges.  This is a reflection of his personality: He’s glued to procedure and the law, and unwilling to think outside of it.  Hopefully, this won’t get him killed. 

Next time: you’ll learn how to draw him!

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So, for better or for worse, I’m going to try and “solo” as much of the illustration and animation as I can. However, realistically speaking, I’m probably going to need help at some point. So that I don’t have to spend too much time teaching people how to draw my characters, I’ve created a series handy-dandy “How-to"s to help people learn how to draw the characters. They aren’t perfect (as I don’t have the time to make them so) but they serve as a good start as to how I draw the characters.  So here’s our main character, Officer Jones!

Whereas the Crimson Fly is a bic-head pen (circle on a cone), Officer Jones is comprised entirely of blocks. Seriously. You could probably build him out of legos. (That makes for an awesome idea: free sketch/ink/drawing thing-y for whoever builds Officer Jones out of legos!)

Jones is a very rigid character.  One of things I was worried about when drawing his head was that I wouldn’t be able to get a big range of emotion with his face as strict as it is. I mean, don’t get me wrong, he’s a reserved character, but he does emote. As for his eyes, they’re shadowed because, while he’s a main character, the cops, as a whole are minor. I don’t want you get attached, and hence, you can’t see his eyes.

Jones’s body is nowhere near as complicated as the fly, and coming up with a how-to to describe his body was a little tough.  He’s got enough flexibility to move, but not so much that he’s as agile as someone like the Fly.  If pushed to far, his joints bend all the way, rather than simply curving like the Fly’s joints.

Jones is a police officer, and I realized that its a good idea to have a sheet detailing what his uniform entails. Its pretty much a jumpsuit over an under-armor mesh.  Its pretty much a cross between a janitor and a real life police officer. His outfit is an artifact from a time when the world-building dictated that everyone/mostly everyone had superpowers (as a way for the Fly to maintain a regular life outside his secret identity), and the police were upgraded accordingly (hence Jone’s multipurpose tool and utility belt).  I still liked the design, and thus it carried over.

So, now you know, and knowing is half the battle! Next: Our antagonist!

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AU: Killian is a Police Officer and meets Emma when Henry gets in trouble (accidentally or otherwise) and Killian returns him home without pressing charges. Emma's lawyer and they run into each other later when Killian's called in as a witness...

Sorry it’s taken me so long. I hope it lives up to what you wanted/ expected. Without further ado; Officer Jones and Lawyer Swan.

Emma had been working on her newest case when she got the phone call. Throwing her case files back into the cabinet, slipping her heels back on, she made sure to lock her door on the way out. She rushed from the building, down the street to the convenient store. 

“Henry,” Emma called out as she entered the small store. In her haste, she collided with a hard body, sending both parties to the floor.

“I’m so sorry,” she rushed out as she went to stand up, offering her hand.

“It’s fine Ms. Swan,” the dark haired man smiled up at her, blue eyes gleaming. Emma finally took in his attire and began to panic slightly.

“Are you the officer that called about Henry?” she asked as she looked around the shop, finally locating her son. She was quick to abandon the officer, coming to a halt in front of him.

“What happened?” she asked as she leaned down to his level, noticing the tears in his eyes. 

“They- they put stuff in my book bag. The owner thinks I stole. Mom am I going to go to jail?” he asked with a sniffle, before throwing his arms around his mom. 

“Actually kid, I’m just going to let you off with a warning,” the officer broke through the small family moment. Letting out a sigh, Emma detached herself from Henry before putting her hand out for the officer to shake, relieved.

“Thank you, Officer Jones. I assure you it was a mistake, one that won’t happen again,” Emma told him, before turning back to Henry. She gathered his things, and with a hand on his shoulder the two left the store, headed for home. However, Emma couldn’t help but think back to the kind blue eyes of the new town Sheriff. 

Weeks had passed, Emma working tirelessly on her case for Mr. Gold. Finding herself dressed, to the nines, in a court room, Gold at her side. What she didn’t expect however was Officer Jones to be called in as an expert witness. With a deep breath, Emma steeled herself as court was called to order. 

The hearing passed in a blur, Emma finding her eyes drawn to Jones more than once. It was a relief when Mr. Gold was announced innocent, as Emma had been sufficiently distracted. Giving Gold a handshake, Emma made her way to leave, once again finding herself in the close proximity of Jones.

“Well done Ms. Swan,” he told her with a light smirk.

“Emma. And no hard feelings?” she asked with a smile, taking in the uniformed man to the full extent, making sure to correct the name in which he called her. 

“Maybe if you agree to drinks with me Emma, I can overcome the sting of loss. And if I get to call you Emma, the name is Killian,” he responded, laughing lightly at the shocked expression that crossed her features. She quickly regained her composure, giving the man a silent yes to drinks. As he gestured for her to follow him, Emma could feel butterflies begin to flutter in her stomach.

She couldn’t wait to see where this might go. 


Woah there Offissa Jones you don’t look like a middle aged dweeb for once. 

In other words, this dumb Criminal Case game has weird character design. One of my suspects this case looks like Snoop Dogg and my dang police partner looks better in a scuba wetsuit than in uniform. In all reality though the only reason I’m this far is to raise my police dogs.

Basic cable superstars appear at EWU
External image

Evan Sykes/The Easterner

By Al Stover
sports editor

Deputies James Garcia and Sven Jones approach two female suspects, accusing them of lewd conduct and credit card fraud.

Instead of arresting them, the deputies turn to the audience and ask them to give the suspects a round of applause.

Garcia was played by Carlos Alazraqui and Jones was played by Cedric Yarbrough, reprising their roles from the television show “RENO 911!”

Alazraqui and Yarbrough performed a stand-up comedy show at Eastern, Feb. 23 in the PUB MPR.

In front of an auditorium full of students, Alazraqui opened the show doing impressions of Simon Cowell, Russell Brand and Keanu Reeves.

He also spoke about his college days and about voicing characters in cartoons which include Rocko from “Rocko’s Modern Life,” Denzel Crocker from “The Fairly OddParents” and the chihuahua from the Taco Bell commercials.

Alazraqui also talked about world peace and how women should accept their bodies as they are.

“It’s not natural to be 6’4″ and 27 pounds,” Alazraqui said. “It’s not natural to have a head that came from a Mardi Gras parade and it’s stuck on a Tim Burton [clay animation] ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ body.”

Yarbrough appeared on stage 14 minutes into the show, dancing to Michael Jackson’s “Bad” and ripping off gold tear-away pants he had on over his jeans.

Seconds after Yarbrough’s arrival, he and Alazraqui began an impression battle.

After three rounds, Yarbrough ended the battle singing “Crazy” by Gnarls Barkley.

As Alazraqui took a break offstage, Yarbrough talked about his experiences as an actor, working on cartoons like “The Boondocks” and appearing in movies such as “The 40 Year Old Virgin,” “Black Dynamite” and “Miss March.”

He also discussed watching his friends being married and a trip to the gynecologist’s office for a sports physical at age 14 as a result of wandering into the wrong office.

“Somewhere, in some gynecologist’s office, I have a file with my name and my weight on it,” Yarbrough said. “I remember putting a question mark at the question: ‘Are you menstruating?’”

After presenting clips from RENO 911!, Alazraqui and Yarbrough came out as Garcia and Jones in their sheriff’s uniforms where they talked about safety and answered questions from students.

They then performed an improvisation skit with two student volunteers from the audience.

They began as victims and were turned into suspects accused of stealing Bill Murray’s identity and performing lewd acts at a school park.

Alazraqui and Yarbrough awkwardly tried demonstrating the lewd acts before referring to the students as “The Scissor Sisters.”

Heather Ashford, a film major, was one of the students on stage. For Ashford, being on stage with Alazraqui and Yarbrough was a little scary, but also fun.

“It was nice to meet people in [the film] industry,” Ashford said. “I loved watching ‘RENO 911!’ but I didn’t realize they were voices and characters in other stuff that I love.”

The show ended with Yarbrough breaking a glass bottle over Alazraqui’s head.

After the show, Alazraqui and Yarbrough had a meet-and-greet with fans.

Ben Ward, comedy and lectures coordinator for Eagle Entertainment, had previously met Alazraqui and Yarbrough at the National Association for Campus Activities West Regional conference in November 2011.

“We got to see a little bit of their act,” said Ward. “We really liked what we saw.”

According to Yarbrough, he and Alazraqui have been touring college campuses for almost two years.

“Carlos was kind of the brain for this whole thing,” Yarbrough said. “He asked me to come on tour with him. He had this idea for a ‘RENO 911!’ show and said ‘Let’s come up with an act.’”

For Alazraqui, traveling to different universities has allowed him and Yarbrough to interact with their fans.

“It’s neat when we get to campus because people realize, ‘Wait a minute. We thought you were just Garcia and Jones,’” Alazraqui said. “‘We didn’t know you did Tom Dubois and Colonel Stinkmayer and Rocko and Mr. Crocker.’”

Alazraqui notes that Yarbrough, who has only been on stage 45 times, has a stage presence that is equal to that of a comedian who has been on stage for five years.

Impression Battle Round by Round

Round 1

Alazraqui: Arnold Schwarzenegger singing Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”

Yarbrough: Bill Cosby

Round 2

Alazraqui: Robert DeNiro and Billy Crystal

Yarbrough: Ray Romano and Brad Garrett

Round 3

Alazraqui: Tony Montana from “Scarface” performing as a clown at a child’s birthday party

Yarbrough: Gnarls Barkley singing “Crazy”

The Crimson Fly: Promotional poster-character inks by *SkipperWing

“Inks” (in quotes because I did it digitally) for a promotional poster for the Crimson Fly comic. Also, to make a profile picture for the facebook page (the sketch drawing was nice, but this is better).  And last but not least, because I’m going to turn this into a process piece at some point and I need the images.

Not quite finished, as I need to tweak the background, but I figured I’d share.


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The Crimson Fly ITS: Animatic App Preview by SkipperWing

So remember that Storyboard App I made a while ago back for my thesis/animated comic/baby/etc? (Links down below) Well, here’s another follow up preview.

(For those not in the know, I made a storyboard app so I wouldn’t have to open the flash file every time someone wanted to see what I was up to. Obviously, not all the pages were included, so as not to spoil the plot entirely)

Animatics are what you use to figure out timing for animation so that your animators don’t have to figure it out as they go. They also help with figuring out how long your film actually is, as well as serve as something your composer can generally time your music too. I figure that while I was doing that, I wanted to program the starts and stops (that make this project truly interactive, rather than just a vertical movie) so I wouldn’t have to do it later.

Just like the storyboard app, you only get 4 pages; I still want you to read the darn thing when its done.