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Whenever I see a fanfic writer say something like “this is bad” or “sorry it’s so long” or anything along those lines, I get really sad. Cause like. You guys are really truly amazing. I love every single word you write whether it’s a 100 word story or a 100k story. There aren’t enough words in my brain to express just how much I love and appreciate you guys. So on behalf of all fanfic readers everywhere, in any fandom, thank you so much for sharing your fabulous gifts with us. You fabulous human beings.

Brianna is totally wlw tho

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im not sure if she’s a homoromantic bi or just a straight up lesbian but this girl is so gay the level of snark and bitterness is at wlw capacity and the force at which she pushes men away at could projectile launch them into the fucking sun and like her closest companions are a vegan hippie and her own dog she acts like she’s not meant to be in a relationship because she’s scared of commitment but it’s clear that she’s just not committed to any relationships because they’re all with men let brianna fall in love with a woman you cowards

Do you guys ever read a fic and there’s that moment in the middle where your OTP is SO happy and it makes you so happy and then you realize there’s like more than 6 chapters left and you just KNOW another heartbreaking conflict is coming and you try to prepare yourself for the angst then you keep reading and the thing happens and you’re just SCREAMING “I WASNT READY”

“Maybe I should stop talking…. maybe you should stop talking too”

“I’m actually a pretty big fan of not talking”

“We don’t have to talk at all”

“I’m sorry, you just- you just had to stop talking” (bonus points if you know where this one is from)

The gays just don’t like talking what can we say

Birthday Surprise

Fluff. Hell if I know why I wrote this. Just trying to get SOMETHING out, ya know?

Gail plopped down into Traci’s desk chair and laid her head on her arm. She was already changed and ready to go the Penny but she had to wait for the detective to finish up whatever it was she was doing upstairs before they could leave. Traci had insisted that Gail wasn’t allowed to drive herself around on her birthday so that she could get as trashed as she wanted to and Gail certainly wasn’t going to argue with her about it. There was nothing more that Gail wanted than to end the night drunkenly passed out rather than covered in cheeto dust and yelling at Russian hackers in Call of Duty.

She pushed the home button on her phone that was lying on the desk in front of her and sighed at the blank notification screen. For awhile after Holly moved to San Francisco they had remained on radio silence. Both of them still had a lot to process. Then, after everything with Steve and Sophie Gail had broken down and drunkenly called Holly one night and ever since then she felt like she couldn’t stop telling her about every little inane thing that popped into her head. Gail hadn’t even texted Holly this much when they had been dating.

Then there were days like today that always made Gail feel like she was walking around with a little rain cloud over her head. Holly was busy and texts were few and far between. Of course, of all days, Holly had to be busy on her birthday. It was stupid, she knew, to let her emotions be so affected by a single person thousands of miles away but it wasn’t like Gail knew the first damn thing about emotions, especially not her own.

“Alright,” said Traci as she walked up while checking her purse for her stuff. “Are you ready to go to the Penny and forget all about the rookie who threw up on you this morning?”

“Sadly I had blocked it from my memory already,” said Gail as she pushed herself up and straightened her coat. “Thanks for reminding me.”

“What are friends for?”

“Paying my tab.”

“If I did that I’d be broke, Gail.”

They laughed as they headed to Traci’s car. They talked. They joked. They shared their days.

But at the same time, Gail’s mind was over four thousand kilometers away.

Five hours.

That was how long a flight to San Francisco would be. Only five hours and four hundred bucks and Gail could see the one person she wanted to for her birthday. Not that her friends weren’t great. They were. It was readily apparent as she walked into the Penny and birthday streamers and balloons practically filled the space as everyone cheered when she walked in with Traci. Her heart ached but even she wasn’t heartless enough to resist smiling. Though she definitely rolled her eyes, especially when Chloe hugged her.

Four shots and two beers in and she was sitting at the bar scrolling through plane tickets. Again. For the fourth time that day.

“Not again,” said Traci as she snatched Gail’s phone from her. “And definitely not while you’re drinking.”

“Give me back my phone Trace,” said Gail as she pushed herself off the stool and reached for her phone.

“Not again?” Oliver seemed to materialize out of nowhere and grabbed Gail’s phone out of Traci’s hand and looked at it. “What’s happening again?”

“She keeps looking at plane tickets,” said Traci while standing between Gail and Oliver.

“Plane tickets? Oooo. Where you looking to go, Gail? The Caribbean?”

“Russia,” said Gail matter of factly. “I have a couple of teenagers who need their playstations taken away.”

Without saying anything about what was on the screen, Oliver smiled and pocketed her phone as Gail glared and tried to push passed Traci. As Gail tried to fake going left while really going right she tripped over her own foot and two hands caught her waist from behind.

“Russia sounds pretty cold.”

Gail practically tripped again as she spun around to face the only person that mattered in that entire bar of people. Probably the world if Gail’s hazy mind could comprehend anything larger at that moment. Holly smiled that stupid lopsided grin that Gail loved so much and Gail didn’t even consider the people around them for a second as she pulled Holly’s face towards her. Their lips met and Gail sighed heavily through her nose as she tried to ignore the way her hands trembled as they clutched at the back of Holly’s head.

If it weren’t for the loud, drunken cheering around them they probably would have never broken apart. Gail was certainly ready to die from lack of oxygen if it meant she could keep kissing Holly. As Gail pulled back just enough so the people around her could see her roll her eyes in annoyance, Oliver clapped Holly on the back and grinned.

“You’re late, doctor.”

“Sadly, my flight got a little delayed because of the weather,” said Holly as she fixed her glasses and accepted a drink from Traci.

Gail couldn’t take her eyes off of Holly’s face and when Holly looked at her and smiled Gail was fairly certain she had melted.

“Happy birthday, Gail.”

“Happiest,” said Gail, still in awe of Holly pressed against her.

Holly’s smile widened as she leaned in and gently kissed Gail. The way her heart pounded against her chest and the way her lip trembled, it completely made up for her lonely morning. Despite the pieces of her life still needing to be picked up, it was the best birthday she’d ever had in her life and it wasn’t even over yet.

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Here's a prompt: Gail hides in a changing room in a department store to avoid Elaine and meets a half naked Holly.

Such a good prompt. I laughed the second I read it. I dunno if this is good because I stayed up to 6am writing it but hey whatever let’s do this!

It had all started as a nice Saturday morning off from work. Gail had woken up and managed to not kill Dov even though he was singing loudly. Then she headed down to her favorite donut shop for breakfast and some coffee and the kid behind the counter let her try one of their new seasonal donuts since she was a regular. After such a good start she decided it was safe to head to the store and brave the possible stupidity of other customers to get a few things she’d been putting off buying, like socks and body soap. She had resorted to using Dov’s soap the past week and people were starting to ask her about her non-existent boyfriend.

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Freedom's Just Another Word Chapter 28, a rookie blue fanfic | FanFiction
A/U: College is supposed to be their first taste of freedom, but for the last year Gail Peck had real freedom. Now she's back, within the grasp of her controlling parents, and forced to face the nightmares she's tried to leave behind. She's used to dealing with it alone, but does she have to?

Seriously. If you’re at all a fan of Gail Peck and Holly Stewart… you probably already know this fic. BUT. If you don’t, give it a read. I guarantee you will not be disappointed. It truly is amazing and the chapters are so long. Plenty of slow burn plot elements and it is so well written. 

The author isn’t on tumblr and it’s not on A03 (it is I just found it!) so I don’t think it gets much exposure or love. So give it a read and go send the author some joy. Maybe some of the faithfuls can help spread the word? @auntchappy @cotecoyotegrrrl @gail-shark @gailpeckholly @boojangs @lizheda @ragingscooter

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Golly - A game at the Penny with friends...“Who is your best kiss?”

Gail Peck hated this. She was grumpy, her drink was warm, and she was sandwiched between Dov and Chloe making googliy eyes at each other. If only she could escape, eyeing the door as though if she looked at it hard enough she might find herself transported there.

Instead, she found it opening, and Holly Stewart walking in. An uncontrollable smile spread across Gail’s face. Holly spotted her after a moment, waving slightly at her. Gail wanted to get up and follow Holly up to the bar. Have a drink with her, joke, smile, and have Holly smile back at her.

“Gail,” Dov was saying, “Earth to Gail.”

Chloe shoved at her shoulder to gain her attention. Immediately the smile feel from Gail’s face. “What do you want nerds?”

Chris answered. “We’re playing a game.”

Gail rolled her eyes, wincing as she took another sip of her warm rum and coke. “What a stupid idea.”

“Aw, come on, Gail,” Tracy said, leaning across the table, “Live a little.”

Gail watched as Holly leaned against the bar. A woman in flannel came up to her, leaning close in a way that had Gail scowling. She turned back to the table intent on getting up, but found all her coworkers looking expectantly at her.


“It’s your turn,” Chloe said, “Truth or dare?”

“Seriously? What are we in middle school?” Gail snarked. She couldn’t believe these people took oaths to protect and serve the public.

“Gaillll,” Chloe said in a sing-song voice. “Just play along?”

“Yeah, come on, Gail,” Nick said, “We’ve played this game before.”

“Was that the time you dared me to say yes to marrying you and then left me at the alter?” That shut him up real quick.

Gail glanced over at Holly again. The woman in flannel was still talking to Holly, but the pathologist’s eyes were on Gail. When Gail smiled at her again, Holly sent over a wink.

“Fine, truth,” Gail said, hoping that if she played along she could leave sooner and get over to Holly.

“Who is your best kiss?” Chloe announced.

Gail groaned, eyeing Chris and Nick as they both looked at her expectantly. “Really, Price?”

Chloe shrugged. “You know the rules, Peck.”

Gail downed her drink in hopes of stemming the sudden nerves inside her. Flashes of hot lips against her own filled her mind. Soft and pink brushing along her jaw, teeth nipping at her throat. She flushed.


Suddenly a drink appeared in front of her. Holly stood there, smiling just for her, holding out a hand for her to take. Gail did, ignoring Chloe’s cries as she shoved past her to get out of the booth.

“Just in time, Lunchbox,” Gail said, letting their clasped hands swing by their sides.

“For you? Always,” Holly remarked.

“Gail!” Chris shouted. “You didn’t answer the question!”

She didn’t even spare him a glance as she leaned over to press her lips against Holly’s softly. She felt the pathologist melt into her as the kiss grew longer than intended. When they broke apart, Gail turned back to her friends.

“Hope that’s enough of an answer for you.” Turning back to Holly, she asked, “Can we get out of here?”

Holly pushed a strand of Gail’s hair away from her face. “I thought you’d never ask.”

I don’t know what this is. It’s 6am, I haven’t slept. Enjoy.

Holly pulled into her spot and turned off the ignition to her car before smacking her forehead into the steering wheel. It had been a long and exhausting day. Trying to get back into the swing of things after returning to Toronto was proving a little difficult because she was stuck trying to catch up on a huge backlog of cases. Apparently, the guy who had taken over when she left had been terrible at getting anything done in a timely manner. Holly was honestly shocked she wasn’t missing heaps of paperwork. No, everything was there. It just should have already been taken care of which meant that she had a long line of detectives banging on her door.

Then to top off the evening to a long day was a date that she just really wanted no part in. The woman was a blood splatter expert borrowed from another facility and Holly had initially turned down all of her advances but Lisa and Rachel pressured her into accepting. She was smart, relatively amusing, and cute but Holly found herself daydreaming the entire time. Every smile, every laugh just made her wish it was Gail on the other side of the table instead.

But they were just friends.

That’s the boundary they had set when Holly moved back.

Gail had gone through so much while Holly was away and now she was busy trying “to be a better training officer than Oliver so she could rub it in his face” and also dealing with the aftermath of the Peck name being tarnished. And Holly was busy trying to fix the forensics lab. And it wasn’t even like they got to see each other a lot. Neither of them was in a place to be able to give more to each other than they did so, they were just friends.

“Just friends,” said Holly as she smacked her head against her steering wheel one more time before finally climbing out of her car.

Holly pulled her phone out of her pocket as she climbed the stairs to her apartment and looked at the time. She wondered if Gail was still up and if she should even mention her date. Not that she couldn’t. They were just friends after all. They were both free to see other people. So, why did it suddenly feel like her stomach at dropped out at the thought of telling her?

“You shouldn’t text while walking you know.”

Holly’s attention snapped up to see Gail leaning against her door and looking at her. The blonde looked as amazing as she always did. Holly had loved the bleach blonde look but she had to admit that she was really loving the more natural sandy color it was now. She constantly had to fight the urge to run her fingers through it when they sat on her couch and talked.

“Gail, it’s one in the morning,” said Holly. “What are you doing here?”

Gail just shrugged and backed off the door so Holly could open it and let them both in. As soon as they were both inside, Holly yelped as she was shoved into the wall and dropped her bag on her foot.

“I…,” whispered Gail, inches from Holly’s lips. “I want to…”

Holly swallowed and nodded. Having permission, Gail ran her fingers to the back of Holly’s neck and pulled her into her as their lips met. Letting her eyes flutter shut, Holly felt like she was melting where she stood. When Gail’s tongue ran along her lips and her mouth opened she realized she was out of air and tried to breathe as she gripped the arms of Gail’s leather jacket. Jump-starting her brain again, Holly pulled Gail closer by her jacket before letting her hands find their way into the blonde locks she’d been admiring just moments before.

When they finally broke apart to breathe, Gail rested her forehead against Holly’s and Holly marveled at how much she could miss a gesture so small.

“I should have kissed you,” said Gail quietly, her eyes still closed.

“Uh…sweetie…,” laughed Holly.

“No,” said Gail as shook her head and snorted. “I mean when you got back. When I picked you up from the airport. I should have kissed you.”

“But I thought you just wanted to be friends.”

“No. No, Holly. I don’t think we could ever just be friends,” said Gail. “I was just scared of messing this up. I can’t lose you like I’ve lost everything else. And I just don’t have as much time as I’d like to give to you and I keep losing myself. But Frankie told me about your date with Monica and I got so jealous thinking about you kissing her.”

There was a beat where neither woman said anything. Holly was about to open her mouth when Gail cut again.

“Sorry, I’m kind of terrible at the friend thing. I tried really hard,” said Gail. “If you want to just…”

Holly grabbed the lapel of Gail’s jacket and pulled her back into her for a kiss.

“I want you,” said Holly quickly. “We can figure everything else out as we go but Gail, I just want you.”

Gail smiled and Holly lightly brushed her fingers along her cheek.

“Now, I don’t know about you Gail,” said Holly as she straightened her glasses. “But I don’t have work tomorrow and I can think of a couple of things we need to catch up on while we have the chance.”