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December 31st 1904: First Times Square NYE

On this day in 1904, New Year’s Eve celebrations were held in New York City’s Times Square for the first time. In 1904, the owners of the New York Times newspaper were celebrating their move to new offices in the square. The paper’s owner, Adolph Ochs, successfully had Longacre Square, as it was then known, renamed Times Square in honour of the famous newspaper. As part of these celebrations, the paper launched a fireworks display at One Times Square/Times Tower in a new year event attended by almost 200,000 people. The popularity of the initial event encouraged efforts to host a more extravagant celebration to inaugurate the new year. Therefore, in 1907, Ochs commissioned the construction of an iron and wood ball which would be lowered from a flagpole at the newspaper’s headquarters to mark the final minute of the year. The ball was lit by one hundred bulbs, weighed 700 pounds, and measured five feet in diameter. It was built by a young Russian immigrant metalworker called Jacob Starr, whose sign company, Artkraft Strauss, became responsible for lowering the ball for most of the twentieth century. As part of the 1907 celebrations, waiters in deluxe restaurants around Times Square were given top hats featuring the numbers ‘1908’ in tiny bulbs, which, upon the stroke of midnight, they lit up to display the new date. While the Times later moved from the square, the tradition of lowering a ball at Times Square has continued ever since, with the exception of wartime years in the early 1940s. The design of the ball has changed several times since 1907, but the Times Square event remains one of the most famous New Year’s Eve celebrations in the world, and attracts around one million visitors every year.

Happy New Year!

Plush Corner Office

square filled: fingering
ship: dean smith x reader
rating: mature
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tags: smut, fingering, blowjobs, semi-public sex, table sex, dirty talk, dean smith (cause he’s a tag all of his own)
summary: “You ran your fingers along his jawbone, your thumb resting on his bottom lip, pulling his mouth open just a little bit. He looked up at you, his tongue passing his lips, licked at the pad of your thumb before taking it in his mouth, sucking on it for just a moment. He never broke his eye contact from you.”
word count: 3,110
written/created for @spnkinkbingo.
dedicated to: @the-mrs-deanwinchester cause she said she wanted some dean smith and who am I to deny a woman dean smith?
tagging: @ac-dcdean, @mishasmuffin, @imakittehkatt, @aprofoundbondwithdean, @wetsammywinchester

You made your way through the office cubicles, the sound of the party that was floating from the huge conference room to where you were making your way to his office. You had to give Mr. Smith props. When he remodeled a floor, he knew how to do it. And it was all thanks to the successful year that he had.

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“I’m Dario Kowalczyk for QBL News, as you can see here, the situation in Secret Times Square is one of absolute pandemonium right now–as you can see, this…creature, whatever it is, has destroyed–des–just absolute destruction, even to our office here in Times Square, and as you can see here, we have officers from several different factions, including some here from the Council of Venice, here to investigate this developing sit–situa–situation–D–DO YOU MIND…?!!


Sovereign House [81/365 2017] by Steven Kemp
Via Flickr:
The former HMSO office building in Anglia Square Norwich. Long vacated with no immediate prospect of redevelopment :(


Pixel Cloud da Martin Turner
Tramite Flickr:
Continuing my Open House London 2012 photos, this is Jason Bruges Studio’s ‘Pixel Cloud’, an art installation in the atrium of law firm Allen & Overy’s office building in Bishops Square. A 3d matrix of 624 polycarbonate globes which span eight storeys. Each 120mm globe is fitted with 24 LEDs and can be controlled independently allowing for light and colour changes. I managed to capture the colour change between yellow and cyan, the display is one of the most impressive things I have seen. The glass atrium reflects each globe, creating a a light galaxy. In a bid to include more of a human element into my architectural photography, you will spot Flickr buddy The Green Album at the bottom. Well I say bottom, but actually this walkway has a rather big drop either side. Have a great weekend!