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Nya Try's to Teach CPR, The Thrilling Conclusion!
  • Nya: *facepalms* Yeah, you didn't maintain one hundred beats per minute, and an ambulance never showed up because no one called 911. So, you lost him.
  • Zane: Ok, he is dead. Anyone know what to do next? Anyone? Lloyd?
  • Lloyd: I have no idea.
  • Zane: Anyone else?
  • Skylor: We bury him?
  • Zane: Wrong. We check for an organ donor card. If he has one, there are only minutes to harvest!
  • Ronin: He has no wallet, I checked.
  • Kai: He's an organ donor.
  • Zane: He is!?
  • Kai: Yeah!
  • Zane: Then get me a styrofoam bucket, *pulls a knife from out of no where* here we go!
  • Everyone: *flips out as Zane stabs the dummy's chest!*
  • Nya: Oh God, what are you doing?
  • Zane: Searching for the organs. *his hand fishing around inside the dummy* Where is the heart?........The precious heart.......
  • Wu: I'm not feeling so well, I need to sit down.
  • Lloyd: *pulls out a chair for Wu* Are you OK?
  • Zane: *turns around making Hannibal Lector sounds, now wearing the dummy's face on his face, causing everyone to freak out again*
  • Nya: This is the last time I try to teach you people anything.
Me, Myself, and My Mortal Enemy (ft. Kris)

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Part of my Office!AU.  

“You have to be kidding me.”

You stood there with an expression of disbelief, almost dropping your bag and files onto the ground. You scoffed when you spot him smirking through the reflection of his glass walls, evidently thrilled to still be able to draw a reaction from you after all these years.

“You. You’re the CEO of EXO Systems?”

As his chair spun around and you were awarded the sight of Wu Yifan in all his glory, you did what no other girl has ever done in his presence.

You threw a fit.

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Fantasy #3

Title: Extra Work

Pairing: EXO Kris & You

Rating: Explicit

Genre: smut

Word count: 2,115

Summary: Naughty office sex with boss Wu Yifan.

Piles and piles of paper works are spread on your work table as you blankly stare at them. You mess your own hair feeling really irritated on why your boss keeps on giving you all these assignments when in fact some of your officemates are not that piled up. You start to wonder if your boss is holding a grudge against you or he just likes to play on you. Rolling your eyes in depression, you grab some of the paper works and start to work on them, thinking that staring at them won’t finish your work.

After hours of looking back and forth from the papers to your computer monitor, you feel awfully exhausted. You look at your office’s clock and beamed at the time. Just in time for lunch break. You organize the files that you already finished and the ones that you still haven’t reviewed. You went to your office’s cafeteria and ate your lunch, munching every food deliciously, thinking that you still have a long day to go.

Feeling full and happily satisfied with the food, you went back to your desk with a positive mind. You stretch your arms upward and start typing on your keyboard. All of a sudden, your officemate’s head appeared on top of your cubicle’s divider, slightly surprising you.

“The boss wants to see you.” Chen said, looking at you with a you-are-screwed expression on his face.

“Why? What’d I do?” you asked, having no clue as to what is going on. You were never involved in any office rumors or gossips; you also doubt that the boss will promote you since you just started working for the company early this year so you were completely puzzled with the sudden happening of events.

“Dunno.” he shrugged then turns his back at you and returned to his desk.

Taking a deep breath, you walk towards your boss’ office with heavy feet. As you stood outside his office’s door, you release another deep sigh and knocked on the door. You heard a faint “Come in” and entered his office. His office chair was facing its back at you when you stepped inside and you can hear that he’s speaking with someone on the phone.

You were nervously fiddling your fingers as you silently stood inside his well-furnished office. The room was filled with the scent of a man’s perfume and it made your heart beat faster and your body warmer despite the cool air from the AC hitting your skin; you easily get turned on when you smell a pleasant perfume of a man. You then start to get tensed as he ends his phone call and turn his chair around to face you.

“Please sit down, Ms. ___.” he said in a very masculine tone, gesturing a hand towards the sofa in the middle of the room.

“T-thank you, sir.” you stutter as you were starstrucked by his handsome features. You walk cautiously to the sofa and sat like a tamed cat.

“You’re probably wondering why I summoned you here, Ms. ____.” he starts to speak in an eargasmic manner and tries to lock gazes with you. Having read your mind, you look up at him and caught his gaze. Bingo. He smirked as he finally succeeds on luring you to him. You gulped and nod your head, whispering an inaudible “Why, sir?” He rises from his seat and walks his way towards you, eyes still fixed at yours. He sat on the sofa’s arm rest and slightly leans down at you, resting an arm on the sofa’s head rest. Your mind suddenly panics as to what’s going to happen next.

He tugs your hair behind your ear and leans down his face next to your ear. “Don’t restrain yourself, Ms. ____. I know you want me too.” he whispered on your ear, sending electricity to every part of your body. You bit your lip, trying to gain some self-control.

“I watch you on that window every single day. Every move you make makes me want to ravish you and make you scream my name, not caring if everybody in this building hears your screams. I wanna fuck you everytime I see you. I wanna make you mine.” he dirty talked then licks the shell of your ear.

“S-sir~” your voice came out as a half-moan and your boss took that as a signal that you willingly approve.

He comfortably sits down next to you on the sofa and starts to rub your thigh while he closes the gap between your faces.

“Call me Kris.” he breathed as he captures your lips in a tight lip-lock.

You kissed back as you can’t just let this opportunity go to a waste. What sane woman would decline the offer of this sexy beast in front of you? You hesitantly throw your arms around his neck and push him closer, making the kiss deeper. Smirking into the kiss, Kris then harshly bites your lower lip causing it to bleed and making you groan from the slight pain. Kris took the opportunity to enter your mouth using his tongue, exploring your wet cavern. You can feel yourself getting wet down there so you tried to keep your legs closed but Kris’s hands were too quick and stopped you. He settled his hand in between your long silky legs and travelled upwards, towards your already wet core.

“God, I’ve waited so long to touch you like this.” he said after breaking the kiss.

You moaned as a reply to his lusty talks. You throw your head back as his fingers found your clothed pussy and starts to teasingly rub it. He watched you with a satisfied look on his face as you go nuts while he plays with your covered pussy.

“You’re wet already. I guess that means you want me too, right?” he smirked as he adds more pressure on your pussy. You nod while biting your lower lip, afraid that if you speak, you will let out a load moan instead.

He started attacking your jawline up to your collarbone with wet kisses while sucking on it, leaving some visible marks on your milky skin. You were drowned with lust so you didn’t mind going out of his office with purple hickeys on your body. All you wanted right now is to feel good and Kris is doing an impressive job.

This is so wrong but damn it feels so good.

He lays you down the couch as he continues to touch you. He fondles your breast on top of your shirt while his other hand is busy circling your wet pussy. He effortlessly unbuttoned your shirt with one hand. He stared at your laced bra and felt his cock harden at the sight of your underwear. You lift yourself up slightly to remove your shirt completely and throw it somewhere in the room.

“I can see that you came prepared.” he said when he saw that the clasp was at the front and unclasps it, throwing it to the other side of the room.

Kris’s tongue was teasingly licking and sucking your hard nipple while playing the other one with his free hand, making your back arch. What surprised you was when he set aside your underwear to one side and inserted a finger without any difficulties. You groaned in extreme pleasure. I wonder what it would feel like if his dick is inside me instead of his finger.


“Are you a virgin? God, you’re so tight.” he asked and complimented at the same time when he paused pumping his finger into your hole. You shake your head. It has been a year already since you had your last sex thus making your pussy hole tighter this time.

“This just makes things easier, then.” he rises from the sofa and starts to strip in front of you. You just stared at his body as he removes all his clothing, piece per piece. Your eyes travelled from his nicely sculpted abs down to his long erect cock, standing in full attention, with pre-cum dripping from its head. You gulped at the sight and had the sudden urge to play it inside your mouth.

“Like what you see?” he stared down at you as he pumps his member. Without hesitating, you replaced his hand with yours and start to stroke it, increasing the pressure every single time. Kris starts to thrust his hips as he throws his head backwards. Seeing him looking vulnerable at the moment, you took the opportunity to lick the head, tasting the slight saltiness of his pre-cum. He grabs a fistful of your hair and moans as you start sucking the tip of his cock.

“Fuck. Your mouth feels so warm. I wonder what your pussy will feel like.” he sex-talked, making you moan from excitement while your mouth is busy sucking his rock-hard dick. Kris suddenly stops you after minutes of bobbing your head up and down on his member.

“I want you now.” he said as you both looked at each other, eyes screaming with lust.

With that being said, you strip yourself from your pencil skirt, together with your underwear, bending your body and showing your perky ass to Kris. After kicking aside your panty, you looked back at him and his face was absolutely priceless. Not able to hold back anymore, he held you in his arms in a back hug and pushed you towards the sofa, making you kneel on it.

Kris aligns his cock on your wet folds and starts to push his self in. You both moaned as he fills you up to the hilt and you envelop his cock with your warm pussy.

“Ah fuck, you’re so hot.” he whispered in your ear as he starts to thrust slowly in and out of you. Setting your hair on one side, he started giving your shoulder and nape some butterfly kisses as he started pounding into you. On the other hand, you’re holding on for dear life on the sofa’s head rest as you feel every inch of your pussy being rubbed by your boss’ long, fulfilling dick.

“Ah, ah, ah, ahh~” you tried to control your moans but failed to do so. Getting fucked by your boss in his office in broad daylight, with hundreds of employees just outside the room intensified the mood. It made both of you excited that in any moment someone might walk into the room and find that you’re having sex with your boss.

Kris reached out his index and middle finger in front of your face, for you to suck on and help you control your moans. His other hand gropes your breast as he drilled his cock into your pussy, doubling the pleasure you’re feeling. With that, you feel yourself ready to reach your most awaited release so you let him know by clamping on his cock. He growled from the sudden tightness and got the message so he thrusted into you faster and deeper.

“Please come inside me. I wanna feel your warm seed inside me~” you said in shallow breaths.

“But—” he hesitated but you interrupt him.

“I’m on pills. Don’t worry.” you winked at him and smiled.

Without any second thoughts, he went faster and after a few more thrusts, you arched your back as you reach your orgasm.

“Ahhh, Kris!” you silently screamed his name as you reach your euphoric pinnacle.

“Fuck, ____!”

Feeling your pussy walls clenching his cock, he wasn’t able to control his orgasm and released all his seed deep into your womb, burying his head between your neck and shoulder.

You were both a panting mess after coming down from your high. He pulled out from you and you feel yourself fainting from the great fuck you had. As you feel your knees giving up on you, Kris caught you and settled you on the sofa, giving you your clothes back.

You both put on your clothes in silence. As you finish fixing yourself, he broke the silence and spoke.

“Sorry if that was too sudden. You know… the confession and the sex.” he shyly said as he rubs a hand on the back of his neck, not making any eye contact at you. You find his action cute, though.

“It’s okay. I won’t be able to resist you anyway.” you smiled reassuringly to him.

He looked up at you with a hint of glow in his face. “So, um, can I ask you to go to dinner with me tonight?”

“As long as there’s an event at your place after, then why not?” you smirked.

Getting your hint, he smirked back. “Deal.”

A/N: Okay. I have to be honest that I got wet while writing the sex scene. Shit.

150214 SOWK WEIBO UPDATE: Somewhere Only We Know hits 200 MILLION in the box offices. They also broke the 5 year record top selling Chinese film to premire in North America! 

Update!! 200million Yuan approximetly 32Million USDollars!! (Cr: KrisBar)

Translation credits to: Becca 

[TRANS] SOWK Wu Yifan: From Fresh Meat to Elixir

Trans: epikey@tumblr | Source | requested post

Romance film “Somewhere Only We Know”, artistic story, ridiculously long name, also went through a change in schedule, also faced with the force of eight blockbuster movies on the first of the Lunar New Year, yet it still managed to get a good result of 278 million in the box office after 8 days in theatres, setting the example for the whole spring festival schedule, although for a film to sell there are many determinants, but Wu Yifan’s contribution to the film can be seen by everyone, the hot response from the market proves that Wu Yifan isn’t just a “fresh” meat with very good appearance, but also an “elixir” for the box office, the delayed effects are strong.

China’s film market is simple and crude, for example on the first of the Lunar New Year there had been eight films showing and fighting for the box office, but there are only so much wheat, two years ago there was “Journey to the West: Conquering Demons”, last year there was “The Monkey King”, basically only one company will gain the most rewards, yet this year due to the numerous films, there will be certain films that won’t make as much as others, and the first day of the Lunar New Year is what will divide the films, films showing before the first of the Lunar Near Year must reap what they can, included in this is “Somewhere Only We Know” that opened in theatres on February 10th.

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