officer pete malloy

Before I take a shower this Sunday morning, here are some pictures from Season 2, episode 9, “Log 123: Courtroom”. Obviously, they’re in court in this one. Reed spends a lot of time on the witness stand. But, first, let’s look at Reed’s butt as he is sworn in.

There are lots of great shots of Malloy and Reed listening to the proceedings.

Spoiler alert: The judge finds them both guilty of criminal hawtnesss.


Here are some suggestions of how you can celebrate Mr. Milner’s 83rd birthday:

1. Eat an avocado (He had an avocado ranch. Really, look it up.)

2. Wear a loud shirt, like one of these:

3. Or a yellow shirt:

4. Or no shirt (only attempt if you look like Martin Milner in the ‘60’s, please)

5. Don’t let anyone else drive all day.

6. Smirk and roll your eyes at everyone all day!!

Happy Birthday, Marty!