officer oh officer!

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Hawke has made a business of dancing away from death, and who better to owe him a favor, a debt, than the Champion?

Orsino will hoard this coin until the last moment. Hawke’s secret confession will stay with him, silent and safe, until Meredith makes her final play. And then —

Well. He either won’t be alive to worry over betraying this trust, or he’ll be out of reach of anyone in Kirkwall, even the Champion.

It will be worth it, he tells himself for the thousandth time. Anything is worth freedom. And you, Champion, are just one woman.

If there’s one lesson he’s learned here in the Gallows, it’s that lives can be spent cheaper than any coin, and no one is exempt — a fact he’s quite sure Meredith has forgotten. 

I think I have to trash this entire chapter of ALID, but even if I do, this bit will stay. 


*I was going to do jeuin aswell but my mom took my tablet ;^; ill add her when i get time next week (wont be very active because of finals but ill still answer asks )*

Finaly more actor au 🙈 took a while but i like the way it turned out❤❤