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  • “One of my great memories from John is from when we were having some argument. I was disagreeing and we were calling each other names. We let it settle for a second and then he lowered his glasses and he said, ‘It’s only me…’ and then he put his glasses back on again. To me, that was John.” -Paul
  • “We were each other’s intimates.” -Paul, The Beatles: A Biography
  • “Paul and I know each other on a lot of different levels that very few people know about.” -John
  • Q Magazine - 1998 
    Q: “If John Lennon could come back for a day, how would you spend it with him?”
    Paul: “In bed.”
  • “I have had two companions in my life. Paul McCartney and Yoko Ono. That’s not bad” –John
  • Interview of 1975 for Hit parader
    Q: “Yeah, your friends…”
    John: “Yes, all your best friends let you know what’s going on. I was trying to put it ‘round that I was gay, you know– I thought that would throw them off… dancing at all the gay clubs in Los Angeles, flirting with the boys… but it never got off the ground.”
    Q: “I think I’ve only heard that lately about Paul.”
    John: “Oh, I’ve had him, he’s no good.”
  • John talking about when Paul first joined The Quarry Men: “But he was good, he was worth having. He looked like Elvis. I dug him.”
  • “Whatever bad things John said about me, he would also slip his glasses down to the end of his nose and say, ’I love you’. That’s really what I hold on to. That’s what I believe. The rest is showing off.” -Paul
  •  “A song by an old estranged fiancee of mine called Paul” -John speaking of “I Saw Her Standing There”
  • “She (Yoko) recalls hearing people in the Apple office who called McCartney 'John’s Princess.’” -Unknown (Cant find who said this but it was someone who worked at Apple)
  • “One time Paul had a chick in bed and John came in and got a pair of scissors and cut all her clothes into pieces calling her a whore and what not. He got like that occassionaly.”-George
  • “I just saw a girl who said she saw John Lennon walking down the street in New York wearing a button that said, "I love Paul.” she asked him, “Why are you wearing an 'I love Paul’ button?” and he said, “Because I love Paul.”-Harry Nillson
  • “He was always saying, 'I wonder what Paul is doing.’ When John and I were together, and this is about a week or two before our relationship ended, I remember him saying, 'Do you think I should write with Paul again?’ I said, 'Absolutely. You should because you want to. The two of you as solo performers are good, but together you can’t be beaten.” -May Pang
  • “We were recording the other night, and I just wasn’t there. Neither was Paul. We were like two robots going through the motions. We do need each other alot. When we used to get together after a month off, we used to be embarrassed about touching each other. We’d do an elaborate handshake just to hide the embarrassment… or we did mad dances. Then we got to hugging each other.” -John

Im just saying if they aren't your OTP they should at least be your BROTP because hell they loved each other SO fucking much and that is obvious. Even after the break-up of the Beatles when they both were so stubborn and angry with each other they still cared for each other so much. Their friendship is golden and a beautiful, beautiful thing. 

On the morning of 8 August 1969, as photographer Iain Macmillan set up his ladder on Abbey Road and a police officer stopped traffic, Linda McCartney took some “behind the scenes” photographs as the Beatles waiting to cross the street.

Macmillan would take 6 photographs of the band as they walked back and forth across the street. Paul McCartney chose the 5th image for the band’s 11th studio album, which showed the group walking away from the studio where they had spent their last 7 years recording.


On this day in music history: March 12, 1969 - Beatle Paul McCartney marries American photographer Linda Eastman at the Marylebone Register Office in Westminster, London. The ceremony is attended by Linda’s daughter Heather (from her first marriage), Paul’s brother Michael and Beatles roadie Mal Evans who also act as the bridesmaid, best man, and witness respectfully. What was to be a quiet civil ceremony ends up being leaked to the press, and the couple are greeted by cameras and huge crowds of weeping girls when they emerge from the office. The McCartneys have three children (Mary Anna (born August 28, 1969), Stella Nina (born September 13, 1971), and James Louis (born September 12, 1977). Paul and Linda remain happily married for twenty nine years until her death from breast cancer on April 17, 1998.

January 8, 1967 - Maureen with three Beatles at a party Georgie Fame hosted for his fiancee, Carmen Jimenez’;s, 21st birthday. Newly blonde Maureen with Arab Sheik Ringo, Father John Lennon and Confederate army officer Paul McCartney at London.

John, Paul, and Jim McCartney: “—and in the end he chose me.” (a supplemental timeline)

[Paul] liked it with daddy and the brother… and obviously missed his mother. And his dad was the whole thing. Just simple things: he wouldn’t go against his dad and wear drainpipe trousers. And his dad was always trying to get me out of the group behind me back, I found out later. He’d say to George: “Why don’t you get rid of John, he’s just a lot of trouble. Cut your hair nice and wear baggy trousers,” like I was the bad influence because I was the eldest, so I had all the gear first usually.

So Paul was always like that. And I was always saying, “Face up to your dad, tell him to fuck off. He can’t hit you. You can kill him [laughs], he’s an old man.” I used to say, “Don’t take that shit off him.” Because I was always brought up by a woman, so maybe it was different. But I wouldn’t let the old man treat me like that. He treated Paul like a child all the time, cut his hair and telling him what to wear, at seventeen, eighteen.

But Paul would always give in to his dad. His dad told him to get a job, he fucking dropped the group and started working on the fucking lorries, saying, “I need a steady career.” We couldn’t believe it. So I said to him—my Aunt Mimi reminded me of this the other night—he rang up and said he’d got this job and couldn’t come to the group. So I told him on the phone, “Either come or you’re out.” So he had to make a decision between me and his dad then, and in the end he chose me. But it was a long trip.

— John Lennon, interview w/ Peter McCabe and Robert Schonfeld. (September, 1971)

(Note: I originally posted this on Livejournal some months ago, and figured it would be of reasonable interest and relevance here. The circumstances leading up to John’s implicit “Jim or me” ultimatum are as they have been presented in Mark Lewisohn’s The Beatles: All These Years – Tune In (2013), and I have included supplemental quotes from the same. The arguably fannish editorial focus and general contextual embroidery is mine.)

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