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  • Stiles: I never let anyone walk behind me. Seven out of ten attacks are from the rear.
  • Isaac: Okay, well, that still leaves a 30% chance I'll attack you from the front.
  • Stiles: Well, yeah, but it would be easier to stop, because I could just block the blow. And then I'd counter it-
  • Isaac: [slaps him in the face]
  • Stiles:
  • Isaac: [walks away grinning]
Lawful Tease pt.10

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Word count: 3192

Author’s note: I finished this today, woohooo! I really hope you will like this part, I added a little something to it :3

Warnings: the mildest of hints for smut (but doesn’t qualify as NSFW)

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“I want you to wear blue in the court,” Derek says. Before I could ask him about the whys of it, he continues, “It evokes sympathy in the jury towards you. We want them to listen to you more, and judge according to what you say, not Matt.”

I’m seated on the couch in his study, with him pacing the room, telling me what to do and how to behave, what to wear and what to say during the hearing, cluing me in about the system and how it’s going to be held. I’m following his figure with my gaze, craning my neck as he’s commuting in front of me, counting everything to me. Peter arrived a while ago, and I can feel his gaze on me the entire time, however, I refrain from reciprocating it, instead focus all of my nerves on his nephew.

I’m fidgeting in my seat; I’d lie if I said that Peter’s presence isn’t bothering me at all. Especially because I can feel his icy gaze boring in to my skin, burning two holes into it. A shiver runs down my spine.

I try to concentrate on Derek instead, the way he moves, his scent that engulfs me as it envelops me, floating from his oversized sweatshirt I’m wearing, his voice as he’s talking to me, and everything he has to say. The hearing is tomorrow, and Derek had to cancel his lecture.

“I think she’s prepared enough,” Peter chimes in. “If you give any more instructions to her, you could might as well tell her exactly what to say tomorrow. You took responsibility for her, you took her case – now either this way or that, win it.” He stands then, and adjusts his suit on himself after buttoning it closed.

“I know,” Derek says, loosening his tie around his neck with a swift motion. “And I’m going to win the case. I have a plan.”

“For your sake, I hope it’s a good one,” Peter sneers before taking off towards the elevator. I can clearly see as tension seeps out of Derek’s frame as soon as his uncle proceeds to leave. I stay seated on the couch instead of following them, revelling in the feel of the soft texture of Derek’s clothes against my skin, eyes falling closed on their own accord and smile curling up in a soft smile.

“What are you grinning at?” he asks, tone just this side of teasing.

When I lock gazes with him, I can see his eyes, a playful sparkle shining in them as he leans against the door frame with his shoulder, arms crossed over his chest. I giggle, then stand to approach him, his eyes never wavering away from me even for a second, following each of my movements. The closer I get to him, the wider his smile gets, and once I’m directly in front of him, his grin could even put the Cheshire Cat to shame. I reach up to lay my arms over his shoulders, standing on my tiptoes to be able to kiss him.

He willingly ducks his head down to mirror my intentions, arms folding around the small of my back to pull me flush to his body, hot tongue instantly lavishing over my bottom lip to ask for entrance. I opt to deny it from him just to tease him, to which his response is to push me against the wall, hard enough to make my lips part on a soft sigh, and that’s all it takes for him to make me taste him in my mouth.

We still can’t get enough of each other apparently.

After a short while, Derek hoists me up with two palms planted under my thighs and proceeds to carry me to his bedroom, whereas I immediately start to undo his tie and the buttons on his vest and shirt. We fall into bed in no time, undressing each other, garments falling haphazardly on the floor, both of us impatient to feel the other skin on skin.

Afterwards, we’re laying next to each other with me curled into his side and his thumb brushing my skin with undeniable affection, planting a kiss on my forehead from time to time. Derek deliberately stopped marking me on my neck to make sure I’m presentable for the jury and appear as the most innocent flower in the world.

“We need to go to my office today,” Derek murmurs into my temple in a low tone, his hot breath making my entire being shiver warmly. I nod, mumbling an ‘okay’ to him as I prop myself on my elbow, looking down at him with a loving, gentle smile, hand moving to his damp forehead to push his hair away from where it’s stuck to his skin. He reaches up to sweep my hair out of my face, too, broad palm smoothing to cup my cheek, holding my head meekly.

“You’re beautiful,” he says, eyes sparkling with happiness. My cheeks heat up in the wake of his words, but it only makes his smile fonder than before.

“You are, too,” I tell him, ducking down to kiss his chest, revelling in these intimate minutes that are shared between the two of us only. I couldn’t be happier to know that this gorgeous man belongs to me, of all people.

“C’mere,” he says, low voice barely above a whisper as he reels me in for a languid, passionate kiss, his other hand travelling down my back to stroke my waist, indulging me. To return the treatment, I wrap my leg around his and massage his pectoral, making his lips curl up against mine.

“Can’t we just stay in bed the entire day?” I ask, doodling imaginary figures over his ribcage. Derek catches my hand to lift it to his mouth to peck it.

“I promise you to have a day with you that we spend with each other in bed as soon as possible, but for now, let’s just concentrate on the task at hand.”

I giggle as I wiggle my eyebrows at him suggestively, sliding my hand down his abs teasingly, but never quite going too far. “I could think about other things at hand.”

Derek laughs wholeheartedly, the carefree sound of it lifting my spirits and enticing a chuckle from me too. He whispers into my ear playfully, “I have a feeling we should be going before you coax me into another round.”

“Well, we have to take a bath before leaving anyway,” I shrug. “You can never know what happens if the two of us were to go there together.”

“Oh, God, I should be praying to be able to keep up with you,” he says, tone soft and affectionate.

“Thought this was what you wanted,” I say, innocently batting my eyelashes. He rolls his eyes fondly, responding, “It is exactly what I want, just not when I don’t have a day to keep indulging you.”

“I can assure you I want to return it just as much,” I tell him, leaving a quick peck on the tip of his nose before pushing myself off of the bed to head to the bathroom. Derek follows me not soon after, calloused palms covering my hips as he stands behind me under the sprinkling water, leaving a kiss on the side of my neck before beginning to wash my hair.

. o O o .

Derek takes me to the company where he works. He checks in, showing a card to the security, and leads me to the elevator. He has a businesslike facade on to conceal our underlying relationship. He informs me, tone just this side of distant, “I took you here myself because it’s near impossible to get through otherwise.”

When we arrive with a soft ding, he gestures to the left, other hand finding the small of my back momentarily. Following his lead, we approach a spacious office with a table in front of it, a blonde girl typing away on her computer.

“Erica,” Derek greets her. I realise that this is his secretary to whom he was talking through the phone numerous times.

“Hiya Derek,” she grins, her eyes instantly landing on me.

“This is (Y/N),” he informs, and Erica nods, saying, “Isaac told me to expect you to bring her here soon.”

“Don’t let anyone in my office until I open my door,” he instructs, and with that, he opens the glass door for me to let me go in first. It has ‘Derek Hale’ written on it with silver letters, and under that, ‘Senior Partner’.

His office is placed at the corner of the building, hence two of the walls are windows. The carpet is a dark grey colour, there’s a desk standing to the left, made out of wenge wood. A Dell laptop is sitting on its surface, a couple papers placed neatly on the edge. Along the wall to the right, a shelf stretches, covering the entirety of the wall. There are numerous books on it – only some of them related to law – and I notice a couple baseballs, all of them having an autograph on them by famous players. In the middle of the office, there’s a black leather sofa and an armchair, framing a glass coffee table.

Derek ushers me to sit on the couch, whereas he takes the armchair, his back facing the entrance. As he’s sitting down, he doesn’t fail to unbutton his suit, revealing the vest he has underneath.

“To be honest, I had to drag you here to make it seem official. I’m supposed to give you instructions here, but we’ve already gone through my expectations of your behaviour,” he says. I nod, and he commands me to act as though I were in front of the judge and jury now and state my testimony. For the time being, Derek is taking notes.

He has me to repeat it a lot of times in a row, always telling me where I need to change my attitude, my tone or expression. He even tries to mimic what he’s talking about to demonstrate what he wants to see from me, gesturing with his hands, still holding the pen.

Derek is cut off when suddenly the door is pushed open, and we both perk up from our job. An attractive woman entered Derek’s office, and when I glance at Erica, she shrugs to convey to her boss she couldn’t stop her. Derek lifts his gaze at the newcomer.

“What do you want, Christine?” he asks.

“I need you to help me with this,” she replies, approaching Derek, proceeding to hand him the papers that she has clutched to her chest. Derek shakes his head, “I’m busy. Erica must have told you so, too. I have my own cases to work on, and I’m currently busy, as you can see.” This is when her eyes find me for the first time, disdain gleaming in her eyes.

“I just need you for a couple minutes, Mr. Hale,” she pushes, switching to a pleading tone. “My office is near yours, it would take no more than five minutes.” She smooths her hand on Derek’s shoulder, but I can tell he wants to jerk away from her touch. It makes me nauseas to see her all over him, looking at him as though she wanted to devour him with her bare sight, like Derek was a piece of meat or a prize she can win over.

I’m this close to shoving her hands away and show her that this astonishing man in the office belongs to me, but I cannot do that – not yet.

Thankfully, Derek has it under control. “I’ll have Erica give you a call once I’m free again. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a lot to talk about with my client for tomorrow’s hearing.”

Christine looks at me, barely disguising her disapproval of me, before spinning around to leave finally. As soon as the glass door is closed and we’re alone, Derek immediately proceeds to apologise, “I’m sorry about her. She’s stubborn when it comes to something she wants.”

“Clearly,” I say. When I lift my eyes up from the coffee table in front of us, Derek mouths to me, promising sweetly, ‘I’m making it up to you.’

I shake my head dismissively, telling him without words, ‘It’s not necessary’. A faint gleam of worry sparkles in his mossy eyes, so I send a reassuring smile to him, which seemingly helps him settle. We fall back into our work then, to finish preparing me for tomorrow.

I have been marathoning Star Trek recently and this fell out.

“Sir,” Lieutenant Yukimura said hesitantly, “I don’t mean to question your authority, of course, but are you positive this is our only option? Because it seems too easy. Almost like-“

“A trap,” Captain McCall and Chief Engineer Stilinski finished for her.

“Yes, we figured, but it’s nice to have a second opinion,” the captain continued, flashing Yukimura a distracted smile. “Thank you for your input, Lieutenant.” Turning towards Stiles, he said, “Mr. Stilinski, you and I will beam down to the surface with Doctor Martin to begin our search. Mr. Lahey, please continue to scan the planet for any signs of our missing officer.”

“Aye, sir,” Lahey nodded as Stiles shook his head. “No. Absolutely not.”

Scott flashed him an amused, if slightly tired, smile. The U.S.S. Horatio had been orbiting the hostile planet for going on 72 hours at this point, and Science Officer Hale had been missing for almost that entire time. Scott had tried everything except physically beaming down to the planet itself to take a look. The message, join us and your wolf man, written in the side of a sand dune by one of the planet’s inhabitants almost immediately after he had decided to take an away team down to the surface had seemed like confirmation enough that his decision was the right one. Sure, it was probably a trap, but he and Lieutenant Hale were both quite strong, and all of them were clever in their own ways. The four of them have made a formidable team in the past. Scott was completely confident they could fight their way out of anything thrown their way.

“No,” Stiles said again. “This is not amusing, Scotty. It’s too dangerous for the captain to attend a rescue mission in the first place, let alone one where we know so little. I mean, we don’t even know where they’re keeping him. I think we should just cut our losses. He’s the one who let himself be captured, after all. He’s clearly a liability. And frankly not even that good-”

“Lieutenant Argent,” McCall cut him off.

“Yes, sir?” Argent asked, swiveling her chair to face him.

“In the event that our landing party does not survive, please plot a course to the nearest starbase and notify Starfleet immediately. Just make sure you leave out the part about the reckless rescue mission.”

“Aye, sir,” Argent said, clearly amused.

“Neither of you take danger seriously enough,” Stiles grumbled.

“McCall out. Argent, you have the helm. Stiles, to the transporter room?”

Stiles sighed. “Aye, captain.”

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  • Scott: I'm not apologizing to anyone. Peter owes ME an apology.
  • Peter: For trying to find happiness in the arms of a lover?
  • Scott: Don't call my mother your lover!
  • Isaac: Yes! That's what I'm talking about.
  • Cora: That is not okay dude.
  • Peter: Okay, in my defense...
  • Allison: Disgusting.
  • Derek: That's messed up man.
  • Scott: Yes. Thank you. Welcome to my personal hell!
  • Stiles: You have no sense of boundaries, Peter.