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The US trailer for The Void is here, and it was worth the wait, as it shows glimpses of lots of gooey practical effects. The sci-fi horror film will be released in select theaters and on VOD on April 7 via Screen Media Films.

The Void is written and directed by Jeremy Gillespie and Steven Kostanski of Astron-6 (Father’s Day) and stars Aaron Poole, Daniel Fathers, Kathleen Munroe, Ellen Wong, Art Hindle, and Kenneth Welsh.

When police officer Carter discovers a blood-soaked man limping down a deserted road, he rushes him to a local hospital with a bare bones, night shift staff. As cloaked, cult-like figures surround the building, the patients and staff inside start to turn ravenously insane. Trying to protect the survivors, Carter leads them into the depths of the hospital where they discover a gateway to immense evil.

I realise this is a travesty but if I may propose this scenario for your consideration: angie faced with s2!peggy

can you imagine the amount of “what the fuck,english” that would occur

peggy: *is ooc* angie: *looks into the camera like she’s on the office*

President Carter had gone on a solo fishing expedition in his hometown of Plains, Georgia. According to Carter a rabbit being chased by hounds “jumped in the water and swam toward my boat. When he got almost there, I splashed some water with a paddle.”[1]

Upon returning to his office, Carter’s staff did not believe his story, insisting that rabbits could not swim, or that they would never approach a person threateningly.[2] However, the incident was captured on footage taken by a White House photographer.[3]

the office au
  • the company’s called thornhill industries. they sell security software
  • harold’s the ceo
  • root’s his assistant
  • harper’s the office secretary
  • carter and elias: human resources
  • zoe, anthony, cal beecher: PR
  • john, fusco, leon, shaw: sales
  • jason greenfield, daizo, daniel casey: IT
  • dani gets brought in as the new intern
  • everyone sees the tension between root and shaw. they know it’s only a matter of time
  • root’s always flirting, shaw’s always rolling her eyes
  • it would’ve happened years ago only they’re both too stubborn to be the first to make a move
  • they’re also both idiot losers who don’t think the other is really interested
  • there’s an office-wide betting pool
  • the will-they-wont-they has been going on for years, so the pool just gets bigger and bigger
  • everyone tries to get them super drunk at the holiday parties in hopes that one of them will finally make a move
  • so far, no luck
  • leon’s the one dumbass who thinks it’ll never happen. the poor fool
  • he and shaw have a particularly intense rivalry, so he doesn’t think shaw is capable of soft human emotion
  • finch also bets against them. he knows root too well, and thinks they’ll just dance circles around each other endlessly
  • anyways, the shaw/leon rivalry is intense
  • no one remembers how it started, but their desks are right across from each other and they love to give each other a hard time
  • LOVE it
  • sometimes their coworkers get caught in the crossfire
  • fusco once opened shaw’s desk drawer to borrow a pen while she was in the other room and ended up getting glitter bombed
  • it’s been three years and he still finds glitter on all his clothes
  • cal once accidentally grabbed leon’s lunch out of the staff room fridge instead of his own. by the time he realized someone had added a layer of glue to the pb&j it was already too late
  • harper gives dani the tour on her first day, introduces her to everyone, shows her around the building
  • dani very quickly develops a crush on root
  • who can blame her? root’s a shameless flirt
  • poor dani isn’t very good at hiding her feelings—she gets flustered too easily around pretty girls—so root knows Immediately
  • she starts lingering by dani’s desk. calling her into her office to help with menial tasks
  • asking her to stay late for this and that
  • dani’s so far gone. shaw’s pissed
  • “give the kid a break, root. you’re torturing her”
  • “do i detect a hint of jealousy, sameen?”
  • shaw scoffs. “that’s contempt. you’re stringing this poor kid along, letting her think she’s got a chance—“
  • “who says she doesn’t?” root challenges
  • she really does think dani’s cute. she likes her. the similarities to shaw are undeniable, but root becomes fond of her on her own
  • they go on a few dates
  • everyone thinks it’s very cute
  • well. not shaw
  • shaw takes to sharpening knives at her desk
  • “im just looking out for the damn kid, john,” shaw huffs
  •  one day dani comes bouncing into the office with a dopey grin after her lunch break and everyone knows she just got smooched
  • shaw leaves early that day
  • root breaks it off, after a few months. she tells dani she’s wonderful, but she’s hung up on someone else. dani lets out a huge sigh of relief
  • “oh thank god. i didn’t know how to tell you, but i think im in love with harper”
  • root sets them up
  • they’re the cutest couple in the office. the gaybies
  • everyone ships them
  • sends them fruit baskets. honorary toasters. they haven’t even moved in together yet
  • they get a dog together after a couple years and elias thows a baby shower
  • the day that word of the breakup gets around, shaw gets a memo from root asking her to stop by her office before she leaves for the night
  • shaw makes her wait all day
  • finally stops by like 30 minutes after everyone else has gone home just so root has to wait
  • doesn’t even knock on the door, just walks right in
  • “root”
  • “sameen”
  • they stare at each other for a moment. shaw waves her hand impatiently
  • “did you have something or were you just gonna waste my time?”
  • root glances at her watch “actually, we’re right on time. grab your coat”
  • “on time? for what?”
  • “we’re getting dinner, shaw. a date. im told that’s ‘what two oblivious idiots do to work through their shit’”
  • “……..carter?”
  • “carter. backed up by, apparently, all of our coworkers. they signed a petition”
  • the IT boys make bank the next day. after five years the betting pool has really added up
Conversations In Bed 17/?

Cat’s mind hovered in euphoria. It was that perfect moment of weightlessness after a shot of endorphins hits the bloodstream. Her eyes were closed and she kept seeing flashes of blond hair and deep blue.

As she took in deep gulps of air, Cat began reconnecting with the world. Her limbs felt heavy. After all, this was her third shot of endorphins. Slowly, her heart rate came down and her breathing evened. Her skin registered the soft breeze from the ocean sweeping through the open air cabin on the beach. The sound of the waves came back to her, and thin layer of sweat that covered her whole body caught the air. The cooling sensation felt wonderful. Cat had never been so sated in all her life.

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Angie and Peggy were resting after a rough day of work, and ended up falling asleep, exhausted.


I had a Blacklist and Once Upon a Time crossover dream last night....

… in which apparently Glen Carter is originally responsible for the Curse to End All Curses. Who knew?


Happy International Women’s Day!

You think women are weak? Women are forged of iron. My body, it has bled and blazed and broken, and yet it beats on. I am iron. A little rusted, perhaps, but still I endure

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