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Could you please write "Angel/Human - Please stop kicking at the gates of heaven you’re dead and that’s that." for AoKaga? Pretty please with sprinkles on top?

Ohoho. I certainly did not expect someone to request AoKa from me ever again.

I tried. You don’t even have to guess who’s the angel. Because who’s a better angel than our baby tiger fluffy ball of sunshine? Oh gosh, I miss him.

Aomine opened his eyes and with a strangled yell grasped at the front of his shirt, squeezing the fabric in his trembling fingers. Patting frantically his chest, he sighed with relief when he realized that there actually was no bullet wound nastily bleeding. It was just a nightmare, he kept musing over and over trying to calm his hammering heart.

Blinking rapidly, he tried to focus and took in his surroundings. The sunset was so beautiful and the sun, the clouds were so enormous, like he was somewhere up in the skies-

Wait a second. The fluffy thing he sat on. White and soft, and so easy to grasp and rip off? He took a handful of the white mess and squeezed. What the hell.

He stood up and took a better look around. There were no other things in his field of view besides more clouds and a big, fancy golden gate. Instinctively, he thought that must be the exit out of whatever place he was in.

The nearer he got to the gate the more grand it became. He was kind of lost and doubted he will be able to open the thing due to its size. However, Aomine Daiki was no loser. He had at least to try.

Grasping at the gate, he pushed it with all his might, but it didn’t move even for a millimeter. If pushing doesn’t work, then how about pulling? He pulled at the gate, putting into it every drop of strength. The gate didn’t open. It felt like he was being mocked, and Aomine Daiki was never mocked by anyone or anything.

“Fuck you.“ He spat and kicked at the gate as hard as he could. “Let me out, piece of golden crap.“ He cursed while continuing to kick at it. “I’ve got to arrest those assholes and write my report, I don’t have the whole fucking day-!“

“Hey, you!“ Aomine heard a voice and turned around. “Up there.“ It said and he looked up into a pair of crimson eyes. “What do you think you are doing?“ The man asked, a deep scowl on his handsome face.

Aomine gulped. The dude was sitting on the same “piece of golden crap“ he’d been trying to open for the last five minutes. And… were those wings by any chance? Aomine shook his head. He had no intention, and more importantly - no time to deal with some guy cosplaying angels.

“What, what.“ Aomine grumbled under his breath, giving the gate another kick “Trying to open this shit and get out.“

The redhead’s eyes widened and he burst out into a wild laughter, clutching at his sides. It was dangerous - the way his body shook - and Aomine didn’t want to deal with some dead guy cosplaying angels.

“Hey, you, watch out-“ He tried to warn, but the dude jumped off the gate and Aomine’s breath stopped.

There was a childish grin on that face as the guy fucking descended and didn’t fall face first onto, whatever was under Aomine’s feet.

The wings majestically flapped behind the handsome redhead as that came face to face with a gaping Aomine.

“W-who are- how the heck-“ Aomine babbled helplessly. He was still sleeping, wasn’t he?

“Kagami.“ The redhead said and smiled toothily at him. “Angels are supposed to fly, aren’t they?” He added, helping the shocked human to close his gaping mouth.

“Angel…“ Aomine repeated and raised an eyebrow “Seriously?“

“Yes,“ Kagami said patiently “and I’m sorry to tell you this, but you’re dead and positively in heaven now.“

Aomine groaned, rubbing at his temples. There’s no way this was happening to him, right? Right?

Fuck Wakamatsu and his shitty cover. He let Aomine fucking die and now, he was trapped in this place with fluffy clouds, beautiful skies and this annoyingly handsome dude?

In fact…

Thank you, Wakamatsu. And now, write the fucking report alone, because Aomine’s gonna have a good rest in a good company.

  • Officer Yamazami: So you are saying all those people disappeared because an alien spaceship flew over the building and abducted everyone?
  • Oikawa: Yup.
  • Officer Matsuoka: And you didn't disappear because you were tied to the bed during an S&M session, so you were restrained until the spaceship flew away.
  • Oikawa: Exactly.
  • Officer Aomine: How did you manage to free yourself then?
  • Oikawa: Do you really want to know all the details?

Prompt: “ My kid hit you in the back of your head with their toy and blamed it on me“

Aomine’s car was at repair so he had to take the bus. He didn’t mind public transport or something, and it would be totally fine if he was here by himself, but having a four years old kid, who wouldn’t shut up for a damn second and wriggling non-stop on his lap, made this bus ride hellish. Don’t get him wrong, he loved Hikari more than anything in the whole world. She was his princess and his queen. Her smile was like sunshine itself and her name suited this little angel with those chubby rosy cheeks.

He sighed and smiled at his daughter, fixing her back in his lap so she won’t fall. Hikari was busy playing and talking to her doll as her father gently stroked her head. He didn’t quite get what the hell made her shriek and jump in his lap so high, but the next thing he saw was that her doll was sent flying into someone’s head across the bus.

‘Damn, princess, you’re gonna rock at three pointers.’ Aomine thought while Hikari started giggling. ‘Oh, right. Fuck.’

The person turned around and a pair of ruby, annoyed eyes looked at them. The guy was kind of scary, but Hikari didn’t even flinch. The redhead lifted up the doll and his features visibly softened as he walked up to their seat. He smiled wide at Hikari, handing the doll to the little girl who stared at him with curiosity. It felt kind of awkward, as usually, kids would start crying or run away when they saw him.

“Here, little princess.” the guy said still smiling.

Aomine’s mind went blank. This guy was hot as hell, his voice was thousand percent illegal and did he call Hikari “princess”?

“Umm,” the girl fidgeted while taking the doll “thank you, mister!” she smiled at him, blushing.

What the hell? Why was his tomboyish Hikari blushing like a maiden here???

“Papa, you should be more careful with your belongings.” Hikari said and placed the doll, her fucking doll, on Aomine’s lap, pretending it wasn’t hers.

What the heck. Little-!

Aomine turned different shades of red per every passing second and looked hesitantly at the hot stranger. The redhead seemed to be so freaking amused, he barely could contain his laughter. He was giggling. Bastard.

Aomine huffed, clearly annoyed, a pout forming on his lips as he looked away. This was the last drop apparently. The redhead barked a laugh and it sounded so beautiful for Aomine and Hikari’s ears, that his lips quirked up involuntarily and the girl started giggling too.

The redhead leaned at Hikari and whispered, but Aomine was able to hear him anyway “I like the way you think, miss.” he winked and Aomine almost had a heart attack “So, your dad plays with dolls?”

“Yeah!” Hikari beamed “Papa plays with handcuffs too, at his work!”

Aomine visibly paled ‘What the fuck, princess? Now he’s gonna think I work at a sex shop or hell knows where!’

The redhead whistled and looked in his navy eyes “Handcuffs, you say? Hmm.” His eyes narrowed and did he just smirk? ‘Oh fuck, why are you so sexy and the hell is wrong with your eyebrows, hottie?’

Aomine swallowed his tongue probably as he couldn’t get a single word out of his throat. But who needs to talk when you have this little chubby broken TV set which didn’t shut up as many times as you try to make it to?

“And batons! And…and… and guns!” Hikari said, her eyes shining.

“Ohohoho. That’s great, princess. Your dad must be cool.” the redhead said and smiled up at Aomine, making him blush more.

“Yeah, he is! I love papa!” Hikari beamed and hugged her father’s waist. Aomine felt his insides being crushed.

“Now, now, princess. Let your papa breathe.” Aomine finally found his voice and why the redhead looked at him like he was some delicious dish? Did he just lick his lips? Did he?

“Sorry, man,” Aomine said while ruffling Hikari’s blue hair “for the doll thrown at your head, I mean.”

“Nah, it’s okay.” the hot stranger smiled sheepishly at him “Besides, I got here some interesting information about you , – “

Aomine groaned internally. He wasn’t a worker at a sex shop, alright? He wasn’t into BDSM either – okay, maybe a tiny tiny bit.

“ – officer Aomine.” the redhead finished his sentence and Aomine narrowed his eyes dangerously at him while holding Hikari closer to his chest. The girl looked up at him with curiosity.

“Who are you?” Aomine growled. They were in a bus, so maybe the guy wasn’t that crazy to pull something out right here, but who really knows.

The redhead laughed again and it was kind of creepy for Aomine “Don’t worry, mother-hen. I’m an agent.” Then the man went rummaging through his pockets and slowly took out a badge. “Look there, FBI.”

Aomine squinted at it and let out a sigh “Kagami, you sounded like a creep, seriously.”

Kagami blinked and smirked smugly “Oh, did I?”

“Creepy tiger! Creepy tiger!” Hikari laughed, pointing at the redhead.

Kagami blinked again, surprised “Oh, you can read English, princess?”

“Yup! Papa taught me!”

“Such an awesome dad you have there.” Kagami looked directly in his eyes when he said it and Aomine gulped.

Hikari giggled and hugged her dad again, totally oblivious to the rising tension between the two men.

Aomine cleared his throat and asked “Anyway, agent Kagami, how can I help you? It must be something important if you followed me here.”

“I wasn’t exactly following you, ” Kagami corrected “but, yeah, it’s important.”

Aomine prepared himself for whatever blow Kagami could send his way. Was it something about their new case?

Kagami scratched the back of his neck awkwardly, looking away. Aomine grew suspicious.

“I’ve been dying to ask this hot police officer from our last crime scene out for a dinner or something…”

Aomine frowned. What the hell, dude? Who cares about what you’ve wanted to do?

Oh. Oh shit. Is he talking about Aomine by any chance?

Probably yes.

Fucking hell.

“So, what the police officer thinks about it?” Kagami looked at him, serious like a statue. The hell happened to his eyebrows anyway? And why was Aomine thinking about those at the moment? Oh gods. It’s happening! Get your head out of your ass, Aomine!

“Uh, y-yeah, su-” Aomine stuttered.

“Sure thing he goes!” Hikari answered for him and slapped her dad’s thigh “But tiger pays! And Hikari wants a big portion of fries!” the little angel grinned leaving both men stunned.

Request List

Whats up everyone! I want to say thank you to everyone who sent in requests. Rest assured that I will start working on them ASAP. 

I figured I would post a list of the requests I have gotten (just the characters and whether they are senarios or headcanons and just a bit of information on them. The order I’m posting them in this post is not the order I’m actually working on them. 

So lets get started


  • GoM (-Kuroko, + Kagami) 
  • GoM +Kuroko 
  • Hanamiya, Midorima, Miyaji and Imayoshi 
  • GoM + Kuroko (feat. Markiplier)
  • Gom(-Kuroko, +Hanamiya) 
  • GoM - Kuroko
  • Takao, Izuki, Kasamatsu, Kise, Hanamiya, AOmine Kuroko and Kagami x Reader (different scenarios)


  • Himuro x Reader (featuring Kagami)
  • Hanamiya x Reader
  • Officer Aomine x Fem. Reader
  • Kiyoshi x Reader
  • Kasamatsu x Reader x Kise (*wink*not what it seems *smirks*)
  • Yosen x Reader
  • Kiyoshi x Reader (Featuring Aomine and Midorima)
  • Kasamatsu x Reader (thank you @ourneverendingpossibilities      )
  • Kasamatsu, Hanamiya and Kise x Reader (different mini scenarios)

So there you have it. Expect these requests 

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Can I please have GoM and Kagami at work when their s/o comes and adorably embarrasses them in front of their coworkers? ( your blog is so cute!~ you are so cute, I hope you continue!~ <3)

oh im so down for this scenario and thank you so much omg cute wow <3 i’ll use the alternative job choices thing except for Akashi he’s total businessman material

AKASHI: Hearing the soft knock on the door, he told whomever it was to come in. It wasn’t as if he didn’t have enough work to do already. He growled at the copious amount of paperwork piled on the table. However, when he looked up to see you cutely entering with a boxed lunch, he instantly smiled. He forgot about the stress he had and welcome you with open arms.

The two of you had a mini picnic on the floor of Akashi’s office and just as you were leaving, he noticed that some of his coworkers and employees were hovering around his office door. They had been spying. They would gasp seeing the smile on Akashi’s face. Someone had melted the emperor’s heart. “Alright, back to work.” He snapped at everyone, shutting the office door and smiling to himself happily.

AOMINE sexy police hubz: “Wow,” you said as your wide eyes scanned his whole office. Aomine sat there in his uniform, looking dashing as always. He somehow looked even hotter with his police uniform on. He raised an eyebrow, wondering what you were doing there. “Though I’d drop by to give you the spare clothes you forgot to bring.” You lifted up a bag onto the table and grinned.

Seeing Aomine looking slightly more relaxed, his partner laughed at him. “Look who’s whipped.” Aomine glared at the guy before slamming his door closed and prowling over to you with a hungry expression. He smirked and lifted you up onto his big desk, promising you a hell of a good time. Looks like you were going to miss lunch after all.

KAGAMI: He had just gotten back from a fire downtown and he hung up his uniform, exhausted beyond belief. However, he was instantly revitalized when he saw you standing there. “______-chan, what are you doing here?” He asked, blinking adorably at you. You smiled and held up the meal you had prepared for him.

His teammates started cheering for him and, laughing, patting him on the back. He blushed crazily, turning absolutely red before he ushered you out just so the other guys wouldn’t harass you. He thanked you and spent his lunchtime with you, telling you about his day.

KISE: After a successful landing, Kise dragged his luggage out the arrival gates with his coworkers in tow. His copilot was telling him something about the weather conditions in Hokkaido when the sudden weight that attacked him shocked him. You giggled, wrapping your legs around his waist and arms around his neck, planting a sweet kiss on his lips. “Welcome back,” you grinned.

His coworkers cheered at this and even some of the passengers. He blushed lightly and you thought that it wasn’t even possible. He smiled back at you and kissed you back, stroking your back as he let go of his bag. “Thank you,” he said then brought you out of the airport and into your shared home.

KUROKO: He ushered the children into their respective classrooms and sighed, heading back to the teacher’s lounge. He greeted some of his fellow teachers with smiles and was pleasantly surprised to see you there. You’d think he would be embarrassed when you hugged him and gave him a snack. Instead, he would embarrass you by telling you how much he appreciated this and even ducked his head to plant a kiss on your lips.

“Tetsu,” you whispered with pink cheeks and pushed him away lightly. He smiled victoriously as his eyes twinkled devilishly, obviously pleased with himself that he managed to make you blush in front of his coworkers.

MIDORIMA: Midorima was casually having coffee with another doctor and some nurses when you arrived. He always maintained a professional persona during work hours and refused to let anything interfere with his cool, calm image. But when you arrived to kiss him on the cheek and remind him to buy groceries on the way back, he was instantly flustered.

His coworkers laughed and patted his back, not out of mockery, but teasing him because they never saw him in that state. He would stammer out some replies to you before moving you out of the hospital again. His friends wouldn’t let him live that moment down.

MURASAKIBARA: He licked the remains of the frosting on his fingers before heading out to place the cake in the display case. When he saw you there with a huge grin on your face, he blinked several times. He wouldn’t be bothered in the least to have you hovering around all the cakes and asking plenty of questions about them.

His coworkers teased him for having such an adorable partner and he would just smile, nodding in agreement. He might even end up giving you backstage tour of his kitchen where he creates his masterpieces.

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in which officer aomine works in a small island so kise, who works as a model in Tokyo come visit aomine sometimes. but kise is the one who is very close to everyone and all grandmas and grandpas loves him. everyone know about their rship and ship them lmao

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Good luck with the blog! Would love some breakup sex w/ Aomine and his gf (they love each other but can't make it work)! Angst please haha ❤️️❤️️❤️️

I may or may not have changed a few of the details but I hope that you like it either way! Since I’m usually used to writing smut this is new to me, despite the fact that angst is one of my favorite things to read. Thanks for the support!

The lights were dimmed, the sweet aroma of rose petals mixed with the smell of sex wafted through the air of the bedroom. Deep, royal blue eyes met beautiful and almost invisibly tearful [Eye Color] eyes. You kept your emotions bottled up as he thrusted into you, he was another thrust closer to bringing you to your climax, but that’s not what you wanted, you wanted to make love, to lay with him knowing he loved you as dearly and sincerely as you did, but sadly that wasn’t the case. He mistakes your barely teary eyes as a sign him pleasuring you to the brink of tears, but boy was he wrong. Your moans and small screams of undefinable euphoria tricked him into thinking that this was just sex, nothing too special.

Your nails dug into his back as you let out one last loud drawn out moan of pleasure, he smirked as he saw your back arch and your eyes roll back from the intensity of your orgasm. Despite the fact that he had indeed fallen out of love with you, he was still a man with needs to be fulfilled.

Several minutes after your share of pleasure, the dark skinned male buried his seed inside of the rubber wrapper that was preventing an unwanted pregnancy. He kissed your forehead, his wrapped length being deserted from the depths of your tight, wet entrance. Disposing of the used condom, Aomine rolled over to side of the bed. He mumbled a ‘night’. He would’ve gone for more rounds if work hadn’t drained his energy. “Night…”

You closed your eyes in hopes of falling into a blissful and dreamless sleep but to no avail your body and mind wouldn’t let you, not with that pounding in your chest of discontent, depression and sadness. He had officially called off the relationship today but didn’t let you escape from his grip until he got what he wanted. You being far too in love with the male thought that maybe one more passionately lustful night would help you, but it did the opposite. He may have been a bit too rough, he may have not whispered ‘I love you’, he may not have done this out of love but it’s still a moment with him that you treasured.

You fell too deep and now you can’t get out of this internal inferno. You knew from the start that this man wasn’t one for serious relationships or even trying to keep his partner but you didn’t want to miss the chance of being with the man you loved.

A single tear ran down your warm, [Skin Color] cheek. Why did this have to happen so suddenly, why today, why did this ever have to happen? You knew that this would happen, but you didn’t want to face the facts. Turning over and seeing his peaceful state, you could clearly tell that he was in a deep sleep despite it only being a few minutes since the rough love making between you two, well, it wouldn’t be called love anymore since only one of you two didn’t share those feelings of eternal happiness and pure bliss when they saw or thought of each other.

You took a deep breath and got out of the bed, you knew if you stayed any longer that your state would worsen. You needed to leave as soon as possible, to anywhere that wasn’t here, somewhere you could just rethink the whole situation in peace and not have to be reminded of this night’s actions.

Putting on loose t-shirt, clean panties, sweatpants and shoes, you grabbed the things you owned and packed it all up in a duffel bag, you were going back home. Despite the fact that you two had been in relationship for a little over a year now, you two decided to not live together as it would affect your work schedules.

When you opened the door of the house, you looked back only to have a wave of countless memories run through your mind. Your destination was home but that wasn’t the case, you weren’t alone in these streets.

A few weeks later after your last night with your ex-lover, your presence vanished from the people who knew you, except for one person who thought that you were either avoiding him or too busy to give a damn. Things at the station were all fine until one one the detectives from Miyagi came. The female had startled the midnight blue haired police officer, “Hey! Aomine! We have a missing person’s case!” The dark skinned ex-basketball player loved these types of cases as he actually got to do something interesting. Once he was handed the file of the missing person report, he opened the folder only for his expression of happiness to drop. The missing person was [Full Name], he could’ve been deceived that it was someone with your same name until he saw picture of you smiling paper clipped into the file.

-Admin Lemon

[This idea was a lot better in my head. Just a quick reminder that the requests will be open sometime this weekend or in the beginning of next week.]

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Oh.. Yaay the ask box is open! Can you write something about police officer aomine and firefighter kagami? Like Idk there first meeting and then they become good friends, evolve into lovers. Once there was a huge fire that resulted in kagami getting injured and aomine freaks out and all.

I wrote it as a sequel to this one, in which they meet. This one is fluffy but also slightly serious.

Aomine drove to the scene with his police lights on, parking the car and stumbling out in a hurry. The air was hot and dry, and he scrunched his nose against the acrid smell of smoke that permeated the air. The apartment block was a mess, charred black and crumbling. Water pooled around the streets in a dirty dripping mess and ambulances and firetrucks crammed every available space.

This was the call Kagami had gotten two hours ago.

“Hey,” Aomine snagged the first man in bright yellow he saw. “Where’s Kagami Taiga? He’s one of you guys.”

The man’s bushy eyebrows drew together. “Who are you?”

“I’m his…” Aomine hesitated. “Roommate.”

The man’s eyes widened. “You must be Aomine. Kagami’s always talking about you.” He frowned slightly. “Kagami…he was hurt. A part of the ceiling fell on him, so they took him to the hospital. I’m surprised they didn’t inform you.”

Aomine’s mouth ran dry. “W-what? Where?”

“Tokyo General Hospital, it’s-”

Aomine heard the name and made a run for his car. It was hard to breathe, but not because of the lingering smoke in the air.


“Police. I need to see Kagami Taiga, now!” Aomine snapped at the receptionist.

She jumped in shock, typing away at her keyboard in a hurry. “Room 3302, level three. Please don’t run-”

Aomine couldn’t care less. He ran for it.


The door slammed open and he stumbled through, breathing heavily. His eyes landed on the redhead lying asleep in bed, his arm clearly in a cast. Aomine stepped forwards but was stopped by a hand on his shoulder. He whirled around to see familiar emerald eyes assessing him coolly.

“Did you use your badge to get in?” Midorima huffed.

“How is he?” Aomine whispered, swallowing.

Midorima gestured to the chair and Aomine sat in it, bringing it closer to Kagami’s bed so he could gently hold the hand that wasn’t in the cast.

“He’s fine, but I’ve put him on some pain medication. Just a broken collarbone from the weight of the beam. It hit his shoulder, completely missing his spine, head and neck.” Midorima sighed. “It could have been a lot worse.”

Aomine closed his eyes, bringing the hand to his face and caressing it with his lips. “I know.”


Aomine looked up to see Kagami’s eyes fluttering open, and he sagged with relief when he saw those red irises, tired but full of life.

“I’ll leave you two alone. Let me know when you’re done, so I can discharge him. Don’t take too long,” Midorima nodded stiffly and stepped out.

“Oh god, Kagami,” Aomine squeezed his hand. “You had me scared shitless.”

Kagami felt Aomine’s hand shaking, and he squeezed back. “Aomine, look at me.” Aomine did, feeling his eyes burning with unshed tears. Kagami smiled at him, bringing his fingers to his lips and kissing them gently. “I’m okay.”

Aomine nodded, then laughed. “It must hurt like a bitch.”

“It will, once these drugs wear off,” Kagami pulled a face. “Aomine…”


“I love you, you know that, right?”

Aomine looked down. “Yeah. I love you too. But please don’t make it sound like you’re dying.”

“I’m not dying,” Kagami tugged his hand. “But my job…our jobs are dangerous. Aomine, this isn’t the first time nor is it going to be the last time I get hurt. It’s an occupational hazard.”

Aomine scowled. “I know, and I know you try not to, but that doesn’t make it easier for me.”

“And every day you go to work with your badge and gun, every time I hear about some shooting in the news, what do you think I feel?” Kagami murmured. “But we do it because we care about our city, and its people. So I want to spend the time we have together happily.”

Aomine grinned, despite feeling the heavy truth behind the words. “Same. But as long as you’re with me, I’m not planning on dying anytime soon.” He leaned forwards and pecked Kagami on the lips, feeling his boyfriend smile.

“Me neither. Now can you please tell Midorima to give me some morphine? This shit hurts.”

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What kind of costumes would gom+kagami, imayoshi, hanamiya, mitobe and koganei wear to a costume party? :D

aw cute!

KUROKO: The classic ghost-sheet because he’s lame

KAGAMI: Superhero or Werewolf

KISE: Prince or Grand Vampire

MIDORIMA: Mage/Wizard

AOMINE: Police Officer

MURASAKIBARA: Mummy (he used waaaay more than one roll)

AKASHI: Himself

KOGANEI & MITOBE: They’d team up and do a Batman&Robin duo (Mitobe as Batman, Koga as Robin)

IMAYOSHI: Some kind of scary, gruesome monster

HANAMIYA: Some famous killer like Jason or Michael Myers 


{ hella weather with a hella man }
   → for aominelainey for your hella ideas you cutie

AU: Summer, Water Park
Pairing: Aomine x Reader
Genre: Fluff, Humor
Words: 1425
A/N: I got carried away with my second hubz, but enjoy!

The things you would do for some extra cash for a new fall wardrobe. At this moment, even wearing your ratty and torn old t-shirts sounds just fine. You huffed as you once again faced your unbelievably lazy ass, but also undeniably hot, boss. Dear God. “Aomine, couldn’t you at least help some of us with cleaning the kiddy pool? It’s a tiny thing.”

He didn’t even glance up from his magazine when he yawned, “Nah, I’m good here. It’s a managerial perk, babe.” His eyes flicked upwards for a second when he didn’t hear the sound of the door closing. “Heh, you’re pretty cute.”

Rolling your eyes, you marched out of there. You knew what a ridiculous flirt Aomine could be and was not about to get involved in his bullshit. Sure he was hot and all — okay maybe he wasn’t just hot, he was smoking, boiling super goddamn hot — but he was still a lazy-ass jerk. He never did anything during the day and refused to help any of you. Hence, along with your coworker, you scrubbed that kiddy pool squeaky clean.

You hated the water to be honest. You’ve always been afraid of it. Maybe it was due to the fact that your mom had forced you to swim when you were younger, when your legs barely had any length, which caused you to drown. Now, just the thought of going into a filled swimming pool scared the hell out of you. So God knows why you decided to work at a freaking water park with a freaking boss who wouldn’t do shit.

Keep reading

anonymous asked:

Can I have something angsty with Kagami, Aomine and Kasamatsu. Anything is fine, but if you make it about their partner - could you make the partner female? Please and thank you! I love your guys blog! Umi and Pixie are life!


Kagami’s eyes widened as he jumped off the fire truck, standing on the street with an bewildered expression. His apartment building was up in flames. Orange and red flames licked the side of the building as people rushed around him, screaming in terror or worry.

“Is everyone out?” One of his coworkers yelled to some of the escaping residents.

“The tenant in 206 is still in there, a beam fell in front of the door!” A resident exclaimed.

Kagami’s chest clenched, knowing well who they were talking about. His girlfriend, his everything was still in the burning building. He dashed forwards, ignoring the calls of the other fireman as he jumped through the flames.

Racing up the stairs, he dodged falling derby and large flames. The heat was starting to get to him and the smoke was black and thick, he couldn’t see two feet in front of him. He cried out his girlfriends name as he stood in the hallway, a large flaming beam blocking his doorway.

There was no answer and worry consumed his being. He cursed, taking a few steps back before running full tilt and jumping over the beam. He slammed into the door with his shoulder, the loud crack followed the breaking and splintering of the door. He fell to the ground with a slight groan, but picked himself up. He called out their name again. Again there was no reply.

He rushed forwards, searching for his girlfriend. He found her in the kitchen, pinned under fallen derby. Smaller flames ate at the wooden beam, some of it burning her legs and eating her clothing. Kagami pushed the debris off, as he kneeled down, picking her up with ease. Even with the smoke, he could see that her chest was moving up and down as she breathed, though even he could tell it was too weak.

“Hang on, I’m getting you out of here.” Kagami promised, as he retraced his steps back.

Stumbling with her weight, he almost missed the jump over the beam blocking the doorway. He reached down the stairs, ignoring the heat that was hitting his legs. He made it out, as paramedics raced towards him along with his coworkers. They also brought along the stretcher as the paramedics laid her on it, before feeling her to the ambulance.

“Idiot, go with her!” The police chief scolding Taiga as he nodded, pulling off his heavy gear and jumping in the back of the ambulance.

He watched as the paramedics began their work. IV drips, breathing masks, the work. It pained him to see her in such a situation. Grabbing her hand, he squeezed it. A loud and long beep alerted him as the paramedic cursed.

“W-Whats happening!?”

“She’s not breathing, her heartland is flat!” They cried, pulling out the defibrillator. Taiga watched in fear as they worked on trying to bring back his lover. “Clear!” Her body jerked from the machine, but her heart line was still flat. The paramedic did it once more, but again nothing.

“No…” Taiga shook his head, “do it again! She has to wake up!”

They tried once more, another jerk, but nothing else. Tears blurred his vision as he shook his head. He couldn’t believe it, he didn’t want to believe it. He looked at her still form, gritting his teeth.
His shoulders shook as tears ran down his face. He leaned his head against their intwined hand as he cried.

He couldn’t save her.
No matter how many times he promised her, he failed to do so.

His cry in anguish was the only sound in the now silent ambulance. Her name fell numb on his lips, his heart breaking right before him.

Aomine; He couldn’t go fast enough, he was already speeding way ahead of his team, what if you didn’t make it out in time? 

“I swear if that bastard hurts lays one fucking hand on you i’ll make him pay….” He vowed to himself. Aomine didn’t have any time to think about this much less did he want any. He didn’t want to dwell on the possibility that he might now see you alive again. 

This guy had been arrested before, he was bad news. Aomine had been rewarded and praised over catching him, they’ve been on his trail for months until Daiki had finally taken initiative. Then he wanted his revenge…..The man broken out of prison, he wanted to ruin Daiki’s life as Daiki had ruined his. He came after you, taking you to an old, run-down building across town, then called the station to turn himself in.

Then the building came into view, Daiki got as close as he could then slammed on the breaks skidding into a stop, leaving the car, he waited a few minutes for the other officers to arrive. They decided on sending a team of officers, including daiki, to search inside the building, leave no room unchecked and keep your eyes open. 

“Daiki, you and those two go check the roof.” One of the officers ordered and Aomine wasted no time in getting there. The other two officers didn’t speak to him, they could see the anger flashing in his eyes, this wasn’t going to end well.

With a loud slam the door swung open, hitting the wall behind it. 

 and there you were, covered in cuts, bruises, and blood with tears slowly falling down your cheeks. Aomine could feel his blood boiling inside him as the mastermind behind this came out from the corner, his arm hooked around your shoulder tightly, pressing a knife closely to your neck, “Why don’t you come and get her Daiki?” He asked, a smirk playing across his features. 

Aomine took a step forwards, but stopped when he saw the man click his tongue, The man started to press the blade into your skin. A low growl ripped from Aomine’s throat as he held the gun in his hand tighter, stepping back.

The man scoffed, his smile fading, “Fine daiki, you want her so bad. Here.” Aomine watched as the bastard push you forwards, watching you stumble. He could tell you were weak from the pain, the blood loss. It crushed Aomine to see her in such a state as he moved forwards, gently taking her in his arms. She muttered his name weakly, a small and gentle smile on her face, the only that Aomine always loved. 

She was finally back in his arms, back where she belonged. Time seemed to slow down, a piercing sound of a gun shattered the silence of the warehouse as Aomine watched, horrified. That beautiful smile, the one he loved was replaced with an expression of surprise, of pain. Her grips on his arms tightened considerably before the strength began to fade from her body. 

“______!” Aomine cried out as she slumped against him. Blood coated his hands as he held her, drenching the back of her dirty shirt. Aomine shook his head in disbelief, dropping to his knees as he cradled his girlfriend in his arms. “No, this can’t be happening.”“Daiki….”“I’m here baby, I’m here.” Aomine cupped her cheek, ignoring the amount of blood that coated his hand. “I’m so sorry baby, I -““Shhh.” Weakly, she smiled up at him, cutting him off. “Aishiteru…”Aomine watched as the light faded from her eyes as her breathing stopped completely. Aomine’s shoulders began to shake as he cradled the girl to his chest.


How could this be happening?

Why is this happening?

A heavy feeling lingered in Kasamatsu Yukio’s chest, weighing him down. He leaned against one of the white washed walls, head tilted upwards as he stared at the ceiling. His legs felt like lead, he couldn’t, he didn’t want to move forwards, he didn’t want to see it for himself. His hand moved upwards towards his chest, grasping at the fabric office shirt above his heart. He fought back the tears, clenching his teeth.

“I’m sorry.”

Yukio somewhat glared at the man in the white lab coat, his eyes glassy with tears. Apologizing wouldn’t bring her back. It wouldn’t make everything okay.

“We did everything we could to save them both.” The doctor continued, his expression grim.

The hand which wasn’t clenching his shirt formed a fist, slamming it against the wall behind him. This was too much. He didn’t expect the pain his partner was feeling would bring her to death’s door. Everything was fine before, so why?

His fist slammed against the wall again as Yukio clenched his eyes shut in pain. He didn’t want to believe it, this all had to be some cruel joke.

“Would you like to see -”

The doctor didn’t have time to finish as Yukio pushed himself from the wall, fighting back the rest of his tears and nodding his head. He was lead down the hallway, towards a separate room where a large machine sat in the middle. Monitors, wires and a glass compartment was the main base of the machine. Several of the monitors were showing many different vital signs. The constant and steady beeping of the machine seemed so distant to Yukio.

“I’ll let you have a moment.”

Yukio didn’t register what the man said, nor did he notice that he even left the room. That lead feeling in his feet was coming back as his chest began to constrict at the sight before him. He forced himself to take one heavy step after another, until he was leaning over the large glass container. One look and Yukio finally broke as tears began to stream down his face. With a shaky hand he reached outwards, placing his hand against the cool glass and with a shaky breath, he whispered in a wobbly voice.

“My little girl…”

The child in the machine was his premature daughter who was fighting for her life, a life that her mother gave her own life for. His vision was blurry as he leaned towards, pressing his forehead against the glass, his shoulders shaking.

“Please…” He cried, “please don’t leave me too…”

Scenario: Smoke and Mirrors

@vehluhreeFor the Akashi drabble, instead of a continuation, could you write an alternate scenario? One where Sayuri utilizes all tactics to try and seduce Akashi, but he is unfazed, even brushing her off curtly in an almost distasteful manner. Sayuri then vindictively sets out to destroy the s/o’s confidence, deliberately making it look like she is having an affair with Akashi. How would Akashi handle the entire situation? Do make him incensed at her antics. Pretty please? This is the anon who originally made the Akashi request~ While I really love the direction you took the prompt (still ripped to shreds over here), it would heal my heart to have an Akashi that stays a knight in shining armor. ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶

An alternate scenario to Serpent’s Embrace which we all love and hate. What if Akashi didn’t cheat?

*Because this is an ALTERNATE scenario, the routes DO NOT apply as continuations to this request. HOWEVER DUE TO THE LENGTH OF THE REQUEST, PLEASE READ SERPENT’S EMBRACE FIRST. This request STARTS from the middle of it, so it is NECESSARY to read the first scenario. I’m sorry this got really long.

Serpent’s Embrace is here.

She tugged him forwards, smiling to herself when he stumbled, so that his face was only a few inches from hers, his scarlet cat-like eyes wide, and a smile on her lips.

She pulled him closer, and he closed his eyes, a sign of defeat, and triumph soared in her chest—


Sayuri jerked back, shock blazing through her. “Akashi?”

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anonymous asked:

Omg can I just tell you that the nsfw officer!Aomine piece was seriously the hottest thing. It is the BEST nsfw I have ever read (and i've read alot lol) Nsfw aside, everything you post is always beautifully written so kudos to you!!

Lol Aomine be like

No but in all seriousness hnnnnggghh thank you so much darling! >///< I’m so glad you enjoyed reading that scenario along with all the other stuff I write - and this message made my evening! 

You guys are literally the kindest people ever and my heart goes doki doki everytime you guys give feedback <3

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Police Officer!Aomine asking Kise "Ever seen a baton this big?" ;)

[ Oh gray…. . what ever am I gonna do with you. ..  .? haha.… here, have a thing.. .. .  ]

Oi! Watch it!”

“Hey! That’s my ass, thank you very much!”

“Shit, that was my foot!”

All around Aomine, bodies are pressed tightly together, sardines in a very loud, very out of control tin can that makes up the underground rave his unit has been called to. 

They announced their arrival, though no one really noticed; understandable considering the decibels shaking the walls and threatening to burst his ear drums. People, in their gaudy costumes and dayglow accessories, bump into him from every direction, one of them currently pressed closed enough to his front that he can smell the distinct scent of lavender mixed with sweat and the unmistakable stench of alcohol. 

“Nice costume, by the way,” the guy says, flashing a smile set with perfect teeth that glowed strangely. It takes Aomine a second to realize it’s probably the UV lights casting the bluish purple haze everywhere. “Very macho macho man.”

The guy laughs and Aomine is thrown off guard by how clear it is, how easy on the ears despite the slight lilt indicating the guy is probably shitfaced drunk. 

“Who’s in charge here?” Aomine yells over the music. “We need to shut this party down!”

But the guy continues as though he hasn’t heard him. “My name’s Kise,” he says, accidentally pressing closer as one of the partygoers knocks into him from behind. “What’s your n–” And then his eyes widen before he drops his gaze between them. “Is that what I think it is?”

“Huh? What’s the matter? You’ve never seen a baton this big before?”

Kise smirks. “Why, officer.”

With a roll of his eyes, Aomine lifts the bottom end of his baton and scoffs. “Don’t get any ideas.”

“What if I already have ideas?” Kise asks with a devilish glint. 

Aomine’s gaze dips before coming back to Kise’s face, lips matching the smirk. “Then I smell trouble.“