Monday Meetings

By kikikryslee

American AU where the boys all work for their college newspaper. Louis gets to voice his opinion in every issue, Liam is in charge, keeping everyone in line, Niall just really loves soccer, Zayn is an aspiring photographer and Harry is the incoming photo editor.

(Or, the one where Louis wants to date Harry, but won’t, because they work together, even though the other boys follow no such rule.)

Louis turned and looked Harry in the eye. “I told Niall that even though he wanted to date Josh, his co-worker, it just wasn’t going to work out. And that was OK, because there’s plenty of other people out there for him.”
Please take the hint. Please.
It looked like Harry did, because he simply nodded before breaking the gaze.

Chaptered, Completed, Ao3, Mature, Must-read

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What do you think about an office au? You don't have to write anything I just keep laughing at the thought of all of them trying to keep still by their desks


like can u imagine??? ?? 

namjoon the smart as fuck president/ceo and like he’s like the brainy dude of the company but he loses all his shit and can’t keep his schedule together so GOD BLESS AND THANK YOU for secretary/receptionist seokjin who takes care of all his shit and answers calls and keeps records and basically keeps the company afloat 

and idk i always thought of it like a software startup company thing?? so like grumpy programmer yoongi who HAS TO TAKE CARE OF THE MAKNAE LINE INTERNS who are rowdy as fuck and annoying and park jimin stop asking so many questions i’m busy right now NO IT’S NOT LUNCH TIME YET IT WASN’T LUNCH BREAK FIVE MINUTES AGO IT ISN’T NOW EITHER SHUT UP TAEHYUNG GET THE FUCK OFF FACEBOOK AND CODE YOU LITTLE SHIT and jeon jungkook u a good kid. liek a shit piece of kid but a better kid than the twin terrors JUST FUCKING KIDDING YOUR MOTHER CALLED ME TO ASK ABOUT YOUR MATH GRADES HOW ARE U GETTING A D IN PRECALC BUT AN A IN AP COMP SCI

and last but not least~

HOSEOK THE MARKETING/SALES DUDE like who can resist hoseok in all his smiley glory okay but also super devious and hangs out with maknae line interns all the time to try and make yoongi’s life hell 

also there’s a running office bet on how long it’ll take for seokjin to march on over to namjoon’s office and just kiss the shit out of him and vmin’s got some manipulating to do because they’ve got twenty bucks riding on it happening in the next two month and they already owe betting/gambling god jeon jungkook like thirty bucks each. 

An Office au. Two companies. Luna would be a company that broke off from the original company way back when the company was just getting started. Earth would be a company madeup of a bunch of small buisnesses. Kai is CEO of one of these. Levana is head of the Lunar Company. Cinder is a warehouse worker who overhears Levana’s plot to merge the two companies but then get Kai fired, taking the two companies for herself. Scarlet is a merchant that supplies Earth. (Her grandmother used to be in charge but the Lunar lawyers drove her into debt and stress killed her.) Cress is a tech support for Luna. Thorne is a regular office worker for Earth but he was caught tampering with numbers and stealing things after he got transferred to Kai’s office and is on suspension but he really has nothing else to do so he hangs out outside the building and with the warehouse workers and tries not to get caught by the security guards. Wolf would be one of the Lunar lawyers that quits and tries to help Cinder and mostly Scarlet because he feels bad about the Benoit case. Winter is an intern for Luna but really the only reason she’s kept on is because Levana thinks it’s good for the company image, making it seem like a family company. Jacin is one of the managers that really shouldn’t be seen talking to an intern but he takes her under his wing anyway. idk this is a halfbaked idea so ppl should add on and adjust things especially @lunarheadcanons
The Hospital Hazza Tale

By Stylinsontimes

Dr. Louis Tomlinson, 21, is a hard working and focused Doctor with a troubled past and tightly held secrets. Harry Styles, 19 is a charismatic and delicious Intern who is hard to ignore with his baby face, soft heart and kiss worthy lips. Louis is gay but he’d never admit. Harry is gay but he’d never clarify. They are so hopelessly and desperately in love that poetry seems inadequate. Things get tricky when grief pulls them towards each other.

An AU where Louis is falling in love against his will and hence ends up having wet dreams, Harry is a starstruck of Louis and wants to bite Louis’ lips hard, Zayn and Liam are moving past their respective failed relationships to love each other, Niall is the happy go lucky guy with awesome hugs, Stan is just a victim of Louis’ dirty lie, Nick is the perfect boss (harry adores him and Louis hate/loves him) while Jeremy is the beautiful boy with the terminal disease.

Chaptered, Completed, Ao3, Non-Smut

After contemplating on whether he could or couldn’t do this under his new ‘secretary’ his new rules, Bruce decided he damn well could.
He stopped fiddling with his pone and simply pressed 'send’.

-I need you in my office ASAP-

The phone he had given Steve only had one number in the 'contacts’ list. So he’d know who it had come from.
Up and Down the Dial

By thoughtlessblogger

Harry chuckles. “Why don’t you stay?” Louis just blinks at him. Entering dangerous territory. “I mean, why do you always leave?”

Louis’s silent while he contemplates his answer.“Dunno, really. I get bored easily.”

Harry doesn’t even think before responding. “I think you haven’t found a reason to stay.”


Louis is hired to be the new program director at DFM. He knows he’ll be leaving in a year when his contract is up, but the station’s sales manager, Harry, might give him a reason to stay. Also starring Liam as the station manager, and Niall and Zayn as Djs.

Oneshot, Ao3, Mature, Must-Read 

Notes: Sorry Marie, but I had to add the must-read tag !

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Hello, huge fan of your Office AU gifs! Basically makes my day when you post a new one, so thanks for that :). I'm just a little confused by the chronological order of the story -- is every new one you post a direct continuation of the previous? Sometimes they seem out of order so I was hoping you'd clarify.

fhsjfidskhfsk thank you for the compliment, I’m glad you enjoy them!

Now, I have to admit thee office AU gifsets are not in chronological order at all. Sometimes, when one is a direct continuation of another, I’ll link to it in the description as well, but mostly the order is all over the place.

Up until now, the timeline would be approximately as follows:

  1. Stiles starts working in the office and is being shown around by Derek
  2. Stiles makes the bet with Lydia
  3. all the gifsets featuring snarky Derek and Stiles interaction, going from pranking each other to working together and helping each other out to flirting
  4. Derek finds out about the bet and refuses to speak to Stiles
  5. Erica rips Stiles a new one
  6. Stiles apologises to Derek
K.I.S.S (ChanHun)

Title: K.I.S.S. (keep it simple, stupid) (LJ)

Rating: R
Pairings: ChanHun, past!kyungsoo/chanyeol
Word Count: Aprox. 22,000 Genre: romance, drama, slice-of-life 
Summary: Sehun’s the new guy in IT, and constantly having to fix the myriad tech issues of one Park Chanyeol. Kind of annoying, but mostly fine, until Sehun actually meets Chanyeol - because he isn’t at all what Sehun was expecting.

Admin Amy: this was so cute and bumbling clumsy chanyeol is the cutest. great read! chanhun is so underrated in my opinion. 

also for those of you that wanted chanhun smut(me) heres an outtake by the author. enjoy!!!!

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Hey, is the office au tag broken or is there just no fics?

I consider Office AUs fics where both of them work in an office, usually the same building or company. There are no fics here yet where they’re both in an office. (Except some in the It’s a Terrible Life ‘verse, but those are in that tag) The majority of the fics where Sam works in an office that I can think of are Bakery/Shop AUs where Gabriel works around food for some reason. I honestly never thought about it before. I may have missed tagging an older one but… I can’t think of any. And there’s only 5 tagged on Ao3

Anyone have some Office AUs where they’re both working in an office?
That's Good, That's Bad

Title: That’s Good, That’s Bad

Author: Ending_Page

Genre: Office!AU, Romance, Smut

Rating: NC-17

In all his 18 years of living, Lu Han, has been the epitome of a “Good Christian Boy.” Never having a faltering doubt in all his convictions; he knew black from white and right from wrong. “He was a big boy.” But it has been said that the road to hell is paved with good intention; so after a cruel stroke of bitter-sweet serendipity he lands a job interning for a 27 year old Oh Sehun. Whom he will be working under for 8 hours a day, five days a week and be on-call 24 hours a day. A boss who bring into question everything he once perceived to be “good” and “bad” in this world;  opening up his mind to new things, his eyes to new possibilities and bringing his body to the ultimate breaking point.

Warnings:  Jealous!Sehun, Timid!Luhan, daddy kink, age gap, boss au, slight humiliation, dirty talk, spanking, possesive Sehun, slight stalker-ish Sehun, religious themes, and possibly others.

Anything for you

read it on the AO3 here

by sociallyawkwardfangirl21

Stiles hates his job. It started out as an internship after college, but on the second day, Stiles realized he wasn’t cut out for it. Running around and fetching people’s coffee like everyone’s personal bitch was enough to drive Stiles crazy.
Then he meets his boss, Mr. Hale, who has a special offer for him.
Now? Stiles loves his job.

Words: 3137, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 here