The signs as office supplies

Aries: scissors

Taurus: a glue stick, but the purple kind

Gemini: a single, used staple 

Cancer: printer ink 

Leo: college ruled notebook paper

Virgo: a fucking calculator

Libra: really sharp pencil 

Scorpio: procrastination 

Sagittarius: spinny chair 

Capricorn: paper clip necklace

Aquarius: those bendy rulers 

Pisces: that was easy button 

A great day at Office Depot and Staples!
Paper Mate Ink Joy 550 RT 1.0 M in blue
Sharpie Pen in black
Uni-Ball Signo Pen with infused black ink with brown ink (they also have purple, blue, and green) so cool!
One of the Sharpie liquid pencils I got
Border 4x6 index cards
Pack of 4 Cynthia Rowley Pencils
Post-It pattern collection flag post its
Post-It 3x3 in Electric Glow Colors
Post-It 3.9x5.8 GRAPH POST IT NOTES (do you know how much easier it will be to do my math homework now!?!? Instead of cutting out graph paper and gluing it in my notebook I can just use these now
And lastly a Paperchase Flower Burst Linen Notebook Plain Page Edition
Have a good day off to all the American Studyblrs!


Post it Treasure Chest: My God isn’t it Beautiful?

I was surprised on Wednesday by a package at my door. My wonderful Mother bought me a post it treasure chest because I’ve had a rough few weeks. I never even mentioned it to her, yet she somehow knew I have swooned over these for a while. I freaked out with happiness, and I am not ashamed.

The chest has everything! Many are lined 3x5 notes, there are dozens of regular squares, shaped designed ones (the apples are my favorite!), and a few full adhesive ones.

To my understanding, these boxes are like grab bags. You never what you are going to get. I love mine! It is a 10 pound box for $50.00. That’s a deal if I’ve ever seen one. Will buy more boxes in the future! Being a student and a future teacher (only 1 1/2 years left!), I KNOWI will have great use for them!

When I first moved into my current house, I put a large cork board up on my office wall, only to discover that I couldn’t actually use it because I didn’t have any thumbtacks. Rather than making a special trip, I told myself I’d just pick some up the next time I was near an office supply store.

It’s been four years, ten months, and thirteen days. That cork board is still empty. I have never owned a single thumbtack.

And you think you have a procrastination problem?


Disney princesses make great office supplies 

buzzfeed has shared a reimagining of various Disney princesses as office supplies. Characters long-criticized as the passive constructs of our misogynistic culture, this artful scrutiny takes the idea to the extreme. We are forced us to question who these young women represent, if not the marginalized possessions of a patriarchal system that values women only so far as they are able to meet the demands of their male oppressors. In this sad collection, we recognize these characters as property, accessorized and briefly valued, before being regarded as mundane and ultimately discarded to a lonely corner. This pastiche confronts us with stereotypes that were first challenged with the dawn of second wave feminism.

Either that, or somebody thought that Jasmine would look funny as a pair of scissors.

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