what are weird/uncommon scents that you enjoy (like scents you cant get as a candle)

mine are dental offices, pool chlorine, and gasoline


most of my League of Legends cosplays thus far.

Miss Fortune photo - Eminence Rain
Pool Party Jinx photo - thesolis
Red Card Katarina photo -
Headmistress Fiora photo -
Candy Cane Miss Fortune photo -


How The ‘Best Place To Live In America’ Treats People Of Color When They’re Pulled Over

In June, police officers crashed a pool party in McKinney, Texas. After video surfaced of an officer grabbing a teenage girl by the hair and slamming her to the ground, the affluent Dallas suburb was forced into the national debate over how police interact with communities of color in America. Upwards of a thousand protesters turned out for an unprecedented march and accused the city of racist policing.

Okay but seriously I love this guy.

Everyone else was more or less just plugging along, doing their job and minding their own business, but this guy looked at Villain and he KNEW. 

Villain wasn’t gonna push the button. Villain, who has a standing “no one can kill him but me order” even though he has an army of several dozen mooks with high-powered weaponry and combat training who could accomplish the job through sheer numbers alone? Villain, whose plans for dealing with Bond Man always seem to revolve around elaborate traps and over-the-top weapons that can somehow always be defeated in the nick of time? Villain, who rants about Bond Man with an ardor that skips straight past admiration and lands squarely on fondness? Villain who’s been crushing on Bond Man for like, three years now? THAT Villain is going to fry Bond Man with a laser?

Nah man. Nah.

And this guy is TOTALLY winning the office pool on Monday.