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Prouvé RAW Office Edition

“The Dutch fashion label G-Star RAW has found an expression of its identity in Jean Prouvé’s designs – technical objects that embody the principle of structural necessity while simultaneously exuding a poetic aura. As works that have attained the status of classics, they have served as a continual source of inspiration for the creative team at G-Star. In 2011, Vitra and G-Star RAW joined forces to launch Prouvé RAW, their first crossover collection.

Prouvé’s constructive logic and strict utilisation of honest industrial materials not only corresponds to the product philosophy and brand identity of G-Star but also shows a strong affinity to the architecture of Rem Koolhaas’s new G-Star headquarters, built in 2014. Thus it was a consistent decision to completely furnish the offices, conference rooms and canteens with designs created by Jean Prouvé some 70 years ago for the interiors of several French corporations and universities. Together with the architecture, they create a workplace that reflects the company’s radical design approach.

In cooperation with the Prouvé family, Vitra has adapted the French designer’s furnishings to meet today’s office norms and needs, while teaming up with art directors at G-Star to develop colours and details. As part of this project, single and double workstations, conference tables, office chairs and several other furniture pieces were issued exclusively for G-Star. In the new Prouvé RAW Office Edition, the designs in this crossover collection now become available to other companies and collectors.

Several industrial shades of green, leather and fabric upholstery materials, and other details pay tribute to the origins of these furnishings. Made of steel and solid wood, the tables, chairs and cabinets in the Prouvé RAW Office Edition bear witness to a bygone industrial age. Its former factory floors and workshops are now occupied by creative agencies of the digital era, who share the same values of hard work, authenticity and sustainability.

Authenticated with a special edition label, the furniture and lighting in the Prouvé RAW Office Edition will be available until the end of 2016.”

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Workbed - Desk And Bed In One

The line between home and office has become blurred long time ago. Working hours are becoming increasingly longer and we are becoming more exhausted as a result of it. If you are in a position of catching a few z’s at work, Ines Kaag and Desiree Heiss of design group BLESS, have created something interesting for all you lucky people who are allowed to nap in your offices – the Workbed, a desk that transforms into a bed.


Crossover Motorized Standing Desk by Next Desks

If you spend a lot of time sitting down while working on your computer, the position can get very uncomfortable. That’s why people have invented adjustable desks, but none of them can match the features of the Crossover Motorized Standing Desk by Next Desks. This is actually a power adjustable hybrid workstation that you can use with any desk you already have. 

Interior Designer, West Sussex, £30,000 to £32,000, V03287

This company works in the furniture and refurbishment markets as a close knit team, valuing their family heritage and promoting mutual respect and support. This has created a loyal, customer-focused team, who uphold the values of the company. Due to their continued growth in both the design led commercial fit-out and office refurbishment and in the educational furniture markets, they are now seeking a passionate and creative Interior Designer to work in this vibrant, culture led business. They are based in West Sussex near the borders of Surrey with good transport links.

They provide a comprehensive and detailed design service to clients, including space planning, preparing 3D models and visuals, interior design schemes, FFE packages and bespoke furniture. This role will be to work across both sectors.

Qualified in Interior Design with 3 to 5 years’ experience in the office fit-out and refurbishment sector you’ll be proficient in SketchUp, InDesign, Photoshop and Microsoft Office and possess the flair and drive to push creative boundaries. You’ll need excellent verbal and written communication skills and be happy working as part of a team. 3ds Max or other rendering packages would be an advantage as would furniture and furnishings procurement experience

Salary will be in the range of £30,000 to £32,000 plus Company Bonus Scheme, Pension, Laptop. Please contact Pippa on 01920 486125 for further details, or simply forward your application and CV / portfolio to You can also apply via our website
Yeni iş kuracaklar için ofis mobilyası satın alma rehberi! - Elsa...
Ofis mobilyası satın almak için nereden başlamalı? Yeni bir işyeri kurarken mutlak ihtiyaçlardan birisi ofis mobilyaları ve ofis koltuklarıdır. Yıllarca ça

Best of ofis koltukları

Türkiyenin ofis koltukları imalatçısından en çok satılan ofis sandalyeleri modelleri. Tilt mekanizmalı, yatarlı, kolçaklı ergonomik makam koltuk modelleri, şef sandalyeleri, personel koltukları, büro koltukları modelleri, ucuz ofis koltukları serisi ürünleri.

Yüksek densiteli süngerle döşemesi yapılan, aliminyum veya krom ayaklı koltuk seçeneklerini web sitesinden görüp sipariş vermek mümkün. Fileli koltuk modelleri, deri, kumaş seçenekleriyle yüzlerce model koltuk sizi bekliyor.

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Sarah Keeling and Claire Gustavson, Love_Seats, functional sculptures made from foam, bending plywood, fabric and salvaged components (2014).

Pittsburgh artist Sarah Keeling collaborated with Claire Gustavson to create this surreal office chair-loveseat. The sculpture pulls in two directions. On one hand it literalizes fantasies of office culture: collaboration, strong partnerships, productivity. At the same time, it has the odd look of a two-headed calf, which more closely resembles what I think is the typical experience of office culture: dysfunctional, contradictory and unsustainable. The witty use of everyday consumer goods reminds me of the designer-artist Sebastian Errazuriz, whose work is elegant and good-natured but also tends towards the macabre.

Sarah Keeling will be joined by Caroline Record for the exhibition “Gettin’ Physical” at the Union Project. Opening Thursday, November 19, 2015, 7 pm. RSVP on Facebook.