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ikr his body language is amazing! he would be an amazing dance tbh ..

I think you are definitely on to something, love! Let’s take a closer look, okay..? 

So, first off he’s got the:
“I know this is ridiculous but I know I look hella cute”- moves

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fangirl challenge (seven actresses): mindy kaling [3/7]

“I always get asked, ‘Where do you get your confidence?’ I think people are well meaning, but it’s pretty insulting. Because what it means to me is, ‘You, Mindy Kaling, have all the trappings of a very marginalized person. You’re not skinny, you’re not white, you’re a woman. Why on earth would you feel like you’re worth anything?’”


fangirl challenge = 17/10 pairings ♥ michael and holly

“Hi, Holly, it’s Michael.
I just wanted to call and let you know that I was thinking about what you said.It’s just, you know, it’s weird.Today I ended up seeing a lot of the women that i used to date, and in my mind, they were all great.
And then when I actually saw them, It was mostly a freak show.
And you and me, that must have been a real train wreck.
You know what? Holly, you’re wrong.You are wrong.I remember every second of us.And talking to you today I don’t feel for them anything like what I feel for you.It’s…I didn’t joke with any of them.I joked with you.You were the only one who was actually happy to hear from me.And I don’t know why you downgraded what we had, but I did not make us up.”

| 9.1.2016 | {28/100 days of productivity}

I’ve been setting up my bullet journal lately and I’m v happy with how it’s turned out! Happy September (aka Pre-Halloween) everyone! 🍂🍁