Studio Branding & Swag by Franklyn

“A couple of years ago, Franklyn co-founder Michael Freimuth wanted to print their name on a comb. He did and they started bringing them to new business meetings as parting gifts. They were an instant success, even with bald heads. Next came branded versions of his partner Patrick Richardson’s favorite 4-color Bic pens. Last Fall, an invitation to participate in the Image of the Studio exhibition at Cooper Union justified the creation of Franklyn toothbrushes, snapback hats, air fresheners and more.”

Franklyn is the creative studio you’ve been searching for all your life.
Bringing a boutique approach to innovative global brands and startups alike, Franklyn is devoted to providing clients with exceptional creative work and keeping them happy along the way. To that end they strive to think before they act, respond rather than react, and stay trill.


Old Kentucky Home (1883), 48 Spruce Street, Asheville, North Carolina by Steve Minor
Via Flickr:
home of American writer Thomas Wolfe (1900-1938) • parlordining room • stone angel from Look Homeward Angelbiographical sketchA House Restored (NYT) • National Register of Historic Places, 1971 • photo of Wolfe’s Brooklyn Heights NY residence (1933-1938) “Dixieland. It was situated five minutes from the public square, on a pleasant sloping middleclass street of small homes and boarding-houses. Dixieland was a big cheaply constructed frame house of eighteen or twenty drafty high-ceilinged rooms: it had a rambling, unplanned, gabular appearance, and was painted a dirty yellow. It had a pleasant green front yard, not deep but wide, bordered by a row of young deep-bodied maples.” —Thomas Wolfe, from Look Homeward, Angel (1929)