office supllies

the signs as dirty little secrets

aries: “I’m a peaceful person who happens to be filled with violent rage”

taurus: “I’m afraid no one will ever love me as uch as my dog Charlie does”

gemini: “I hate people who remind me of myself”

cancer: “I’m afraid to take the next step…”

leo: “I cheated on my SAT and I got a scholarship”

virgo: “I’m a virgin”

libra: “I want to go blind so I don’t have to see them together”

scorpio: “People think I’ve stopped lying… but I’ve just gotten better at it”

sagittarius: “I had gay sex at church camp. 3 times.”

capricorn: “I waste office supllies because I hate my boss”

aquarius: “I fake empathy to get people to like me”

pisces: “I pee in the sink”