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English Sub

Ok, so this story starts with an absent teacher, our class being the reason behind so many subs quitting we got to have the school resource officer as a sub. This isn’t the story though. He’s pretty chill so we stay pretty chill when all of a sudden he gets a text, swears, and runs out of the room at full speed.

next thing we know the school secretary is on the intercom saying there is an active shooter and this is not a drill. The asshats in my class started laughing and joking when the teacher down the hall ran to our classroom and told us to run to hers. once we get there we hide under the desks (not much room since it’s one of the computer rooms) and I get left in the middle of the floor with people kicking me away because lol sorry no room.

The teacher has pepper spray, I’m holding a sharpened pencil, we all have some sort of pencil weapon. When we get the false alarm message.

Turns out our middle school principal has a thing on their phone to send out a message to all staff and the police department that there’s an active shooter and they buttdialed it.