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I appreciate this photograph of Nicole Haught less than minute ago saying Wynonna’s ass is top shelf and then she’s grabbing Wynonna’s pants to make her upright again. Also I love that damn shirt on, Mel.

Dude, you’re like walking bumper sticker. Who’s armed! Waverly should be hanging out with you!

I agree.

I really love the episode Gone As A Girl Can Get. Seeing the AU of all the characters, but especially the interactions between Nicole and Waverly were well-scripted. Definitely my favourite scenes besides the WayHaught scenes were the ones with Bobo Del Rey and Waverly (the wonderful Michael Eklund and lovely Dominique Provost-Chalkley). One part that stood out to me and that I love, really love, is when Nicole helps Waverly on her quest to return Wynonna. The above photo of Nicole holding her car’s door for Bobo and Waverly I feel is so incredibly powerful. I think it really shows Nicole’s character a lot more by representing firstly how connected her and Waverly are even in the AU, but especially her morality. Nedley passed away and Nicole took over as the new Sheriff, so not only is she a woman in an authoritative position (also who loves women - yay), but I think she’s the only women in the department, which is kick-ass. But really, I just think this scene with Katherine Barrell is top shelf. The uniform, the pose, everything.

  • All teachers, like ever: You can't do this at university/college. It's serious business there, you'll be judged as an adult and will be expected to behave at all times!
  • Me, sitting in my professors room staring at a cabbage in a vase: Sure, whatever you say...

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Ah yes, the magical land of "the back". Endless capacity. It is for sure where we keep everything. The ~6 m2 office where we shelf extra copies of popular stuff we can't fit on the display. No lady, I ASSURE you, the book we sold out of four years ago that you are looking for is NOT in the back? If the system says zero copies, there are zero copies. The only times the system can be wrong is if a book was stolen, but we can only get false POSITIVES. No false negatives. Please leave.