office shelf

  • Person: Do you watch Wynonna Earp?
  • Me: Do chicks?
  • Person: What do you think of it?
  • Me: Top shelf man, top shelf.
Caress Bookshelf & Clutter

These rely on the original object in-game. May need the MOO cheat to place objects in all the slots. All objects are also searchable by ‘Brazen’ in the catalog.

I’ve been ripping a bunch of clutter from objects and clearing shelves lately :P This project turned out to be really nice and way more useful than I thought it would. As you can see in my pic above I used the MOO cheat to get these shelves really close and created a massive office library. The shelf no longer functions as a bookcase but it matches the original so you can mix them up. The shelf has like 400 slots so there should be plenty of room for all sorts of clutter :)

Objects Included:

  • Books 1
  • Books 2
  • Books 3
  • Books 4
  • Books 5
  • Books 6
  • Books 7
  • Books 8
  • Books 9
  • Books 10
  • Books 11
  • Books 12
  • Books 13
  • Bookshelf - Emptied & Slotted


  • Recoloring Allowed, with a linkback requiring my original mesh
  • Ask permission before using my original meshes
  • DO NOT include my objects in your uploads
  • Please see original creator policies regarding non-original meshes

Caress Bookshelf & Clutter  -  DOWNLOAD

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*student picks up a rock off my office shelf*  

” What’s this?”
“a chunk of the mineral Bismuth”
“Why’s it in your office tho?”
“Cuz it’s Atomic Symbol is Bi”

*puts rock down and quickly scurries out of sight*