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Nicole Haught Appreciation

Get yourself a Nicole Haught because….

She would never ask you to be someone you’re not.

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She would kiss you passionately in the moment.

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She would comfort you in the most exhausting moments.

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She would give you compliments on how beautiful you look.

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She would punch a douchebag for you.

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She would be smart and wear a bulletproof vest. 

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She would be a good listener and let you say all the things that you have on your mind.

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As long as you want her, she would be by your side through everything.

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She would always ask for your consent………

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and still be gentle with you.

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She would notice your distress and immediately try to make you feel at ease.

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She would protect you without hesitation.

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She would shoot anybody for you in order to keep you safe.

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She would look at you like this and make your heart flutter.

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She would let you know how you make her feel in the most intimate moments.

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Even when she’s drunk, she would be a sap and gush about you. 

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Even if she did lie and hurt you, she would never have bad intentions. She’s human and we all make mistakes.

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And no matter what, she would always open the door for you at anytime.

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Even when she’s been beaten and hurt, she would find the strength to save you if you were ever in danger. And that would be her first priority above anything else.

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And she will remind you that she has never loved anyone the way that she loves you, if there was a chance she would not make it out alive.

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She would go, wherever you go.

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Because in any universe…….

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You and her are soulmates.

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To her, you are extraordinary. 

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In the end, she’ll do anything for family. Because that’s what matters the most.

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Seriously, Nicole is the best girlfriend ever!!! And I’m sure she’ll have great moments in Season 3! Until next time, Earpers! 


A deleted scene from 103 health care. Any ideas on signs for Dwight’s temporary office/workspace?

I want Derek to walk into the FBI office with his beard and leather jacket, bringing Stiles his phone (because like the goof he is, Stiles accidentally took Derek’s phone that morning while he was rushing out the door) and everyone just stares at him. Not becasue they think he might be a wanted criminal (and Stiles makes sure to introduce him as his partner, Miguel), but because hot damn

What I love about the writing on Wynonna Earp is that they didn’t have Waverly have this big epiphany like “Omg I like girls now??? Am I gay??? What are people going to say???” It was more of her realizing she deserves better. Sure it shows that she was scared to jump into a relationship with Nicole but it wasn’t like this big deal that other tv shows usually make a big deal out of, you know?

The Never-Never Affair episode rewatch + trashy commentary

Illya is being chased by a veritable army of T.H.R.U.S.H. and yet not a single one of them try to shoot him despite being armed to the teeth, because Illya is clearly too pretty to shoot. Instead, they light fires in front of and behind him and try to smoke him out.

Illya staggers around prettily for a bit then escapes down a manhole, leaving the local T.H.R.U.S.H. agents to get a dressing-down from Victor Gervais, head of T.H.R.U.S.H. France. 

“Fascinating!” says Gervais. “It would have seemed simpler, perhaps, to shoot him in the leg.” Hush, you, nobody shoots my bby in the leg.

Back at U.N.C.L.E. HQ, Napoleon walks into Mr. Waverly’s office for a briefing and Illya immediately starts unbuckling his belt. It’s like he’s been conditioned to start taking off his clothes every time he sees Napoleon.

Illya’s eyes are a little higher up, Napoleon.

Aaaand, oops, Napoleon’s soft heart has sent the fake courier off with the real microdot. I had to pause the playback here to laugh hysterically at Mr. Waverly and Illya’s matching “wtF, Napoleon?!?” expressions.

Illya goes to act as a decoy but runs into Mandy instead. Mandy runs away while Illya holds T.H.R.U.S.H. off, then Illya gets away too, by hitching a ride on the back of some poor unsuspecting girl’s car (look at this adorable man ❤ ).

Gervais is pissed.

Napoleon: I’d like to have the car checked out, but U.N.C.L.E. did that this morning in the garage.
Illya: Loose distributor cap. *loosens it*
Napoleon: You’re a smart Russian! ♥ ♥

Then they make heart eyes at each other for a bit (really!) before Napoleon pulls into the auto shop, leaving Illya outside to wait for Mr. Waverly.

Illya paces around outside looking extremely precious. Backup arrives, the good guys win, etc., etc..

And we end on this adorable note, could you two cuddle up any closer.


Please look at this adorable little Jim and Pam animation by ontiverosvaleria76 on Instagram! Check her profile out for lots of a cute fanart and other drawings!