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The Kdrama I Watch

Watching (on air):

My Father is Strange ep 33
Suspicious Partner ep 32
My Sassy Girl ep 20
Queen for Seven Days 4

Couldn’t finish the first episode:
The Liar and his Lover
Chicago Typewriter
Individualist Ms. Ji Young
Lovers in Bloom

Man to Man ep 1
Golden Pouch ep 90
Introverted Boss ep 10
Tomorrow With You ep 2
Ruler: Master of the Mask ep 8
Third-Rate My Way ep 10

Finished and personal rating:
Radiant Office 7,5
Strong Woman Do Bong Soon 10
Queen of the Ring 7,5
Hwarang 6,8
Goblin 8
Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo 9,5
My Secret Romance 7,8

I was just talking to my sister about My Little Pony and I meant to say “Diamond Tiara” but I accidentally said “Yellow Diamond” instead, and… That would be a very different situation for the Cutie Mark Crusaders, wouldn’t it


Kent Davison being a respected member of a motorcycle club that consists mainly of Hispanics, and also being able to speak Spanish.
“I find that my involvement in the club keeps the internecine skirmishes of Washington in perspective.”

Office Files - Chapter 7 ‘Ruler’

Word Count: 5,161

Genre: Smut

Summary: You are a lawyer at a major company. You’ve been given the responsibility to oversee an intern.

Paring: Reader x Jimin x Namjoon x Jungkook

You managed to get home early morning and freshen up before heading to work. You leaned back on your leather chair and placed the now finished file on top of the previous work. A small grin crept over your lips as you remembered the early hours of this morning and your small and only conversation you had with Jungkook. Most of the time it was both of you moaning, groaning and audible swearing while you two fucked.


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wageronliberty-deactivated20170  asked:

If all hierarchy is inherently wrong, is sexual domination and submission also wrong, since it is reliant on the concept of hierarchy?

BDSM doesn’t operate on a vested right to command, which is crucial to the hierarchies that we talk about. Play-acting authority isn’t the same as authority itself.

In a relationship like that, you always have the opportunity to disobey as well as quit. Actual authority would entail you attempting to disobey, and the dom doing whatever they want to do anyway. And this right to command is what distinguishes BDSM from sexual assault.

The relationship between boss and worker is not the same. You are required to follow the boss’s orders – that’s an inherient part of the job, whatever it may be. Some bosses might tolerate disobedience depending on circumstance, but that rests entirely on the disposition of the boss, on the vested authority of the boss. We can compare this to government; some rulers and governing philosophies are better than others, but often when rulers take office after elections, they keep almost none of their promises and seek what benefits them first. It’s the same principle, except not only do you have to hope the ruler follows through, but even before that, you have to rely on the disposition of a majority of voters. It’s fundamentally the same principle – authority – generalized across an entire country.


On January 15, 1978, the Chi Omega sorority house of Florida State University in Tallahassee was the scene of a horrific crime. 4 coeds were attacked and raped, resulting in the deaths of Lisa Levy and Margaret Bowman.

Authorities presumed this to be the work of serial killer Ted Bundy, who was on the run after escaping from prison less than a month earlier. But, with no solid evidence left at the crime scene, this could not be proven. The killer had taken the weapon with him and blood, sperm and print samples all came back as inconclusive. Their only hope was an unusual bite mark on the buttock of Lisa Levy.

When Ted Bundy was finally apprehended, driving a stolen vehicle under the alias of Chris Hagen, he refused to provide a dental impression. Investigators then obtained a warrant, whereby they could obtain the impressions by any means.

Although the tissue of Lisa Levy’s buttock had been destroyed during analysis, pictures taken of a police officer laying a ruler next to the bite mark were compared with Bundy’s dental impressions at trial. It was a match, and the first time that Bundy had ever been linked to one of his crimes by physical evidence. A guilty verdict was returned and Bundy was sentenced to death.

Thoughts about the Shady Mariah kiss?

Alright, so it is time for us to discuss this in depth (I know we already have 1.2 million times, but alas let’s do it again).

That kiss has me squirming and squealing in delight in so many ways.

Like first, there’s the painting being set up in Mariah’s office showing TWO rulers, and then as she walks to the window, the singer says, “Just like a queen”.

Then Shades walks in, and Mariah either sees him out of her peripheral vision or senses that he’s in the room (trope that’s used with so many couples), and then she turns to look at him.

Her eyes look him up and down slowly, and then she gets closer to him, looks at the painting, and then back at him.  Then she leans in, tilts her head to the side, and lightly presses her lips against his.

Then she pulls back, and then leans in again to bite his lower lip.  Then she looks up at him and then walks away from him with a swagger.

And then Shades is grinning like a goof, and then he takes his shades off, and then his expression changes to “oh shit” or something.

Now we can speculate what that expression was, but in the meantime, Theo Rossi said that Shades’ thoughts were “I got her, and this is going to be fun.” And then in another interview he said, “Shades was not expecting it.  He wanted it, but he did not expect it.”

Okay, so thoughts about the kiss:

It was WAY too brief for me, but it suits their dynamic kinda.  Mariah gave him just a taste of what was to come, and then left the room, possibly signifying that she was in control of their progression not him.

Shades’ adorkable smile as 1st reaction to the kiss.  I expected him to start singing that Lizzie McGuire Movie song “This is what dreams are made of.  I’ve got somewhere I belong.  I’ve got someone to love.”

I think Shades leaned into the kiss.  I don’t know if he really did, or if it was the camera moving to change angle.

Shades reaction during the kiss was nothing.  He just stood there.  However, seeing how he didn’t expect it, he was probably shocked.

He did react AFTERWORDS with that cute little smile.

But what was that look after his smile faded away?  It seemed almost like remorse or guilt.  Like maybe he felt bad for playing her as long as he did since he grew to have actual feelings for her that possibly originated as a teen or childhood crush.  Or maybe he realized how he was the one that ended up falling harder, and it unsettled him that she had this kind of control over him because now they were equals and he had nothing to hold over her which is unlike him aka he’s vulnerable and worries that she might take advantage of that.

What do you all think?

loyal-to-the-end  asked:

So, one of the friends I talk to often about DW (we like speculating about future character inclusions and such) was talking to me about who would be good adds for the Others category, in terms of rulers and officers, to flesh out some of the sides. Who do you think would be good adds for there?

I’m of the opinion that we should not get a single Other add until we get about 10 more Jin adds. 

However to answer the question I think the Others adds we should eventually see as Yuan Shu, Gao Shun, Xu Rong, Tufa Shujineng, Gongsun Zan, Qu Yi, Yang Fang and Yufuluo.

Hey :) I’m loving all your work as usual and I have another prompt for you! Q is a perfectionist and likes to have everything in his office and all of Q Branch in perfect order and perfectly straight ((basically OCD but I don’t want to be mean)) and Bond discovers this while messing around Q’s office one day and he has a prank war with Q and moves EVERYTHING 3 cm to the left ((if that makes any sense at all)) thanks!! – shertealocked

TEEHEE THIS WAS A LOT OF FUN! I (Jen) used to have a close friend with mild OCD, who was a lot like this - and we did have prank wars along similar lines. I hasten to add that it was entirely in good humour, before people get concerned!

Lex, with some Jen-related interference.

Bond had never really noticed it: Q’s office was neat, that was all there was to it. Very neat, true. A little unnervingly neat, to be honest. It had the air of a show-office, if there was such a thing: everything in its place, everything labelled, with shelves stacked by someone who had spent a little too long playing tetris as a child.

Bond had been waiting for the Quartermaster to return from some meeting or other, when unhappy accident had led to an upturned tea mug and Bond manically shuffling papers on Q’s desk.

Q had returned and looked more than a little horrified, it took him minutes to clear up the spill and to place everything back. Exactly in line, to the millimetre. Bond decided not to comment, given that the man was already fuming at his incompetence; he filed the event down as needing further research, and left before Q killed him.

Next time Bond was called in, it was a little thing. Moving a stapler. Q’s hand reached out and corrected the movement automatically, eyes never leaving the computer screen. Bond narrowed his eyes slightly, went after the boxes on the shelf next, changing the angle by a few degrees.

Sure enough, next time he went in, they were back in their place.

If Q noticed his little alterations, he didn’t show it.

It was petty, Bond knew that. It was even pettier to call in both Eve and 006 to help him. But damn it, he wanted the man to at least acknowledge the issue. Eve found it childish – there was a comment along the lines of pulling pigtails – and was entirely certain that Q would go out to dinner with him if Bond just asked.

Alec found it hilarious, and lived to troll people. He agreed without a single heartbeat of hesitation.

So, in the middle of the night, the three made their way to Q’s office. All three had rulers. With more effort and concern than Bond was fairly certain Alec had applied to his last four missions combined, the trio set about moving every item in Q’s office exactly 3cm to the left. They left swiftly, admiring their efforts.

It took Q most of the morning to calm down and the rest of the day to sort out his office.

Bond was fairly certain he was going to be fired.

Q still didn’t mention it to him. Nothing happened. For a week or so, Bond gradually allowed himself to slip into a false sense of security. Maybe Q hadn’t checked the security tapes. Maybe he didn’t care that much. Maybe.

His cards died first. No cash, no credit. Nothing. Bond was forced to walk to work, only to find his ID unregistered. After an hour, someone finally came and took pity on him.

“You’re late 007,” Mallory commented as Bond took his seat in the briefing room.

“Issue with my card sir,” Bond told him grimly.

Oddly, M decided not to comment - that really should have tipped him off.

His paperwork was gone. The past three missions he had so carefully written up had been wiped from the system. The notes were still there, but the files had vanished. Bond nearly broke the damn screen. Fuming, he picked up his phone, watching as the screen melted into black. A single message blazed across the screen.

One all.