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Voltage games : differences between English and Japanese titles.

Inquiring minds wanted to know… :3 

I tried my best with my crappy Japanese lol so If there’s any mistakes in the translations please shoot me a message and I’ll correct it ! :)

-Enchanted in the moonlight = “Tonight, the mysterious kiss”

-My Forged Wedding = “Sudden kiss of oath”

-Kissed by the baddest bidder = “Mischievous kiss in a suite room”

-True Love Sweet Lies = “True love is from sweet lies”

-Finally in love again = “Please, let me be your last love”

-Scandal in the spotlight = “Your lie and the scandal “ or "You and the scandalous lie” ( not sure >.< )

-Star crossed myth = “I fell in love with the star prince”

-10 days with my devil = “In love with the devil for 10 days”

-Dreamy days in West Tokyo = “Kochijōji : colorful days of love”
**note : Kochijōji is a neighborhood in the city of Musahino, Tokyo.

-Love letter from a Thief X = “Mysterious thief X love letter/notice”

-Be my Princess = “The Prince’s proposal”

-Our two bedroom story = “The superiors and their 2LDK ‘secrets”
**note: 2LDK is the Japanese abbreviation for a two-bedroom apartment with a living room, dining room, and kitchen.

-Class trip crush = “Class trip : love secret”

-First love diary = “First boyfriend diary in Shōnan”
**note: Shōnan is a region along the coast of Sagami Bay in central Japan.

-My Sweet Bodyguard = “My lover is an exclusive security police officer”

-Office secrets = “Secret office romance Between two people”

-A knight’s devotion = “Love tribute from the legendary knight”

-In your arms tonight = “I want to sleep with you tonight”

-Her love in the force = “My lover is a public safety officer”

-Metro PD : Close to you = “Special Investigations : close ( or rather “glued” ) for 24 hours.”

-Sakura amidst chaos = “World unification: whirlwind of love”

-My last first kiss = “Starting my adult first love”

-Kiss me on clover hill = “Room share: his true face”

-My wedding and 7 rings = “Kiss of oath and the seven temptations”

-Serendipity next door = “Beware of the neighbors”

-Seduced in the sleepless city = “The sleepless Town’s Cinderella”

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