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Oh please please PLEASE do some CEO aus???

i tried to do a few CEO aus but i also put some general office workplace aus in there as well :^)

  • we’re rival CEO’s and jeez is it hard to ram your business into the ground when you’re so attractive
  • how on earth did they get promoted to CEO and not me??? they haven’t even shown up to work this morning!!!
    • turns out the company’s going under so they put you as the CEO to put all the blame on you, ah shit i gotta help them haven’t i
  • you’re always at the photocopier when i am and we haven’t done anything except nod at each other in passing but my brain is determined that something else is happening
  • “i hate my job.”
    “but you’re the CEO of one of the must successful businesses in the world, how could you hate your job?”
    “exactly. that’s the reason! no one sees me as anything other than this successful CEO, sometimes i think i’d be happier working in a coffee shop.”
  • “secretary?”
    “well i could call you ‘glorified personal assistant’ if you’d like?”
    “okay fine. secretary it is then.”
  • you’re the CEO yet you act like a child, honestly i don’t get paid enough for this
    • “…you bought a bean bag… for your office”
      “i thought it made me look more approachable”
      “it makes you look like an idiot.”
      “close enough.”
  • it’s hard trying to keep your relationship a secret, especially when your significant other is the CEO at your company
    • “what are you two doing in the supply closet?!” (Person C)
      “i needed some…advice on office supplies..yeah, see i don’t know if i want to use a stapler. but how durable are paperclips when it comes to keeping stacks of very important papers together— okay they’re gone.” (Person A)
      “you know, this could go two ways. they could either be so freaked out they tell everyone in the office or they could be so traumatised that they don’t say anything and let it haunt them for the rest of their days.” (Person B)
      “i’m hoping for the later option.” (Person A)
  • so, let me get this straight: you’re telling me that my superior, the CEO might i add, the one who constantly sets me ridiculously huge projects with the shortest deadlines in history, the one who enjoys ridiculing me in front of my coworkers, the person who has trapped me in this terrible job for years and refuses to give me a promotion despite all my hard-work…is in love with me?!?
  • my new job is so weird, i barely do any work at all! my boss constantly insists that i sit back and relax, and then when i do do ‘work’ it normally just includes me running errands with them. it’s really strange, one time they even bought me lunch! man, i wonder if they treat all their employees like this?
    • “honey…they’re obviously in love with you.”
      “what makes you think tha—ah shit.”
  • “we’re both overly competitive to get the top job, i’ll admit, constantly trying to sabotage each other’s work and ruin each other’s reputation. i hate them!”
    “are you sure it’s not something else?”
  • “no offence, but i liked our last boss a lot more than you”
    “don’t worry, i do too.”
  • “yeah, hi, i randomly got promoted to CEO and i have no idea what i’m doing. i need some help but i don’t want anyone to know that i suck at my job??”
    • “you’re lucky i like you, otherwise you’d be screwed.”
  • okay, i’ve had enough of their bull. they treat their employees like shit, we barely get enough money to get by, they set us ridiculous deadlines while they sit on their ass all day! im gonna charge into their office and give them a piece of my mind!!
    • “yes, what is it?”
      “i - uh - we wanted to - um … say thanks! for being such a great boss, of course and uh - yeah! that’s all i had to say. bye!”
      • “so, did you give them a piece of your mind?”
        “what? oh.. yeah! i did! totally!”
        “…you got distracted again didn’t you.”
        “yeah. listen, i’d totally give them a piece of my mind if i didn’t find them attractive.”
  • “they’re totally dating their secretary.”
    “you think so?”
    “obviously they are! i mean, just look at them together! it’s fucking adorable!”
  • “do you even need a secretary”
    “i need the company and you’re about the only person in this building you can stand me”
    • “where’d you hear that from”
      “i’M KIDDING”

hope these helped!!

- jess 

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ok but. holt twin things (based off personal experience):

  • pidge: *mumbles something*
    sam: what was that?
    matt: she said pass the salt, obviously
  • matt introducing pidge to his friends: this is my former wombmate, katie
  • someone: whos older?
    pidge: were twins
    matt: me
  • (pidge: by TWO MINUTES)
  • the first time they take the psat their individual scores are all different but the totals are the same
  • (the same thing happens for the sat)
  • as soon as they can drive they go see movies at midnight whenever they want
  • and tear them apart on the drive home bc they have all the same complaints
  • pidge, in a dress and pigtails: i have a twin brother
    someone: oh, are you identical?
    pidge: *looks into the camera like shes on the office*
  • sibling rivalry, obviously (but its friendly)
  • pidge loves peanut butter but hates peanuts. matt loves peanuts but cant stand peanut butter.
  • tbh any food that one hates the other probably loves this is a Real Phenomenon
  • their parents cant keep it straight
  • “i thought you liked peanut butter” “no mom thats katie”
  • pidge: *does something like sam would do*
    colleen: you were supposed to be a clone of me, what is this

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Thanks so much for all the recs!!!!! Could you maybe rec some fics where Emma and killian are dating and keeping their relationship a secret?

Secret Dating au!

@lifeinahole27​ loves that trope even more than i do:

Lethologica Maybe if they could think of the perfect word to describe their friendship, everything else would fall into place. (Captain Swan au). artwork

Ship It College professors turned secret dating au. Requested by @in-spirational for a birthday fic. Smutty little one-shot. 

We Got Us How they got together is mostly a run-of-the-mill story. Boy meets girl. Girl meets boy. A strange and complicated courtship followed. All that really matters to either of them is that they’re happy. They’re in love. They’re miles away from anyone who cares if they are in a relationship or not. Which means their peace can’t last, of course.

I just want this I just want this/Do you ever think we should just stop this?  

The Morning, and Then Some, of the Day After by @sambethe​ This wasn’t exactly the trip he’d had in mind. He’d be an idiot to say he minded in the least.  artwork

best laid plans by @emmaswanchoosesyou Everyone wants Ruby Lucas, but she has her eyes on one person and one person alone. When neither Emma nor Killian are the one she chooses, they turn to each other. Friends with benefits, friends…and maybe more, if their other friends and family have any say in the matter.

don’t say my name (only in whispers)* by @fandomflail​  Person A of your (BR)OTP has a very important job. Nearly everyone - even people who have worked together with A for years, and some friends they know out of work - calls them by their last name. Now imagine B accidentally calling A by their first name in front of a lot of people, leading to incessant rumours that they are in an intimate relationship… How do they handle this?

Verboten by @captain–kitten. The next generation of OUAT. She’s the daughter of the Savior and Captain Hook. He’s the son of Beauty and the Beast. Their fathers have been enemies for centuries, but they’ve been making heart eyes at each other for years. Secret dating ensues.

The only one who didn’t know, love, was you by @tnlph​  Emma and Killian squelch their office rivalry in favor of a “co-workers with benefits” relationship. It goes well, until one of them realizes it’s more. (A very, very, very off interpretation of the secret dating trope.)

Mystery Incorporated by @cutieodonoghue The gang discovers a creepy house in the middle of the forest rumored to be haunted by the ghost of a mad man while they’re on the search for the missing Darling children. Also, Emma and Killian try to keep their relationship secret from the rest of the team. (or, the kinda-sorta-scooby doo au nobody asked for)

Evergreen by @shoedonym CS secret relationship/forbidden love AU. Killian is wrong, she knows he is; they are not cursed. But she also knows he feels trapped between a rock and an even less forgiving place. It was never about her. It was never about whether he loved her enough to fight for them - nothing could be further from the truth. It was about him 

navy sneaking by @nowforruin 

*i took the liberty of giving it a title

artwork in the two fics by me. check out the similar trope Forbidden Love!


このカレ、要注意!(Kono kare, youchuui!)

Melty Drop has a new series in the works, with two CDs lined up for each installment! The theme of this first installment revolves around two coworkers of yours, who approach you, flirt with you, and are occupied with trying to make you theirs—leading to an office love triangle and rivalry. Whoever you choose, know that they both love you deeply…

Synopsis (Paraphrased):

Given your desire to do work that takes full advantage of your language abilities, you have transferred from the domestic business division to the international business division at your workplace. However, after transferring into the new department, you notice the unfamiliar atmosphere and a vast change of pace compared to your old department—in addition to feeling overwhelmed by your strict new boss, 藤川潤一 (Fujikawa Junichi?).

In このカレ、要注意!「デキる上司の淫らな手ほどき」…

It is then that your former boss, 桐島樹 (Kirishima Takashi?), helps you out and worries over you. As you are tenderly attended to, you realize his secret feelings for you and begin to gradually fall for him…

In このカレ、要注意! 「カタブツ上司の不器用な束縛」…

But with your former boss’s encouragement and the sense of fulfillment you get from your new work, you are able to pick yourself back up and get into the rhythm of things.

In addition, while working in tandem with your new boss, you begin to notice that, while he is straight-laced, Junichi possesses an awkward way of expressing his love, and you are gradually charmed by him…

CVs: 佐和真中 (Nakazawa Masatomo) vs. 茶介 (Katou Masayuki)

Release Date: November 25th, 2016.

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hiiiiiiii, can you rec any good sasunaru fanfics? thanks a bunch!! <3

Of course 

Wishing For Happiness

I Dare You

Trick Me, Treat Me (pwp)


Break Your Poker Face (pwp)

Remember How To Flirt? 

Polar Opposites

Always There, Never Forgotten 

Of Office Desks and Sibling Rivalry (pwp)

Chasing Naruto

Some of them may be NaruSasu because I really don’t pay attention to who tops