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Hi! I have a fantasy setting that I've been developing for about two years, and while I'm happy with most of it, I struggle to really fresh things out and make the races and societies seem real, compared to rl ones. Do you have any tips to essentially fill in the blanks or make things closer to a cohesive country? Thanks!

I always find that the easiest way to fill in those pesky details is to sit my character in a place within the world (on a park bench, on a bus, in a chapel, in an office building) and observe. 

You can practice by literally putting yourself on a park bench, a bus seat, etc. and looking at all that’s going on around you. Imagine that you’re an alien or a time traveler and notice the nuances of every day life that speak to our society and culture…things that might make no sense to someone from the outside. We don’t really think twice about seeing someone wearing a Doctor Who shirt, or someone bobbing their head to the music in their headphones…but what if an onlooker didn’t know the purpose of headphones? Or hadn’t experienced music outside of a live performance? How do you explain the blue Police Box shirt to someone who doesn’t know the reference, or the commonality of having pop culture images on our clothing to advertise our personal interests?

When you sit and observe the intricacies of our world, you can think back to the roots of the behavior, that object, and apply similar lines of cultural evolution to your own world. 

Write a scene (one you might very well never use in your novel), and let your character(s) notice the random little bits of their world. What do people do in their free time? What types of activities constitute hobbies? How socially acceptable are certain behaviors or fashion choices? We don’t bat an eye to someone sitting on a busy street corner playing a guitar…but what about if your character passed by someone playing music on the street corner and noticed passers-by snickering or giving the musician a wide berth? That action speaks to the commonality of troubadours, or the acceptance of the arts, without spelling it out in the narrative (show, don’t tell!). 

For the following list, you can consider the history of each item, its influence on the present, the what and the why, the opinions people (most importantly, your characters) hold about them…any and every aspect you can think of. 

Elements which might be used to fill in details:

  • Literature
  • Music
  • Language (how freely it’s used)
  • Art
  • Fashion
  • Interactions with Strangers
  • Differences–or lack thereof–between genders in society
  • Theatre (in any form it might be present)
  • Religion(s)
  • Architecture
  • Hierarchy of careers
  • Ideas of casual vs. formal
  • Insults
  • Structure/intimacy/location of residential areas

There are undoubtedly more, but I hope this gives you a starting point. I went pretty general since I’m not sure exactly what points you’re specifically wanting to fill. 

Also, always keep in mind that if you have multiple races or species within your world, then these points will likely vary between groups. You wouldn’t make the same observations on a New York street corner that you’d make on a Paris street corner or in Madrid or Tokyo. There should be variety among your fictional cultures as well. It really helps each of them pop off the page!

If you have any more specific questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Happy writing!

sam robinson said richard ramirez spent most of his time alone in his cell in the dark watching television. he wasn’t allowed to have contact with any inmates after he started a fight in the yard 13 years ago. “one of our officers observed it and there were punches that were thrown and they were able to get people separated and get him off the yard,” says robinson. “he never went back to the yard with any other individual.”
Weekend Box Office: 'Rogue One,' 'Hidden Figures' All But Tie for No. 1 With $22M Each
The official outcome won't be determined until Monday; elsewhere, 'Underworld: Blood Wars' underwhelms in its debut as a major winter storm strikes the Southeast and Northeast while 'Rogue One' races past the $900 million mark globally.

Nabbing a coveted A+ CinemaScore, Hidden Figures stars Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer and Janelle Monae as the real-life African-American mathematicians who helped NASA put the first men into space even while having to endure a segregated workplace. Their story, however, had been obscured for decades.

Hidden Figures played to a diverse audience; 43 percent of ticket buyers were Caucasian and 37 percent, African-American. It over-indexed in every part of the country save for the Rocky Mountain states. Like other movies, Hidden Figures was impacted by a major winter storm in the Southeast and Northeast but box-office observers don’t believe the damage was too great even with some theater closures on Friday and Saturday. Females made up 64 percent of Hidden Figures’ audience, while 56 percent of all ticket buyers were 35 or older.

“It is a film for everyone regardless of age, gender or race, and effectively illustrates the power of the human mind and spirit,” Fox domestic distribution president Chris Aronson said. “In these challenging times, its life-affirming message comes along at a perfect time.”

From Fox 2000 and Chernin Entertainment, Hidden Figures first opened in select theaters on Christmas Day and has earned a total $24.7 million to date against a $25 million budget. It opted to expand nationwide on the eve of Sunday’s Golden Globes ceremony, where Spencer is nominated for best supporting actress.

Seems like Hidden Figures is a huge success. Like really huge. Just one weekend at the US box office and they are already at the breakeven point. That’s really rare and amazing. They even mention that it would have done better if it wasn’t for the weather.

(All those blockbusters with 80+ weekends have budgets of 250+.)


So, what was the last thing you saw?

Waverly Earp, smiling at me from her front porch.

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CSM as a villain is SO annoying and boring I want him dead forever already

He was initially a very cool villain.  When he didn’t say anything and just stood in the shadowy corners of federal offices smoking and observing.  That was a cool villain.  

He was taken out by two Tomahawk missiles.  We watched his face melt and his body blow apart.  Dude shoulda stayed dead, to be honest.


Sam Robinson said Richard Ramirez spent most of his time Alone in his Cell in the Dark watching Television. He wasn’t allowed to have contact with any Inmates after he started a fight in the yard 13 years ago. one of our officers observed it and there were punches that were thrown and they were able to get people separated and get him off the yard, says Robinson. “He never went back to the yard with any other Individual.”

The commander of the Totenkopf Division Hermann Prieß (center) and other officers observe the battlefield at Kursk in July 1943.

Attention students:

To further assist in the understanding an practice of one’s abilities, a trial of a…’dueling club’ is being supervised by myself and Storm. A reminder that this is a trial, and will take place outside near Breakstone Lake after classes end. A pair of students will practice offensive and defensive tactics and use of their abilities, similar to Danger Room training but outside of the virtual room setting. Students may sign up outside of the Headmaster’s office. Observers are required to keep their distance during the duels.
Human Rights Abuses Escalate at DAPL Prayer Services in North Dakota
It makes me so sad. I want to feel like what we have been fighting for over the past hundred years is our dignity and that we as Indigenous people will be accorded full human rights. This is not the case in Morton County. The endless aggression, strip searching and attempts to humiliate our people are a continuation of 160 years of this. Morton County and North Dakota live in a colonial/military/pre- civil rights, old boy, paradigm. This is evidenced throughout North Dakota in the destruction of land and the desecration and oppression of native people and women. I pray for healing for my people and our land.” ~~Winona LaDuke

The photo Winona LaDuke references is stunning because of the brutality it conveys. A 19- year-old Arapaho girl is lying in the mud under a prayer tipi. She is not alone. A Morton County, North Dakota deputy is on top of her with one knee pressed against her neck and the other pushed into her lower back. The girl’s face is forced into the dirt by the weight of his body. He might outweigh her by a hundred pounds. You cannot see her face, in fact nothing except her flushed nose is visible. An officer from Marathon County, Wisconsin is crouched to the right, watching. Guns, radios, handcuffs, batons and other devices hidden from view in leather pouches hang from the belts of the deputy and the observing officer.

Their World

Hannibal sat in his office chair, observing the organised chaos around him. Tobias and Franklyns bodies were still laying where they had fallen Crime scene officers were picking at his office. He was far more careful these days than when Miriam Lass had come calling. They would find nothing untoward but did it even matter if they did?

Will was dead.

Hannibal had only himself to blame. He had send Will into the lion’s den, curious as to what would happen.

They’ll send men to investigate and I’ll kill them.

I hesitate to tell you this as it borders on a violation of doctor patient confidentiality.

I just killed two men.

He had killed Tobias too swiftly for his actions. The man should have suffered, for days, weeks, months. He had taken Will Graham from this world, from Hannibal.

For the first time in a long while I see the possibility of friendship.

He should have carved the mans heart out with his bare hands and feasted upon it raw for what he had done.

Hannibal looked up as Jack Crawford entered the room. He should have known the man would make an appearance here. Come to overlook the crime scene and tell him of Will’s death.

Hannibals mouth felt open when Will appeared from behind Jack, instantly scanning it for Hannibal himself. Their eyes met and Hannibal let out a  breath he had had been holding since Tobias announced himself a cop killer.

Hannibals gaze softened as Will walked closer. He opened his mouth several times to speak, unsure of what words he wanted to choose. When he was close enough, Hannibal could smell that atrocious aftershave that, for the time being, didn’t smell so bad. Will was alive.

“I thought you were dead.” Hannibal finally uttered, his fingers twitching to reach out and touch him. He needed physical proof this wasn’t a dream. That Will was really alive and standing before him.

“WHAT?” Will shouted with a confused look on his face. Hannibals eyes widened in surprise and everyone in the office turned to look.

“Will?” Hannibal’s face matched WIlls in his confusion.  Will frowned again and shook his head, pointing to his ears.

“WHAT? I CAN’T HEAR YOU!” Will shouted at him again

“He can’t hear a thing. Gun went off near his ear. He refused to go the hospital until I brought him here. To you.” Jack looked between the two. “I’ll give you two a minute. I have some questions and you both need to go to the ER.”

“I CAN’T HEAR YOU. THERE’S RINGING IN MY EARS!” Wills looked apologetic and Hannibals lips twitched in the slight absurdity of the moment. He took in Wills cuts and scrapes and was yet again displeased he had killed Tobias so quickly.

Will picked up some gauze from the desk as he perched on the edge. He dabbed gently at the blood on Hannibals forehead. Wills fingers brushed against his skin and another breath caught.

“I’am glad you are here Will.” Hannibal looked up at him, gaze warm as he drank in the sight of the man before him.

“WHAT?” Will frowned again and Hannibal gave the slightest shake of his head but was smiling.

The pair sat there staring at each other until Will shattered the silence.“I FEEL LIKE I’VE DRAGGED YOU INTO MY WORLD!”  

“I GOT HERE….” Hannibal paused. “I got here on my own but I appreciate the company.” Not surprisingly Will looked as confused as ever. Instead of wasting time with words, Hannibal reached out and put his hand over Wills, giving him a warm smile. Will understood, returning the smile and gave his hand a squeeze back.  

Everything was right again in their world.


Thank you @slashyrogue for reading this and the words of encouragement. After watching Fromage again, I really feel Will would have had at least temporary significant hearing loss after the gun going off so closely to his ear so this is how this drabble was inspired. 

Jim Cooper, a former LAPD officer turned sociologist, has observed that the overwhelming majority of those who end up getting beaten or otherwise brutalized by police turn out to be innocent of any crime. ‘Cops don’t beat up burglars,’ he writes. The reason, he explained, is simple: the one thing most guaranteed to provoke a violent reaction from the police is a challenge to their right to, as he puts it, ‘define the situation.’ That is, to say 'no, this isn’t a possible crime situation, this is a citizen-who-pays-your-salary-walking-his-dog situation, so shove off,’ let alone the invariably disastrous, 'wait, why are you handcuffing that guy? He didn’t do anything!’ It’s 'talking back’ above all that inspires beat-downs, and that means challenging whatever administrative rubric has been applied by the officer’s discretionary judgment. The police truncheon is precisely the point where the state’s bureaucratic imperative for imposing simple administrative schema and its monopoly on coercive force come together.
—  David Graeber, The Utopia of Rules: On Technology, Stupidity and the Secret Joys of Bureaucracy. 
Reibert Day 1: Dance With Me

I took this prompt fairly literally. I’m not sorry. 

“I can’t believe we’re watching this.” Jean sidled up to Bertolt with a scowl on his face. The rest of their cadets could make fools of themselves, but he wasn’t going to. He was mature and collected, like a military police officer.

Bertolt observed Reiner twirling around with Krista. Really, Reiner almost looked like a titan compared to the tiny angel. They formed a rather comical picture that was perfectly punctuated by a scowling Ymir, perched in the shadowy corner across from them.  “They look nice.”

Their blond hair even matched. Bertolt dared to peek at Annie, who stood with her arms crossed by the punch bowl. He was fairly certain she was sneaking drinks when the officers weren’t looking, but he couldn’t chance looking at her too long. She might suspect.

“Ha-ha!” Eren commanded their attention by suddenly sprawling on the cobblestone street. On cue, Connie started clapping, and soon Thomas, Mina, and Reiner had joined in. Sasha even dropped Connie’s hand to join, though – Bertolt noted with interest – her eyes remained on Connie’s face.

“Mikasa, you tripped him!” Armin whispered.

“He tripped himself.” Mikasa grabbed Eren and lifted him back to his feet.

Jean swallowed. Her hair shone in the lights. Beautiful.

The song ended, and it seemed all of Trost district groaned. This was one of their few celebrations, and everyone, rich or poor or soldier, was determined to dance their worries away in the square.

“You’re not going to dance, are you?” Jean asked nervously as a cheerful ditty began.

“N-no,” Bertolt stammered. He was too tall, too awkward, too awful. And it felt wrong, participating in fun with their enemies who smiled and spun about them like beautiful ghosts Bertolt wished he could believe in. Times like this he wished he could have been born different. Even if ignorance cost his life.

He stood there with Jean, of all people, fists clenched and sweat dripping from his forehead.

Marco sidled up to Reiner with a frown. Though neither Jean nor Bertolt noticed, the two were soon headed their way, smirks dancing on their lips.

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A control room in a prison is a central location in a wing, unit or pod where corrections officers observe and control inmate activity from behind bulletproof glass. Control room officers observe all inmate activity through the windows and through closed-circuit security camera, and control which gates are open or closed at any given time, and which cell doors will open. They are also made aware of any potential security risks or rumors of planned fights or riots, if the facility is aware of it. Control room officers observe all inmate activity to keep the peace, but also to observe and document any events which might seem minor to the untrained eye, but indicate trouble down the line. They are also in radio contact with every corrections officer on the floor, and can call in support in case of an emergency. In certain maximum security prisons, control room officers are also able to deploy tear gas or rubber bullets in case of a major fight or riot.