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The flash sheet I made for THE OFFICE is also up on my Etsy :) Very limited amount made! Hope you like it.


More Q cats!! The concept - both Bond giving Q a kitten and the ‘weaponized kitty’ are salutes to Ordinary Numbers - the greatest fic of all time. 

*important note - at least one person expressed concern about Keats’ eye – he and Melville are both rescue cats and Keats was missing it before Q got him (aka he didn’t maim an animal for science!)*

  • Takeo: I know Tao's password so when he is sleep deprived I send e-mails for him from his own account. From the future.
  • E-mail: Tao, at eight AM today, someone poisons the coffee. Do not drink the coffee. More instrucitions will follow. Love, future Tao.
  • M-21: *about to take a sip*
  • Tao: NO! *take mug and throw it out the window*
  • M-21: ...
  • Tao: You'll thank me later.

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Do you have anymore prompts for your story where the kid of a mercenary's target tries to kill the mercenary but instead ends up training with them? Or any prompts in a similar vein? Your posts are so amazing!

For the story so far if people are interested - Part 1, and Part 2. AKA the “a short story in prompts.”

The villain didn’t stride back into their office until much later in the evening. There was no brat of a teenager. Some crumbs of a sandwich, the chocolate stained rim of a mug. Their office drawers were flung open and their security lay on the floor with their feet sticking out from behind the desk. Shit. They recognised their own signature moves, magpied. Never trust someone who’s main goal in life was to murder you. Goddamn it. 

It was a familiar situation for the protagonist. Hands tied behind their back, a scratchy bag yanked over their head, and the scent of the vill-of his cologne as he circled them. 
“You wanted to make this personal,” he said. “Congratulations, you have my undivided attention now, [name].” He pulled the bag away and they stared at each other - the teenager panting and disheveled. He smiled and brushed his fingers over a brow bloodied by the fight. A difficult fight - they had learned a lot in their training with him. 
“You killed my family,” they mumbled. “You don’t get to get away with that. You don’t get to-” their shoulders shook, before they set their jaw. Glared. “Worked out well for me that you turned out to be such a sap. Little orphan and some big eyes, you’re easy.” 

“You’re letting me go?” The protagonist reeled. They’d brought down his organisation, exposed secrets worth dying for, thought that they would die for doing so. End up in an unmarked grave or a garbage bag in the gutter.
“You’re not as good a liar as you seem to think you are,” he replied. “I didn’t get to where I was in life without knowing when the children are scared.”
“I’m not a child-!”
“The night you robbed my office, you came to me terrified.” 
The protagonist swallowed hard and dropped their gaze. 
He smiled. “You have fun with that, without my protection, kid.”
That was mercy. That was punishment.

“Can I get you a drink?” The protagonist’s stomach back flipped, but their voice remained steady. It had been a few years. A few years of complete hell, which gave every atom in their bodies callouses. 
“Are you old enough to be in a bar, now? Oh, they grow up so fast.” Mocking.
For a stupid moment, they were surprised he even recognised them.
The teenager - not a teenager anymore - didn’t look the ever hungry creature now. Yet his eyes showed no surprise to the way that things had changed. Pitiless too. A familiar smile on his lips.
“I need your help,” the protagonist bit out. 
“And there was me thinking backstabbing, treachery and bloodshed were your specialties. I trained you well. But, you must think me stupid to fall for the little orphan with some big eyes twice.” 
“I can pay.”

SasuSaku Festival 2017
Day 11- CEO x Assistant
: Chemical Reaction
Summary: AU- Sasuke is left alone to solve a formula for a new medicine, and is surprised when he finds out that he’s got some company.
A/N: Okay, I think this will be the last fic I’ll write for the SS Fest. There are still 3 themes to go, but there’s also the SS Month coming up, and since you guys don’t seem to be enjoying this very much, then I think I’ll start the preparations so I don’t take too long to finish like last year. Anyway, I tried to make something more realistic and light, and I hope you guys enjoy it! Please, tel me what you think, and have fun!
The numbers weren’t matching. He had tried every single math operation he knew, tried to balance the results and solve the equations, yet nothing seemed to work out. The light coming from that computer’s screen was starting to irritate his dark, tired eyes, and as he rested his hand over his mouth, the young businessman was starting to lose faith in himself.

It was already long past the time to go home, but Uchiha Sasuke decided not to leave his office until all the work was done. Necktie already forgotten, two buttons loosened and coat already hanging somewhere in his office, Sasuke struggled trying to finish his job before being allowed a good rest. As requested by his older brother, he needed to verify the formulas of a new medicine their company was developing, and even if he’d normally solve these kind of problems in a blink of an eye, that formula was just getting the best of him.

His head hurt like hell, the bags under his eyes were growing deeper and his breathing alternated from deep inhales to moments of pure relaxation. Sasuke had already lost count of the amount of coffee he had already drunk, and at that moment, as he stared at his empty mug, he knew he could not go on without that hot supply.

“ Screw this.” He scoffed, as he forcefully pushed himself up from his chair, ready to refill his mug. At that moment, he couldn’t care less if he had already had too much. He needed more coffee. He also needed to sleep, but work seemed to be more important than that.

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Go with the Flow

Pairings: Dad! Thomas Jefferson/Daughter! Reader
Warnings: mentions of menstrual cycles
A/N: I wrote this during the hurricane, and seeing as my house is out of power, you better love me for agreeing to go to my mothers work to upload this. I’ll be here for five hours, if anyone feels like chatting now is the time to do so.

It was a rainy Friday evening when you first noticed something off. It was close to ten o'clock, and sleep beckoned you with open arms. However, the stabbing pain in your gut lingered, and the position you had to stay in to calm it was hardly good for sleeping in. The feeling was worse than the time you received food poisoning from your father’s attempt at cooking a French delicacy. It was worse than the time that god-forsaken ram came barreling at you and hit you head on, or the time your sister squeezed you a bit too tight in her hug. No, this feeling was way worse.
Somehow, your body took pity on you, and you soon fell into an uneasy sleep. You tossed and turned and moaned and groaned and welcomed the bright light of morning. What was not welcomed, however, was the pool of blood that stained your sheets, gown, and skin. A blood-curdling shriek left your lips, and maids were at your side in mere seconds. Your dilemma was clear to them – to you, not so much. A blubbering mess, you were helped to the bathtub, where you patiently awaited a good cleansing. One maid drew a bath, while another helped you strip down, and a third comforted you. Today was not starting in an ideal way.
You were shocked to find no wounds on yourself. Surely with as much blood as you had produced there was a wound of sorts! Had you been shot? Stabbed? Had your cut on your knee reopened? The real answer was much worse. As they bathed you, the maids explained how there comes a time when a girl becomes a lady. This time varies from person to person, and now, at age eleven, you had reached yours. They talked of what would become your monthly routine, and the small things you could do to stop the pain – though few, you found their remedies to help. Finally, after you were clean and dressed and set up with supplies to stop the bleeding, the maids sent you in the direction of your father.

“It’s best that you tell him, Miss. I don’t believe he’ll be too happy, but he would never take his anger out on you.” One said. You pouted – how could your father be angry? You were growing up! – but agreed to tell him all the same. Heck, maybe he would even have some tips! After all, you did have older sisters. This wouldn’t be his first experience with womanhood. So down you marched, straight through the library and into his office. There he sat, mug in hand and paperwork scattered across his desk. You proudly placed your hands on your hips.

“Papa, guess what!” You said loudly. Thomas hummed in response hardly looking up from his work. “I’ve become a woman!”
Out of all the things Thomas had prepped himself for – suitors, rebellion, teenage obsessions – periods were not one. Perhaps that was why he choked on his coffee, sputtering nonsense as you wandered away to find something more interesting to do. How you learned about such a thing, or what to do, or when it happens, was a mystery to him. On the bright side, he hadn’t had to explain it. That was enough to keep him from questioning your knowledge and to set his mind at ease.

“Girls,” he sighed. “I’ll never understand them.”

Writer’s Block

Leonard McCoy X Reader

Your husband Leonard helps you out when you have writer’s block

Words: 576

Warnings: Sexual references, implied sexy times (nothing steamy), writing frustrations, neglected self-care? fluff

Author’s Note: Here’s another Len imagine! It’s kinda short but I’m apparently not very wordy lately. Anyways! I hope this may help someone out there struggling with writer’s block or something of the sort. Basically un-edited, sorry! Also, sorry for any spelling or grammatical errors. Enjoy!


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One last teaser of the flash sheet I made for The Office :) Who wants one?


Link to buy

I know I haven’t uploaded in a while, so I have no right to post this, but here goes anyway. 

I went to the NBC Store in NYC a few years ago, and I was FLOORED by the lack of Office merchandise. I mean, you have the best sitcom of ALL TIME, and you’re not even going to sell anything besides Dwight bobbleheads and Fun Run T-shirts? What the heck?

So I sell Office stickers, mugs, shirts, pillows, posters, phone cases, AND MORE on Redbubble. There are legitimately talented people on Tumblr and Redbubble making real art, and here I am, just photoshopping screencaps. But if you’re a big fan of The Office and want a Michael Scott sticker for your laptop, it would be awesome if you could check me out; Redbubble sales are helping me pay off student loans. 

My link is here if you’re interested - if you buy from me, you won’t be an ignorant slut :) 

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184 : Caffeine supercat prompt <3

Kara came into the break room at CatCo in search of a much needed caffeine boost. Though the stimulate didn’t actually affect her physiologically, there was a symbolic meaning that it had taken on over the years that did affect her psychologically. Ever since she was a kid, Kara watched Jeremiah and Eliza drink their coffee in the morning, and later Alex. Kara started drinking it in college because her friends did.

There was something about it that jump started her mind. If she needed to focus, taking the time to make a cup of coffee seemed to reset her somehow. It was a tradition that put her in the right headspace to work.

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Falling Asleep At The Desk

Nightmares had been consuming your nights for weeks, ever since you had been forced to shoot dead a 14 year old boy. You tried to get sleep at night, but each and every time you tried you found yourself to be plagued by the face of the boy. In the end you just gave up even trying to sleep, a few minutes here and there you managed to grab on the jet but soon even going home became less and less appeasing. Soon you were staying at the office later than the rest, although not as late as Hotch.

It was Friday night and you had been sitting drowsily at your desk reading through your remaining case files, the next thing you knew a warm pressure was on your shoulder shaking you.

‘Y/N… Y/N’ a familiar voice was saying. Opening your eyes you were met with the concerned face of Hotch, making you straighten up in alarm rubbing your eyes.

'Wha… what time is it?’ you said blinking at Hotch.

'11’ said Hotch 'I was just about to head home when I saw you, what’s going on Y/N?’

'It’s nothing, just getting some shut eye’ you said pitifully avoiding eye contact.

'When was the last time you got some decent amount of sleep? And don’t lie to me Y/N’ said Hotch looking at you with concern.

'I don’t know, the nightmares…’ you sighed your chin dropping to your chest as you admitted your problems to your boss and friend.

'Hey, got sit up in my office I’ll make us some tea and we can have a chat’ said Hotch softly guiding you to your feet.

You and Hotch have been close friends for years, so you felt no awkwardness settling into the couch in his office and waiting for him. After a few minutes Hotch entered the office with two steaming mugs of tea, nudging the door shut with his foot before placing the mugs down on the coffee table and settling onto the couch next to you.

'These nightmares, you’ve been having them since the Dobson case haven’t you?’ said Hotch turning to face you slightly.

'I just… can’t stop seeing his face every time I close my eyes’ muttered sadly leaning forward elbows resting on your knees.

'There are always cases that get to us more than others, but Y/N you should have said something sweetie, I could have helped’ Hotch spoke softly trying to sooth you.

You didn’t respond keeping your position and bowing your head, one of Hotch’s hands rested on your back and began to rub up and down in soothing circles. Enjoying the motion you shuffled closer to Hotch’s warm body, feeling Hotch’s other hand slide into one of yours entwining his fingers with your own, squeezing them softly.

'Aaron what do I do so they go away?’ you asked melting into Hotch’s side allowing him to wrap his arm around your shoulders.

'Come and stay with me, Jack’s away at a friends tonight, maybe having someone there will help’ said Hotch speaking softly drawing you further into his embrace before releasing you slowly.

'Let’s finish the tea, and then we can go’ said Hotch leaning back in the couch with you drinking your tea together.

'Thank you Aaron’ you said gratefully smiling softly.

Hotch returned your smile 'anytime Y/N, anytime’