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More Q cats!! The concept - both Bond giving Q a kitten and the ‘weaponized kitty’ are salutes to Ordinary Numbers - the greatest fic of all time. 

*important note - at least one person expressed concern about Keats’ eye – he and Melville are both rescue cats and Keats was missing it before Q got him (aka he didn’t maim an animal for science!)*

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cased | edward nygma x reader

“People were going to regret disrespecting him - starting with you.”

reader gender: female

words: 1964

warnings: Ed is MEAN, NSFW, not quite smut (this time), reader is also kinda mean, but Ed is REALLY MEAN.

also available on: AO3

She kept a routine bounce in her step as she delivered fresh coffees to the waiting recipients, each one labeled appropriately with the owner’s name. The whirlwind of a woman popped in and out of office areas, leaving cardboard mugs on desks as she swept a path through the precinct. If one sat still enough, they could just make out the smell of raspberry perfume beneath the heavy scent of java. It would’ve been almost magical, that is, if she didn’t have one of the biggest mouths of anyone employed at the Gotham City Police Department. A strong voice carried far ahead of her, alerting all in the area of her presence.

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One last teaser of the flash sheet I made for The Office :) Who wants one?

magewardensurana  asked:

8) discreet and Royai, please.

This was the first thing that came to mind so I just went with it. Thanks for sending a prompt. =)


Roy was having a difficult day. No one else seemed to notice, but Riza could see it clearly written in the way he furrowed his brow as he worked, in the tenseness of his shoulders as he sat hunched over paperwork, eyes not actually focusing on the material in front of him. She sighed quietly and frowned, glancing up at him for the millionth time in concern, wondering what was bothering him so much.

Without a word, Riza stood and walked over to the coffee pot in the corner of the office, filling a mug to the brim and adding two sugars, just the way Roy liked it. She approached his desk and his head shot up to meet her gaze, appearing almost startled at her presence in front of him as she reached out to him, offering the warm drink. He must have been so distracted that he hadn’t seen her walk across the room to fill the mug in her hands.

She smiled lightly at him and he could tell by the look in her eyes that she knew he was having a bad day. His posture relaxed a bit and he reached to take the mug from her hands, returning her smile with a small, grateful one of his own. Riza released the mug and brushed her hand discreetly along his, holding it there for longer than was truly appropriate before turning away from him to return to her desk.

As he took a sip of his coffee, Roy glanced over to his lieutenant and smiled, thinking about how fortunate he was to have her by his side and wondering what he had done to deserve the loyalty and affection of someone as wonderful as her.


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Kink Request- Jerome x Reader

I was asked to write this using Jerome x Reader with the challenges Sensory deprivation, loud sex noises and someone watches. Enjoy!

Content- Adult content, sexually explicit, smut, kink, oral, penetration, mild knife play (no blood)

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Best daddy ever… :heart: *Melting* Kind a collaboration between me and @talesofquelfarii She did sketch, I - The rest. Thanks for that Bae! 

Takeshi Sukeruton belongs to her! Hope you like him. (Ah, and also… THE ARTBLOCK WAS  DEFEATED!)

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I know everybody in the DC fandom likes to bag on Gotham like “Why would anyone still live in a town that gets gassed by a clown once a month and has to dodge an entire colony of man-bats and probably has to measure crime rates in terms of how many people made it home from the office without getting mugged or stabbed this week?”

And this is a completely valid question, because like this is a city that thought  stuffing their aged police commissioner in a robot and saying “This is the Batman now” was a reasonable response to losing their normal unlicensed vigilante.

But then we live in America and have like

  • Donald Trump legitimately running for president
  • clowns hiding in the shrubs is a nationwide thing and the police would like to remind you that it’s probably not legal to shoot them
  • Flint is probably a month away from having a cholera outbreak
  • Florida’s being overrun by giant pythons
  • the justice department is trying to figure out how many people the police face-shoot to death every year and it turns out that’s not something anyone keeps records on
  • every big city has that one hospital where you don’t go if you can help it because you could legit die in the ER waiting room and the janitor will just mop around your corpse
  • California’s always both on fire and under water, somehow
  • the news is like “hurricanes as a zika-fighting strategy: what could go wrong?”
  • Georgia has an entire police department that doesn’t seem to do anything but have cybersex with pedophiles
  • civil forfeiture is a thing
  • the number of times people get shot with arrows in this country every year is genuinely astonishing
  • Texas just blows the fuck up every so often because EPA and OSHA regs are for commies
  • Worse Virginia’s been on fire for a century in some places because samesies
  • like six people got shot (with guns) in one day in Minneapolis and their unanimous response to police was “fuck off I’m not a snitch”

and everybody’s still like “lol love it or leave it buddy.”