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hONESTLY every time i watch wynonna earp and see the relationships it’s like waking up and seeing clearly all over again,,, like take wayhaught : they’re soft and they get to be sexy and they’re open and they talk, but okay that’s just me being a wlw and wanting rep let’s take the wynonna/doc/dolls triangle right,,, doc and dolls both listen to wynonna,,, those relationships are both built on trust and doc and dolls don’t hate each other (ok there was that time they tried to kill each other but they DIDNT) but hey lets not just look at romantic relationships, take waverly and wynonna : HOLY SISTERS like they love each other and take care of each other and when they fight they work it out together and eioth cjfhew thank you emily andras

During my rewatch of 2x02, I noticed that there’s this black blanket in the corner of Waverly’s redesigned room. Even Nicole says, “It’s really you, but different,” and Waverly responds with, “Yeah, well, I feel different.” I think this is a symbol of the darkness that hides within Waverly, and is especially being drawn out by the goo. I see you, Andras.

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I just had to do this… enjoy!

[Nicole’s POV]
“Wave! Where are you? We have to leave or we’ll be lat-” I walk into the living room and freeze in my tracks. Waverly is standing there in her old cheerleading outfit, blue and white, tight short skirt, a crop top and big blue pompoms. “Wha-” I stare, feeling my cheeks flare up and all words failing to form, she smiles and looks down at herself, she’s grinning now. “Waverly… What are you doing?” I feel my eyes widen as she looks up at me and says “Thought I’d show you what you missed out on in Purgatory High.” I open my mouth to reply when she twirls on the spot, her hair flawlessly flowing, whipping her face for a second as she catches my eye, a small smile forms at the corner of her mouth and she looks me up and down. I try to keep my heartbeat steady as her arms and legs move, almost automatically, up and around. She moves without thinking and the moment her hip goes sideways and pops, I feel I’ve lost my voice. I stare at her, in complete awe and shock as she finishes her little cheerleading bit and bites her lip, she looks at me expectant. I stand there for what feels like an hour before I manage to move, I stumble to her and take her hands, words are still failing me so instead I pull her into a passionate kiss, putting all the unspoken words and emotions I felt when she did her little performance into the kiss, I feel my face getting even hotter as we break apart for breath and she smiles mischievously. “You liked it then?” I shake my head, laughing, I push her shoulder lightly, “go change! We’re really late!” she giggles and hurries off to her room to get changed, I watch her go and feel the butterflies in my stomach return, “It’s like high school all over again…” I mumble to myself, checking my belt and making sure I haven’t forgotten anything, Waverly walks back into the lounge, a skin colored tight shirt and jeans on, “Except this time, officer Haught, you’re dating the cheerleader.” she says, winking, she takes my hand and pulls me out the door after her. God, she’ll be the death of me.

signs as bojack horseman characters

aries - bojack
taurus - charlotte
gemini - sarah lynn
cancer - emily
leo - sextina aquafina
virgo - princess carolyn
libra - rutabaga rabbitowitz
scorpio - officer meow meow fuzzyface
sagittarius - mr. peanutbutter
capricorn - juda
aquarius - diane
pisces - todd