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I now choose to believe that every one of Tracer’s skins has been something she has worn for an event with her girlfriend.

The punk costume? They’re going clubbing, Emily has worn a black tank top and can’t stop laughing because pink hair Lena, really?

The Olympics skin? Gotta get hyped for the season. She wears it for a watching party at a mates house. Emily is dressed up in a simple jersey. 

The Christmas costume? Emily’s office party. Emily laughs because she always knows where Lena is. She has worn an ugly sweater. 

On the flip side, for Halloween? Lena didn’t put on a costume because she didn’t have time while Emily has dressed up as her favorite superhero.

Let’s say when Lena gets home, her jaw drops at Emily dressed up as her.

THIS is why I love this fandom.
The little kid in the BAU

There was a little girl in the BAU who was sitting down by the office glass door.

Everybody was wondering who she was because she only looked 5 years old or maybe even 4 years old.

She was drawing in her sketch book with headphones in her tiny ears minding her own business in her own place.

“Hey, what’s that little girl doing In here?” Emily said.

“What little girl?” Aaron said as he came down from his office.

“That one.” Emily pointed out as they all saw a little girl with long curly hair with a white headband with a bow on it , beautiful blue glowing eyes, a white dress with butterflies covering it, with white laced sandals with lace strings tied into a bow.

“Maybe she’s lost.” Jj suggested.

“Theirs no way she could be lost,no kids would just wonder in here without knowing where she was going.” Spencer stated.

“You think she’s somebody’s kid” asked Derek.

They all kept staring at her as they saw her flip a page on her sketch book and started to write something on it putting her pencil down she lifted up her sketch book towards them in big bold letters where the words.

“I know your talking about me, I can feel you stares. Just say hi” when she felt like they all ready she put her sketch book back down looking up as her beautiful eyes glowed in the light as she smiled and did a little rascals wave.

Making them smile at her, then suddenly a person walked pass her and she was gone scaring the leaving hell out of the BAU team.

“Where the hell did she go” spencer asked.

“I don’t know” Aaron said.

In full thought they didn’t hear or see Garcia come up behind them as she scared them.

“Wow what’s gotten into you guys?” She asks as they calm down

“They were spoked out by a little girl that was their but suddenly disappeared.” Rossi said.

“A little girl huh.” She says as they mood their heads yes.

“Would that happen to be this little girl.” She says with a smile as she then moves out of the way and shows the little girl that was on the floor drawing and listening to music was now in front of them drinking a juice box with a big box of fruit snacks on her knees eating them.

“Aww she’s even more pretty up close, what’s her name?” Emily says

“Her name is (y/n) Garcia” Penelope says as she looks down on her.

The little girl looks up and waves at the team while drinking her juice then eating her fruit snacks.

“Does she talk?” Aaron says

“Not while she’s eating.” Garcia answers

“Looks like your eating a lot of sweets their dear.” Rossi said with a smile.

“Well can I have spaghetti then?” She says with a smile.

The team smiled in awe at her adorable ness.

“We’ll go get you some when we get home,okay” Garcia says.

“Okay!” She say happily.

“But in the mean time this is Spencer, Emily, Derek, David, and Aaron” they all said hi.

“Hi,hi” the little girls says back.

“Wait…Garcia. You had a baby?” Derek says.

“What! no! She’s my sister” Garcia said making her little sister laugh and falling over.

“So why is she here?” Aaron asked.

“She’s are new programer.” Garcia says

“Really, that’s sick” spencer says

“Uhh!” She shrieks

“What’s wrong sweetie?” Aaron asked

“Someone has hacked into my data bAse! Come on mrs.snugglebite we have to stop the ugly bunny.” She grabs her sisters hand and runs back to the lair.

“Hahaha they’re so cute” Emily says

“A little girl working for the BAU that’s nice.” Rossi says.

“I guess now we have to protect her as well.” They all laughed and now were ready to start their day.

Dishonored 2
  • Emily: Father, thank you for the large number of supernaturally pretty flowers
  • Corvo: That wasn't me, Emily
  • Emily: Oh?...Captain? Thank you for organising the floral displays, they are very fitting
  • Female Watch Officer: Emily, I didn't arrange for the displays either. Your highness.
  • Corvo: Gimme a sec, Emily
  • Corvo: *into the void* DID YOU DO THIS YOU TRICKSTER
  • The Outsider: Nope not me you're barking up the wrong aquatic mammal, Corvo
  • Daud: Don't shout so loud, I'm trying to nap
  • Emily: Then who-
  • Delilah: Hello again children time for death <3