office drinking game

The Office Drinking Game

Take a drink whenever:

  • “Dunder Mifflin, this is Pam”
  • Dwight makes a beet reference
  • Dwight and Angela secretly meet
  • Stanley is onscreen
  • Jim pranks Dwight
  • Jim looks at the camera
  • Jan is onscreen
  • Michael is attempting to flirt with a woman
  • Andy is referred to as “Nard Dog”
  • Michael references race, gender, sexuality, weight, age, etc
  • Kelly says something self-absorbed
  • Jim mentions Pam
  • Pam mentions Jim
  • Pam mentions art
  • “Bob Vance from Vance Refrigeration”
  • Todd Packer is onscreen
  • Michael insults Toby
  • “That’s what she said”

Finish your drink whenever:

  • Moze is shown or mentioned
  • Jim’s prank on Dwight involves jello
  • Steve Carrell wrote the episode
azuresquirrel replied to your post: Nahyuta, I am trying real fucking hard here to…


My complete apathy to him as a character is starting slide to deep, deep dislike real fucking fast.


I mean, yes, all the prosecutors are presented as assholes when we first meet them, which is why I’ve been giving Nahyuta the benefit of the doubt. They all insult the defense side, they’re all smug blah blah prosecutors are all human disasters, it is known.

But with Miles, Franziska, Simon and Klavier - we’d at least get something to like about them. Like showing vulnerability, or being amusing/entertaining, having some actual chemistry with whoever’s sitting on the other side of the court.

Nahyuta gives me absolutely nothing, and I am really starting to resent that he’s been in every goddamn case so far, and the most we’ve gotten out of the other prosecutors is this cameo by Simon.

(btw, Nahyuta just told Simon that he’s ‘no prosecutor’, and I can only assume that Simon storms out of the courtroom, grabs Klavier, and they sit in a bar venting for the next four hours about this new #fake dude that Miles keeps bringing over FOR SOME GODDAMN REASON).

The Office Drinking Game

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Drink a shot every time one of the following occurs

Beginners: Choose 1 thing from the list

Intermediates: Choose up to 5 things from the list

Seasoned drinkers: Play the entire list

Created with help from garrusdatingsimulator

  • Drink every time Jim looks into the camera
  • Drink every time Pam says, “Dunder Mifflin, this is Pam.”
  • Drink every time Michael cites a reference incorrectly
  • Drink every time Michael mentions something about Oscar being gay
  • Drink every time Michael makes up a word
  • Drink every time Ryan and Kelly makeout
  • Drink every time Dwight and Angela have sex
  • Drink every time Andy sings
  • Drink every time Michael says something offensive
  • Drink every time Michael says something racist
  • Drink every time Michael says, “PAM, PAM, PAM.”
  • Drink every time Jim goes up to reception to talk to Pam
  • Drink every time Jim pranks Dwight
  • Drink every time Michael says, “That’s what she said.”

The Pretty One Official Trailer

Starring  Jake Johnson, Zoe Kazan, and Ron Livingston


City Watch Officers making elaborate codes about where to meet tonight.


City Watch Officers getting caught out by sympathetic, like minded Overseers.


City Watch Officers concerned about their fellow’s career opportunities.


City Watch Officers bonding over the Young Prince of Tyvia


City Watch Officers disguising their affection for a fellow officer in grudging, resigned comments about working with them again.




So I dusted off this old thing and updated it based on new suggestions from you guys. 

Every time there is a visible bodily fluid, take a shot
Every time Matt groans, take a shot
Every time Matt falls down, take a drink.
Take a drink every time there is mention butts or cuss
Every time Matt has to protect his crotch, take a shot
Drink every time Matt is forced into an uncomfortable situation
Take a shot Whenever MattG has someone do a dare with him
Finish your drink if Matt gives up on a challenge
Drink every time theres jojo
Drink every time Douche Canoe is said
Drink for every burp/fart
Drink every time theres no pants.

Fic Tennis: Round 20 (Ania's Birthday Round! Part 2/?)

Ania’s having a birthday, and Jamie and I both love her a lot, so we’re doing fic tennis in her honor! Part one, in case you need to catch up. Our prompt photomanip is courtesy of the lovely noyouplum.


The entire competition is a disaster.

First of all, Rose is playing on the Executive team. The Doctor knew they would be participating in this final match, but Rose hadn’t been on the roster that went out in the memo earlier today. Rose is good at bowling. Her form, her score, she’s killing it, which is bad news during a competition in a scratch league like this one.

Second of all, Rose’s biggest cheerleader is a human bloke the Doctor’s never seen before. A human bloke named Denver – yep, that Denver, whose hair is not so spectacular and shoulders really aren’t broad at all. Denver, who only has eyes for Rose, is always there just at the right time to give her a high-five or to fetch her ball from the ball return. Denver, whose score is perfect, and who somehow manages to make the bowling shirt and shoes look stylish.

Taken altogether, the Doctor decides that Denver is definitely … not natural.

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