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Good wood - Jaroslav Juřica has created a colorful collection that aims to bring a fresh approach to seating. The ‘Candy Collection’, for JELÍNEK Collection, is designed around the ergonomics of sitting, featuring curvy, round shapes and solid oak frames to offer a comfortable experience. Love the pop of colour too, would juxtapose nicely with concrete and brick…

*Fallen goddess* Jumin Han x bodyguard!reader pt 1

Jumin had always noticed her. Her silence did not take away her exuding charismatic aura that surrounded her. She was amongst the top bodyguards within the nation, trained by the very best.

Her name was (Y/n).


Jaehee spoke. “There has been a break in, and we are to stay put. Security personnel will be arriving immediately.”

Jumin was startled, but did not lose his composure. “The security systems could not have failed…” He thought, when he heard a gunshot from outside his office. His eyes widened, and despite Jaehee’s anxious protests, he strode towards the door and opened it cautiously.

There stood a man with a black mask, holding a gun with trembling hands. It was aimed at her.

Jumin was frozen in his tracks, unable to move. (Y/n) stood with a surprising calm, her arms in the air. Her long brown tresses flowed down her back, and her black office uniform hugged her curves. From any person’s view, she looked like a harmless office worker, which was far from the truth. She did not wear body guard uniform, as the more inconspicuous, the better.

The man laughed nervously, not noticing his presence. “You… lady. Tell me where Jumin Han is and I will let you go. I have unfinished business with him.” Jumin gulped, eyes darting to (Y/n).

“I would very much like to help you sir… but please. Put the gun down.” She said, her voice smooth.

The man walked towards her, cackling. “Stupid woman, take me to Jumin Han,” he said, pressing the metal to her head.

Jumin felt himself ready to run to her, but there was no need.

In a flash, (Y/n) pushed him down to the ground and knocked the gun out of his hand, hitching up her skirt to reveal her own. She spun the pistol in the delicate fingers and put it down on his head.

The man screamed, and (Y/n) smiled.

“I told you put down the gun, didn’t I?” She said sweetly, her voice coated in poison. She slid out three knives, and tossed them down around the man’s body to immobilize him.

(Y/n) gracefully straightened herself up, brushing herself off. Her eyes slid to make contact with Jumin’s.

His breath caught in his throat and he felt his heart stop. Her burning eyes were enough to make a man drop to his knees, and Jumin’s was close to giving way.

Her lips lifted into a playful smile, and she looked away. As security began to arrive, she instructed them on what to do with the intruder. Jumin watched in awe as they obeyed her commands with no hesitation.

She had immense power, and it gripped him. Jumin had never seen (Y/n) doing her duties as these incidents were incredibly rare, but he had heard the rumours.

The rumours that she could turn the tables in an instant.

That she could kill with her bare hands.

Now, he believed them all.

Dead on Arrival

Pairing: Seth Rollins x Reader

Summary: Not as gory as it sounds, I promise. You and Seth get into a car crash, but he can only remember the details in reverse– and you, well, you can only remember it from the point until you were noted as Dead on Arrival.

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In all but name by -l- AJM -l-
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“Fifty Shades of Grey” movie + book quote (4/?): Ana’s destination - Grey Enterprises Holding Inc

“My destination is the headquarters of Mr. Grey’s global enterprise. It’s a huge twenty-story office building, all curved glass and steel, an architect’s utilitarian fantasy, with Grey House written discreetly in steel over the glass front doors.”