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How to destroy people who read the INTJ description and took it a tad too seriously

I’m not saying they’re mistyped - they very well might be INTJs - but instead of just, you know, being the person they already are like a sane and healthy INTJ, they decided to become some ridiculous stereotype to ensure everyone knows they are an INTJ. And they deserve to be destroyed.

Subtype 1. Acts like a cartoon villain. Says things like “my plan is almost complete!” and does an evil laugh and spins around in blinged-out office chairs petting cats. If they are a teenager, ignore this phase. Act mildly condescending, like an exhausted parent trying to get a toddler to do things (eg: “yes honey, I know you’re the most evil, now eat the broccoli tree because deforestation is evil!”). If they are an adult, laugh in their face and leave. They have probably already lost their job and have no friends at this point so just wait until they starve.

Subtype 2. “I’m just being honest.” Claims to lack feelings. Acts like being constantly insulting to people who can ‘handle it’ is a complement and an honor. Does not understand that truthfulness and tact can coexist, or that there’s a time for bluntness and a time to keep your mouth shut. You should probably stab them and say “true friends stab you in the front.” They’ll appreciate it.

Subtype 3. Thinks Ni makes them psychic. Like subtype 1, just be super condescending. Miss Cleo jokes and holding up a deck of cards and asking them to predict the cards repeatedly and taunting them whenever they get one wrong (or if they refuse) until they melt down are your best methods.

Subtype 4. Thinks Ni and Te automatically grants them intelligence. If you can, just outsmart them in as public a way as possible. Best them at literally anything that requires a brain. Eg: chess tournaments, spelling bees, becoming class validictorian, solving a difficult puzzle. They will experience such intense cognitive dissonance that they may in fact explode. On the other hand sometimes these people are in fact intelligent, just also insufferable. In that case, either enlist another genius and have them do the dirty work of besting that INTJ, or  just go for the inferior Se and make them look as ridiculous as possible.

Mythical Creature!AU


I wanted to draw epic things!! So I did~ Here we got ourselves some Werewolf!Arthur, Dragon!Lewis, and Siren!Vivi. 

ps. On Arthur’s back he basically has a metal ponytail holder~ Lewis is transforming~ and it’s water that is surrounding Vivi, yea~