office bed


…never mind me

so it’s been a year since i’ve had kitty cain!! he’s the first cat i’ve ever gotten to raise, and he’s a perfect fit in my every day life. he already knows how to fetch, sit, and he stands on his hind legs to tell me he needs food! it’s been fantastic having him integrated in, but i think the hardest thing about having him was to accept going from this:

to this:

Jim Halpert: “Does my room have cable?”

Dwight Schrute: “No. And the sheets are made of fire.”

Jim Halpert: “Can I change rooms?”

Dwight Schrute: “Sorry, we’re all booked up. Hell convention in town.”

Jim Halpert: “Can I have a late checkout?”

Dwight Schrute: “I’ll have to talk to the manager.”

Jim Halpert: “You’re not the manager? Even in your own fantasy?”

Dwight Schrute: “I’m the owner. The co-owner. With Satan!”

Jim Halpert: “Okay. Just so I understand it, in your wildest fantasy, you are in Hell, and you are co-running a bed-and-breakfast with the Devil.”