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it’s an end of an era if that era is “Out of the 20 Hours A Week I Work, 15 Of Them Are Spent Not Doing Work” because now that we’re moving to our new space, I have my new “office” (read: single cramped desk) but it’s right in front of my boss’s new office which has a fucking glass wall 

I will henceforth be referring to my desk as The Panopticon 

Tidying up your offices and desks before classes start next week?

Donate Books to the 5th Annual Lehigh Libraries Valentine’s Day Book & Bake Sale!

Help a local charity by donating books to the Lehigh Libraries Valentine’s Day Book & Bake Sale Benefit.

Take new or used books in good condition to the Linderman Library circulation desk until Monday, February 13. Donations of popular genres such as Children’s and Graphic Novel books are especially appreciated.

Baked goods or sweet treat donations are appreciated any day of the sale at either library.

Proceeds will benefit BETHLEHEM EMERGENCY SHELTERING, a charity comprised of local churches that provide nightly shelter to the homeless during the winter’s coldest months.


Di ko pala ‘to nakwento.

Last year before Christmas when I arrived in the office, may nakalagay sa desk ko na bulaklak tapos sobrang nagulat ako kasi I haven’t really received a bouquet of flowers sa tanang buhay ko. I didn’t know kanino yun galing kasi may pa anonymous pa si koya niyo but at the end of the day, nakilala ko rin sino.

Let’s call him, Kanya. Nung nalaman ko naman na siya na yung nagbigay, i made it clear that I could not offer anything more than friendship na naiintindihan naman daw niya. So kanina, nag jog kami ni Mavic sa UP Diliman tapos niyaya niya si Kanya kasi sa UP Bliss lang siya nakatira. Eh while jogging, si Mavic matanong, bakit daw ako binigyan ng bulaklak dati tapos sabi ni Kanya espesyal daw ako for him. Tinanong ko kung bakit tapos sabi niya, “Hindi ka naman mahirap magustuhan eh.” Idk. Idk kung maniniwala ako or bias lang ako kasi he’s not the person I wanted to hear that from or if ayoko lang talaga makarinig ng ganon kasi baka di lang din naman totoo. Pero after niya sinabi yon sabi ko, “Oh. Tandaan mo ha. Friends lang friends lang ganon.” Hahaha hassle.

Di ko alam eh. Di ko nga alam ano ba nagugustuhan sakin. Di ko naman feel na likeable ako I mean, ano bang kagusto gusto sakin. Haha! Anyway, ayun. Ang sakit ng legs ko sa jog pagod din ako sa work tapos ayon antok na ko. Hi.


Old post in drafts. i JUST KEPT GOING WITH MORE SKetches

More Ageswap AU Mob Psycho 100 - captions on pics


Desk 02 by Artifox

In times of making everything wireless and online, with a minimalistic approach, there are things we don’t need any more when it comes to a desk. But things have been coming up that we hope for, like a neat way of holding the energy cord. Artifox has created the modern and minimalistic Desk 02, that has everything you need and nothing more.