daily reminder to not kidnap baby birds

It’s that time of year again! Somebody just showed up in my office with a baby bird.

Turns out this “injured bird”, which is actually a baby northern mockingbird, was found right by a mockingbird nest I’ve been monitoring, where the chicks just recently hopped out of the nest. So this story had a happy ending, luckily: baby and family reunited!

But yes, it’s the time of year when you’ll see birds who are fluttering awkwardly, or just sitting still (FYI, a baby bird’s innate predator defense is to crouch down and stay quiet! If he’s not running away from you, that means he’s just hoping you won’t see him!!!!!! Give him what he wants and pretend you didn’t see him!!!!!!!). But fear not: they’re just dumb babies awaiting their next grub.

Put Him Back!

my interpretation of white diamond from steven universe!!!

i’m excited to see if she makes an appearance in the one hour special, she’s definitely one of the most hyped characters in the show!!! OwO

i based her off of a little theory i saw online and it’s nothing really well known so i’ll explain it a bit:

-white diamond and the boss baby are THE SAME person!
-the boss baby is very busy and leads a double life
-using makeup the boss baby covers their diamond from their family as they instruct the other diamonds of what to do on homeworld
-the reason why white diamond hasn’t shown up yet is because of copyright issues, but since the 2017 BOX OFFICE HIT! The Bossy Baby (2017) has released in theaters, the creators gave the crewniverse the a-okay to show them off in action!

so ya!!! i hope u guys enjoy my design OuO

Fic Recommendation List pt.2

So here is the 2nd part of the list since the it’s too long that the links aren’t appearing or working (however you say it). Hopefully this works on mobiles as well. I checked the entire list and it’s not working on mobile and on the actually blog site too. 

Tell me if it works this time. :) ➡pt.1 of the list

Symbol:  ❗ - Favorite

Written by @hobibliophile :

Stormy Weather [Jungkook|M]

Blue Blooded [Seokjin/Jin|Angst, smut, fluff] (Royalty AU) ❗

In An Instant [Suga/Yoongi|M]

Laundry Mishaps [Jimin|M] (RA!Jimin)


Written by @seokvie :

Pamper [Suga/Yoongi|M]

Roommates [V/Taehyung|M]


Written by @hallyuwriters :

Guardian Demon [Jimin|M] (Demon AU)  ❗

Suit & Tie [Jimin|M]

Heat [V/Taehyung|M] (Dogboy Hybrid AU)  ❗

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Emma’s having some GI problems and I’m hoping I don’t have to take her to the doctor’s office 😩😩😩 sick baby appointments are a minimum of $50 even before the doctor walks in the damn room

Plus whatever tests or anything they have to do! I’m trying to wait it out and see if she gets better because other than the bowel movements she’s doing fine, just fussy, but I’m really stressing this.

It’s already been going on for about four days! At first I thought it was something she’d eaten, but she doesn’t eat the same stuff daily and enough time has passed that it would be out of her system by now.

LGBT movies I recommend!

Brokeback Mountain 

(I really hope you have already seen this tho, its a classic. Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger plays two shepherds falling in love in 1960 Wyoming)


(Dutch, two teenage boys fall in love and deals with it) 

Freier Fall 
(German, two police officers, one with a baby on the way, develops feelings for one another. One of my favourite movies of all time) 

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anonymous asked:

i'm feeling quiet down at the moment due to friendships dying and so, so could you tell me something happy or nice so i can take my mind off it for a bit?? xx

Of course! 

  • In Japan, there is an island called Okunoshima filled with tame bunnies.
  • Ducks shake their tails when they are happy.
  • In Liechtenstein’s last military engagement, none of the 80 soldiers sent were injured, and in fact returned with an Austrian officer friend.
  • A baby puffin is called a puffling.
  • Norway once knighted a brave little penguin because he was “in every way qualified to receive the honor and dignity of knighthood”.
  • The national animal of Scotland is an unicorn.
  • During 1914 Christmas, WW1 British and German forces had an unofficial ceasefire where soldiers from both sides walked out into ‘no man’s land’ to sit around christmas trees, sing carols, exchange stories and gifts.
  • There are more public libraries in the USA than McDonalds in the whole world, approximately with a ratio of 4:1.
  • Blind people smile, even if they haven’t seen a smile before.
  • JM Barrie donated all copywriter royalties of Peter Pan to a children’s hospital (GOSH) to fund healthcare and research for sick children.
  • Otters hold hands while sleeping so they don’t float away from each other.
  • Humans and animals that trust each other secrete oxytocin in each other’s presences, much like how a mother and child would do so, or any other two people that love each other deeply.
  • An island covered in landmines is used as a penguin wildlife preserve, because the birds are too small to set off the mines, and has a 100% success rate in keeping poachers out.
  • Somewhere in the world, someone is having the best day of their life…

I wrote a thing based around some headcanons from @markired and @alcordraws (and one I came up with but shhhh). It’s not my best but eh.


The Host was relaxing in Dr. Iplier’s office, waiting on him to get home from whatever errand he was running. It had become almost routine. Wake up, do whatever, wait on Iplier, spend time with Iplier, repeat. Sometimes, there wouldn’t be a “wake up” step due to no sleep. However, this day was different, except for the fact that he was practically a noodle from the sleep deprivation and his powers were a bit drained.

He was curled up on the couch, some music channel playing at a low volume in the background. As soon as he started getting bored, there was a knock at the door. “Coming.” He grumbled, a little annoyed that he had to get out of the comfortable position. He opened the door and no one was there. The egos that would be at the door were still shuffling down the hallway, and the Host came to realize that he had only predicted the knocking, which annoyed him to no end because of how exhausted he felt. He closed the door and leaned up against it, waiting for the knock that would come thirty seconds later.

The Jim twins were at the door when he reopened it. It took a few moments for their images to flood into the Host’s mind, but when they did, the annoyance melted away. They looked miserable. Their hair was matted and tangled. Newscaster Jim’s glasses were askew on his face. They were both in pajamas, but the worst part was that both of their faces were drenched in tears.

The Host was confused. The twins were usually two of the happiest ones in the household, so it had to be major to make them upset. He didn’t exactly like physical contact from anyone other than Dr. Iplier, but he knew the twins appreciated hugs, so he threw his arms open. The twins accepted it and just collapsed into him. He then guided them to the couch and, after grabbing blankets for them, he sat them down carefully, then sat in between them. He allowed the younger boys to use him as a pillow, which he thought was actually kind of adorable.

“Alright, tell me what’s wrong. If you want to, that is.” The Host said. He decided not to pry into their minds, instead letting them explain by their choice. The boys looked at each other, then nodded. “We heard that you get visions of the future. We get visions of death and catastrophe. That’s what’s happening right now. We figured that you could help.” They said in unison. Suddenly, the Host held them tighter.  “It’ll be okay, boys, don’t worry. You can’t stop the visions, but there is something to help calm you down. We just have to wait for Iplier to get home. He has the key to the cabinet that it’s in.“ The twins nodded.

It took at least five minutes for Iplier to get home. The twins were breathing so heavily and so quickly, the Host thought that they were going to hyperventilate. At times, one of them, or both, would yelp or scream. Not from pain, but from fear. It isn’t easy seeing disaster struck upon the world and not being able to do anything about it. The Host felt terrible for the twins, and every time one of them jumped, yelped, screamed, etc., a pang of guilt would hit him for reasons he did not know. At one point, Weatherman Jim started writhing in his seat, and all the Host could do was whisper to him and tell him that it would be okay. What the Host didn’t know was that Weatherman Jim was in the middle of a forest fire, and it was definitely not okay.

Finally, Dr. Iplier opened the door to his office. "Baby, put the vinyl on.” The Host said urgently. “What?” Iplier questioned, confused. This isn’t how the vision thing usually goes. Iplier usually finds the Host trembling in a corner, so he found it a bit weird that he was asking from the couch. However, when he heard a yelp, he rushed over to the couch and saw the twins holding onto the Host like their lives depended on it. “Vinyl. Right.” Iplier recognized the signs. The sweating, shaking, wide eyes full of fear, the quick breathing. Dr. Iplier and the Host had figured out a way to calm the Host down when he was having a vision, and it was the sound of vinyl crackling. Why it works? They have no idea. Dr. Iplier didn’t even know if it would work with the twins, but it was worth a try.

Dr. Iplier pulled out a stepstool and fished a key out of his pocket. He unlocked one of the higher cabinets which revealed a slightly modernized record player with a blank vinyl already on the platter. After lowering the arm, he turned the volume up to the maximum setting and went back to the couch, carefully sitting down beside Jim2. The crackling of the vinyl resonated in the office, mixed with soft whimpers and yelps from the twins. Despite the images flowing through their heads, they began to calm down. They didn’t know why, but the crackling, warm blankets, the soft narrating from the Host, and Dr. Iplier whispering to them made the two feel a lot better.

When the visions finally stopped, you could almost see the boys calm down. Their muscles relaxed, their breathing slowed, and they released their grips on the Host, apologizing quietly for holding onto him so hard. The Host responded by running his fingers through their hair and telling them that he barely felt it, although he did, and he didn’t dare say that there would be bruises, even though he knew the purple marks would be there the next day. He then grabbed Iplier’s attention by clearing his throat. “Hmm?” The Doctor hummed in reply. The Host gestured to the twins, then to the bedroom with his head, and Iplier nodded in understanding. They picked up the twins slowly and gently, the Host with Jim1 and Iplier with Jim2, and carried them to the bedroom, laying them on the bed and pulling the covers up on top of them. The Host and Iplier started to leave, but the twins sleepily tugged on their coats, silently demanding that they stay. The two climbed into the bed and friend-cuddled (keyword: friend; don’t get any ideas) the twins for the rest of the night.

And, once they all fell asleep, a lowkey jealous Bim Trimmer showed up in the doorway, narrowing his eyes at them all, but decided to leave them alone.


(Had to include Bim there at the end, because he and the twins are starting to become my new otp. BimJim? JimTrimmer?)

Owned - pt 9

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The doctor wanted to see you both today, as soon as possible. Both of you, confused and silent on the way there.

You almost fell asleep once again in his arms until the driver announced that you were five minutes away.

“Good morning Doctor Lu, is everything okay?” Namjoon asked her.

“We hope so. I just got the test results back.” She flipped through some papers and circled a few words. “You’re not pregnant Mrs. Kim but these tests show signs of a serious issue.”

“How serious?” Namjoon questioned.

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