Most of the important characters (Ex. Zacharie, The Judge, and The Batter) can hear the Player (AKA, you) speaking if you are whilst playing, they can hear only your voice and listen as you ramble about another topic or about the game. The Batter finds it interesting while The Judge just doesn’t quite understand, Zacharie however tends to speak back even though he isn’t sure if you can hear him reply.

Submitted By: sassariezacharie

Off is told backwards. The Batter switched off a perfectly good world, which then became a corrupted world. He killed Hugo to hide him from the mistake, and then killed his wife because she opposed to Hugos death. The 3 guradians of the zones then became mad with power with out the queen, but continued to insist that they were under her power. He destroyed zone 3 to get rid of the addictive sugar, killed Japhet, and then killed Dedan. He ended up in an unmade Zone; 0, and then accepted that.

Submitted By: Anon

Sugar is both addictive and highly corrosive. This is why Enoch and Sucre have the apparent holes around the edges of their mouths. The addiction caused by sugar’s consumption is used to keep the Elsens in check in most of the zones, though this tactic is used mainly in Zone 3. This is also why Zacharie wears a mask - the sugar has eaten through most of the tissue of his cheeks, and the wounds refuse to heal.

Submitted By: Anon

The Player is actually a therapist, who is guiding their patient, The Batter, through his trauma of his wife and son’s death. The Player is trying to help him accept it and move on(The Judge’s ending) , or to destroy his memories of it and forget about it altogether (Turning the switch off in the end. He takes a drug to block the recalling of those memories to be able to forget his traumatic experience). Zacharie is The Batter’s best friend who is trying to support him with the sessions as well as with whatever he finally decides to do about his traumatic experience, but is afraid that if The Batter goes with blocking his memories, he will forget him and their friendship.

Submitted By: rheth-sheth

All of the characters in OFF are stuck in an infinite timeloop, and Zacharie is the only one that remembers. For each new timeline, there’s a new “player” and Zacharie hopes that this will be the one who prevents the Batter from destroying everything. Still, he knows that his purpose in this world is to be a merchant and so he does his job patiently.

This is why he’s so unaffected by every death in the game. He even has a mask for every other character in the game, so that he can take up their role if need be.

Submitted By: guillotineghosties

The title drop at the end of the game - ‘OFF’ - is a metaphor for The Batter pulling the plug on his dying son. The game has a lot of medical connotations, too - the sea of plastic can be interpreted as the tubes and devices needed to support Hugo, the sugar as the pills needed to keep his condition from worsening, and, well, it’s obvious what the meat and the cutting open of the cows hints to. In this way, the Elsens represent Hugo and the Specters represent his illness (though this may be somewhat obvious). 

Submitted By: supersmalls

The game is a metaphor for Hugo’s undergoing chemotherapy, as personified by the Batter. More specifically, the game is how Hugo understands the process of chemotherapy to work in terms of how he understands his body (hence why everything is so body-centered/bizarre, since he’s young and probably not that knowledgeable of anatomy or physiology), and what the player sees is his attempt to cope with the fact that he is in danger of dying.

To elaborate: the spectres represent the cancer, which the chemo/Batter is supposed to kill, but because chemo also destroys your immune system entirely, it means that the Batter also kills Elsen/white blood cells indiscriminately—because that’s his job. The guardians represent parts of Hugo’s physiology that fail throughout the game. The Secretaries are the personification of the parts of Hugo’s body that were adversely affected by the chemo, thus leading to genetic mutation, or that succumbed to cancer in spite of the chemo’s/Batter’s efforts. Hugo only dies if the Batter pulls the switch; otherwise, he falls into a coma from which he never awakens.

Submitted By: sigmundfrood

Zacharie was the only character who understood that OFF was just a game. That’s why he was so calm during his last conversation with the player-he knew that even after the Batter completed his mission, nothing bad would really happen. Unlike Zacharie, the Elsen were afraid of death and purification. Though the Judge broke the fourth wall, he didn’t share Zacharie’s blind faith and didn’t believe that nothing bad would happen once the Batter finished his work.

Submitted By: Anon

I believe that the game is a metaphor for a man losing everything he has. Clearly the batter is “the father.” This seems to become more relevant towards the room and ending stages as he reads the notes about how his son loves his mother and doesn’t care to be around his father. The Batter has lost his wife, lost his son. There’s no reason for him to keep on living, so why not “purify” everyone. I couldn’t really subject as to who all the people are and if he is truly killing other people or not. Though it is clear that he kills his friends whether it be just friends of the family or perhaps his bosses, all you truly know is his son is friends with them calling them: “Tall Mister, Big Mister, and the bird.”

Towards the end of the game he kills his son and wife and the final confrontation leads him to be countered by the Judge. Now you can take the judge in two ways. A literal judge either sentencing him to death( IE Siding with the Judge at the end) or having before the trial, the batter kill him. Or perhaps he is god. You the player get to choose whether this man will be purified or whether he will not and kill the representation of god. In the end it comes down to the Batter and flipping the switch at the end of the game. The switch will purify everything. He is killing himself, ending his world. This is just the speculation I found throughout the game.

Submitted By: possibly-irritable

The Batter has the ability to shapeshift, but only part of this ability is under his control.

The Batter is actually whatever entity the Queen is. However, using this ability, he changed his appearance to appear more human so that his Player would trust him more, since he is aware that his Player is a human. This is part of his ability that he can control.

The part that he can’t control is his BadBatter form. He appears in this form towards people who view him as a threat or as an enemy. That’s why the Player does not see this form until he/she chooses to side with The Judge. By doing so, they view the Batter as an enemy and his appearance changes to look like BadBatter. Sucre also sees him in this form because she felt threatened when he broke into her basement, that’s why she called him a ‘ducky’. This form acts as a defensive mechanism that allows him to appear more powerful and more terrifying to his enemies.

Submitted By: thisisdarrelsblog