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Apparently Tamaki has a crush on me……in my dream LMAO


Too many of our children are not growing up,
They’re growing in;
Instead of becoming engineers and building their future,
They are becoming mathematicians,
Counting calories on scales they can never live up to.
And what do we have to offer them but empty plates?
In open hands We feed them magazines,
Full of images of what they perceive is pretty;
Paper thin.
And they will take it,
Their five fingered forks
Filling their empty bellies with dead trees,
Hoping the branches won’t break on the way,
While we cut them down;
Another inch.
Their idols Imposters;
Neon paintings of people who never existed,
Splayed on billboards to be dissected by the masses,
Their holy guts a crucifix to beauty;
And they eat them up,
Getting stuck in their teeth,
Like wish bones that were never whole.
They’re left unfulfilled,
Starving for the next thing,
As we shove packages marked ‘fat free’
Down into their core
And preach epidemics of obesity,
But we never taught them to be full.
We teach them ribs are sexy,
So they count every one,
A notch in their belt;
Hollow cheeks and sunken eyes
That the gap in their thighs should be wide enough,
To see the girl behind them,
And send them to their Graves early;
Long before they’re dead.
Because being frail means you are a woman;
We made them women before they even knew.
We shamed their bodies with smiles on our faces,
So they wouldn’t know the difference,
And then watched them fade away
Congratulating every pound.
We need to teach them size doesn’t matter;
To wear their joy.
That they are more then three syllables,
Worth more then a 9 letter word;
That every angle and curve is perfect
Because there’s no one in the world like them.
That editing programs do not create people,
And the next time someone makes them feel less then fucking perfect,
Shove their forks in their faces
And give them something they can chew.
…there’s an epidemic

GOT7 Reaction to their sister coming out as Pansexual (w Blackpink’s Lisa)

Mark: It’s not that he doesn’t support you or anything, but he’s just completely clueless, so when you tell him he goes into complete shock. “YOu- and her?- and you? You’re dATING?????” When he calms down from the surprise he apologizes for the reaction but continues to tease you about it just to get under your skin. He’s always giggling and bugging you about her.

 “Sooooo, Y/N How’s Lisa????”

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Jaebum: He doesn’t really say much honestly, i feel like he’s the type of brother to sort of vibe with you so he smiles and says “Cool, I”m glad you’re happy.” But his support is shown in smaller ways like offering you two plates of food to bring home, or giving Lisa his number to contact if you were in any sort of emergency. It’s a quiet support, but you can feel it constantly.

“Good for you.”

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Jackson: Oh god, this boy would be sO EXTRA when you came out, he’d curl up and scream because hes excited for you and proud. Expect your brother to give you a million hugs, join the damn GSA, buy so much ally stuff, and just try his best to show you his support. When he finds out you’re dating lisa he gets even more excited and starts looking at photos. 

“WOAH she’s so pretty! Good job!”

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Jinyoung: He doesn’t focus on the coming out aspect as much as he does the fact your dating someone bc, hello? no one is good enough for his sister he must investigate this. After a slew of questions he’d finally feel satisfied and want to met Lisa to see if she was as great as you say.

“She’s really sweet and cute!”

“…..We’ll see.”

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Youngjae: He’s gonna yell, that’s just a fact. “WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME SOOONeR?” is the first thing that comes out of his mouth, he looks so betrayed that you waited to tell him. After you tell him to get over it he brightens up, and will being to ask things about how the relationship is going, as well as if you’re happy with it.

“The pain…..of not being told………sooner….I doubt i’ll ever recover..”

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BamBam: Oh boy, he supposedly knew Lisa when he was younger so he’d probably congratulate you on coming out but immediately go to your girlfriend and tease her. “ WHAT ARE YOUR INTENTIONS WITH MY SISTER YOUNG LADY????”

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Yugyeom: wouldn’t react too much imo, i think he’d listen patiently and nod along until you’re done talking about your girlfriend and your sexuality. The only time he starts to talk about it is when he gets this dumb lil smirk on his face and starts singing

 “Y/n and Lisa, sittin in a tree-”

“Yugyeom are gonna stop or do i have to hit you?”

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Everyone throwin out asks for pokemon headcanons all of a sudden so I hope you don't mind another one. Growlithe/Arcanine pretty please? *offers plate of sweet tasty berries* :3

I don’t mind it at all, my dude! I love these pokemon headcanons! :3 and bruh, I’m a slut for berries *munch*


* They’re very territorial of anything or anyone entering their space. They’ll keep barking until the person or pokemon leaves, chasing them away if it has to. It’ll never bite anything though unless they were an immediate danger.

* They make excellent guard dogs: they always alert their trainers of anything out of place. They’re also pretty smart and can’t be outdone by most tricks.

* They’re very playful and energetic. They are often chosen for a child’s first pokemon not only because of this but also because they protect their trainers and would never hurt them on accident.


* The body heat they emit is a very pleasant warmth and never too hot. Both people and pokemon like to lay against Arcanine not only for this but also because it’s fur is soft and nice to lay against.

* Like any dog, they love their bellies and their ears to be scratched. they also get really happy every time they’re petted by their trainers.

* Their barks are very loud, loud enough to wake even a Snorlax sometimes. Their growls are also pretty loud, you could feel the rumbling of their growls in your chest.



Painting: Boris Dmitrievich Grigoriev Old Man from Olonets (1918-1919) 

Photograph: Maxim Petrovich Dmitriev Wayfaring Man (c. 1900) 

And so he started wandering from village to village […], sharing his journey with other wayfaring men and women, asking, in the name of Christ, for a slice of bread and a lodging for the night. Now and then, an angry housewife would scold him or a drunken peasant would curse him; but most of the time people would offer him a plate of food and a glass of water, even give him something to eat on the road. His noble aspect made some people like him; others, on the contrary, were happy to see a gentleman in such a state of destitution. His mildness though won everybody over.

Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy Father Sergius (translated by Colouringreflections)

Music: Franz Schubert Four Impromptus, D. 935 (suggested interpretation: Radu Lupu)


I’ve been learning how to make sigils and I have to say, I regret not starting them sooner, they’re so much fun to make. :D

I created these and thought I’d share them with you all.

The first is “My companions are full of energy” that I’m going to put on the bottom of their offering plate, so they get a good charge off any offerings I place there or when I leave their vessels there.

The second is “I can hear my companions clearly” and that one’s pretty self explanatory, I think.

I also have a variant on the energy one to as “I am full of energy” if anyone would like that one instead, to give themselves a boost. :>

More to come soon, probably! Any requests?

Vasily Kafanov - The Machines of God, 2000.

In the center of the sacrificial offering plate, both cup and womb, lie sleeping the Genesis lovers, the innocence of humanity; father and mother alike, Adam and Eve united as one. Dichotomy courses throughout uniting man and woman, hand above and below, with Sun and Moon presiding over the alchemical union. Thematically representative of Glass & June, insofar that “their fates had intertwined long before they were lovers, their moment extending back before their eyes first met, and that bond was eternal”.

Hands are positioned above and below the offering plate, mirroring the alchemical truth: “As Above, So Below”, recalling Christ as the Baphomet, one hand signifying those who Ascend, and the other, those who are Damned. Man is born betwixt both, and pulled equally by both forces. In the upper left hand corner lays a diagram of a Triangle - representing the Trinity - encircled by two spiral entities; two manifestations of will, describing two separate aspects of the Creator.

In the center of the Triangle lies the Tetragrammaton ; a Greek word meaning “the four lettered name of God”, or IHVH as it is transliterated into Latin and pronounced “Yod He Vav He” (as the Hebrew language contains no vowels in its written form, only consonants). In 1611, when English translators of the Bible made the original Hebrew readable in their own language, it was from a variant pronunciation of IHVH from which they derived the name ‘Jehovah’.

Ride A Cowboy

Ken had traveled out to the small rural town after answering a job posting. It was a simple gig. He just had to dress up as a rodeo cowboy, put on a show at a local bar, maybe ride a bull or two, and he’d be making a quick buck. They even offered to put him up, so what could be better? He was pleasantly surprised by the couple who offered to let him stay in their home. He especially enjoyed the wife’s glancing looks his way. It seemed he would be getting more than a night’s rest. “That was some good cooking. Did you prepare this meal yourself?” He asks sweetly to the woman, as he offered his plate to her to wash.


***You and Teresa are doing a sleepover and the guys what to be part of it :P***

Oh my lord. I thought this request was adorable. It’s just a short one if that’s fine

You and Teresa were finally getting to have a sleepover. Well you had sleepovers practically every night but you were always so tired after working all day you guys just went to bed but Alby had decided that we all needed some time off. You and Teresa hadn’t been able to stop talking about it.

Teresa was in the middle of telling you about the accident she nearly had at the Slicers when someone knocked on the door. You give Teresa a puzzled look and go up and open the door.

“Frypan?” You ask, bemused. “What are you doing here?" 

He offers you the plates in his hand. "I made you girls some snacks.” He mumbles, looking at the ground.

“Wow,” You laugh and Teresa takes the plates from Frypan. “Thank you! It looks like you made enough to feed all the Gladers.”

“Well if you need anything else. You, um, know where to find me.” He says quietly as you begin to shut the door. 

“Thanks again, Frypan.” You turn back to Teresa. “I wonder what that was all about.” She shrugs in response as she pops one of the snacks into her mouth.

“Wow! These are really good!” She marvels. “Anyways back to my story-” She’s cut off by another knock at the door. “I’ll get it.”  She gets up and goes to the door and you try one of Frypan’s snacks. They are good.

“Gally! (y/n), it’s Gally. Hi Gally.” You turn around and sure enough Gally’s at the door. You can faintly see Frypan in the background as well.

“Hi girls,” Gally looks nervous. “I thought you’d like some of my mix?” He’s holding the biggest jug of liquid you’ve ever seen. Teresa takes it and hands it to me.

“Thanks Gally? Well have a nice night?” Teresa closes the door and gives you a quizzical look. 

“Don’t ask me, I have no idea.” You respond. There’s another knock on the door and you open it. Every Glader is standing outside the hut, Gally and Frypan included. Thomas stands at the front. None of them look directly at you.

“We heard you were having a sleepover…” Thomas starts. “Can we come?” You look at Teresa and the mass amount of food and drink you’ve acquired and laugh. You swing open the door. 

“Come on in.”


*offers plate of cookies* So reader is guitarist/vocalist in an up-and-coming band on tour with Asking Alexandria. Reader and Ben spend the whole thing flirting, and near the end of the tour Ben & reader are off at a bar getting tipsy. Ben gets a bit excited, the two have sex in one of the buses, and in the morning Ben asks reader out all sweet-like. Pretty please and a million thanks!! <3

*Gladly accepts cookies and noms them viciously* I have another request for a ben bruce smut but nothing specific sooo I hope it’s okay if this answers that, too c:

“Y/N!” a familiar accented voice yelled. “You and the guys are coming out with us tonight!” 

“Yeah,” I replied loudly, not turning around as I messed with my guitar.

“It wasn’t a question,” Ben’s voice came from right behind me. I jumped a little and turned to find him standing behind me with a smirk. I smiled at him.

“Well, well, well if it isn’t Mr. Bruce. Come to make fun of me some more?” I asked playfully.

“Saving most of that for tonight,” he replied, giving me a heart-melting grin. “Short stuff.”

“Hey! Not very nice,” I told him, feigning hurt. Ben grinned evilly and leaned in so he could whisper in my ear.

“Just think, since you’re already so close to the ground it won’t be so bad when you get on your knees for me,” he said, an edge of lust to his voice. I felt my cheeks turn pink and I slapped his arm, laughing lightly. Ben just grinned and walked away. “See you tonight. You better look hot,” he called over his shoulder.

“I always look hot!” I yelled back.

“Very true,” came his reply. I just shook my head and grabbed my things to head to the bus. If I wanted to look really good then I needed to start getting ready. I was still sweaty and gross from our performance. 

~A few hours later~

I grabbed my phone and ID along with some cash and stuffed it all into a little clutch thingy I had, heading over to AA’s bus with the rest of the band. We climbed on and headed for a club downtown. I sat next to Ben on the bus and we talked the whole ride there, laughing and kinda flirting a bit. 

Okay, flirting a lot. As soon as we met before the tour there was an instant connection between us. So much sexual tension and chemistry shifted between our bodies every time we were around each other. The entire tour had been nothing but a flirtationship for us. Now, as we sat together on our way to this club, I noticed Ben’s eyes sometimes trailing to the hem of my dress, biting his lip as they did so. I smirked to myself, knowing this outfit would drive him crazy throughout the night. 

“Alright, lets go fuckers!” Danny yelled as we pulled up to the place. We cheered and got out, piling into the building. We all got drinks and a big booth for us all to fit before heading to the dance floor. I stayed behind to watch the others. When Ben noticed, he came back and sat with me, ordering another beer. 

“Feel like being anti-social or what?” he asked. I shook my head, taking another swig of my drink.

“No, I just need a bit more alcohol in me before I go out there and dance,” I told him. He laughed and went up to the bar. When he returned, he had a whole tray of different drinks.

“Well, then lets get started because I’d like to dance with your fine ass before the night is over,” he said, eyeing me happily. I giggled and obliged, grabbing another concoction. Ben and I drank and drank until finally all the drinks were gone. We were laughing obnoxiously at each other, the poison running strongly through our veins.

“You are so very funny,” I slurred, poking him in the chest and nearly falling over into his lap. We laughed some more.

“Are you drunk enough to dance yet?” he asked. I nodded and he grabbed my hand, leading me to the floor. Ben’s hands found my hips and our bodies swayed in unison to the beat of the music. Eventually he turned me around and pulled me to him. I began to grind into his hips, earning a few groans in my ear, which really turned me on. After a bit more of this, Ben whispered something about leaving in my ear and I nodded happily. With excitement, he pulled me outside and then onto the empty bus. 

Before I could say anything, Ben’s lips crashed onto mine. Our bodies slammed into a wall, our hands roaming each other fiercely. Our kissed was sloppy, but passionate. His tongue tasted like whiskey and I loved it. Ben’s hands went around my back and grabbed my ass roughly, making me gasp and giggle at the same time. He smiled against my mouth.

“You’re so fucking hot,” he said, his voice low and husky, turning me on. I knew I wanted him. I had wanted him from the very first second I saw him. With a boost of confidence, I ran my hands under Ben’s shirt, forcing it over his head with his help, and then back him up to the couch. He pulled me down to him, lust in his eyes, so I was straddling his hips. Then he began to kiss my neck, biting and sucking and leaving marks, making me come undone. His hands ran up my thighs to the hem of my dress, pushing it up. Then they traveled up my sides and over my shoulder blades until I heard a zipper being undone. He stood me up and I let the dress fall off my body, leaving me in just a black lacy thong and my feels. His eyes raked my figure and I blushed slightly. “You’re beautiful,” he whispered, pulling me back to him, but not down to his lap. I moved to take off my shoes, but he stopped me. “Leave them on.” He smirked and gripped my hips, tossing me onto the couch and then climbing over my body. 

~In the morning~

I woke up wrapped in an unfamiliar blanket. I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and galnced around a bit. I was in an unfamiliar bunk. I laid there confused until memories of last night returned. 

Dancing with Ben; coming back to the bus; all the alcohol; making out; seeing him shirtless; my dress slipping off; his lips all over my body; screaming his name as I-

I smiled at the thought of it, a slight blush dusting my cheeks. I was in Ben’s bunk then. But where was he? I woke up alone. I pulled back the curtain and peered out. I couldn’t see him, but I could smell food. It was then I realized how hungry I was. I uncovered myself, seeing I apparently had on one of his shirts and a pair of shorts, and hopped out. 

“Good morning Sleeping Beauty,” Ben greeted from the small kitchenette thing. He was standing over a plate of pancakes and frying some bacon. 

“Morning,” I mumbled with a grin. He planted a kiss on the top of my head when I walked up to him, his arm snaking gently around my waist. “What are you making this for? And why are you even awake?”

“I got up this morning to make a special breakfast just for you and I,” he said with a smile. I blushed visibly, making him chuckle deep in his throat. 

“Special?” I asked.

“Yeah. I thought, uh, after a special night that you deserved a special reward..” he said awkwardly.

“Reward?” I scoffed. “Do you think I like did you some kind of favor or something..?’

“Oh god, that came out so wrong I’m so sorry,” he rushed out. I was so lost. “I haven’t really done this before I guess so I’m a little nervous, uhm, I meant like a, uhm-”

“Ben, calm down. It’s okay,” I said, placing my hand on his arm. He took a deep breath and looked down at me with those gorgeous eyes.

“What I’m trying to say is I want to ask you out. I would like to actually date you and call you my girlfriend and…stuff,” he told me, biting his lip and shifting his weight as he did so. A smile crept across my lips.

“And you were trying to do it with pancakes?” I asked. He nodded and blushed slightly. “Well, I accept because I really love pancakes.” I stuffed one into my mouth playfully, making him laugh and pull me in for a hug.

Calmness and comfort spell

Things needed:
Blue and white candle, preferred essential oils (anything to promote calm and happy thoughts) and an offering plate.

Inscribe on the candles any runes you feel that make you fell calm (I use wyn for comfort and tyr for success to give it a little kick) anoint the candles, then burn. In the offering plate, fill with water and place all your bad thoughts into it. Let calm energies fill the space where the bad thoughts had been before. Feel the pure light fill where darkness held.

After the candles have burned down and you are feeling better, dispose of the water and thank the water for bearing the burden you once carried.



“Tom, for fuck’s sake.”

“Damnit, that’s enough!”

His hands were wet. Breath came only with a labored effort.

“Clean yourself up. We’re doubling back toward Alther’s Mill.”

The disgust in the words rang clear. Even with his blood pounding in his ears, he could hear it. Did it matter, though? He couldn’t quite tell anymore. The man – the boy, was a decade his junior. A set of blue full-plate the only indication of his authority.

“Five minutes. I’ll be back down ta’ camp.”

The boy gave a curt nod. The movement loosed a rustling sound from his armor, needless sheets of plate to offer the illusion of security. No wonder they were found. He relaxed his grip on the haft, sturdy steel coming clear of his hand. It was near to dusk. His voice came low after the boy left, speaking only to himself.

“Never enough. Never fuckin’ enough, is it? Maybe one more and it’ll feel better.”

Tom retrieved the axe from where it had fallen to his side. He offered the mangled corpse in front of him a last look. It took more than five minutes to wash away all the black blood from his hands, axe, and boots.

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“Oi, Torao be careful !” he said when he saw Law starting to cough wildly. His immeadiate reaction to help his friend was to give few pats on Law’s back. Hopefully the rubber man didn’t break any of the doctor’s bones because those pats were quite powerful but at least managed to made him spit the food out of the wrong pipe. 

“Yo Zoro, you’re early awake !” Luffy greeted his green haired friend after helping Law not to choke on his food. Before Zoro arrived Luffy was in the kicthen preparing for some breakfast that ended up being pretty much unedible but somehow Law decided to try it after Luffy’s requestion with bad results, he didn’t seem to look well at the moment but at least he managed to try a tiny piece of Luffy’s “fried rice” dish.  

“Guess what? I made some breakfast for you guys, wanna try ~?”  
he said while offering a plate with small amount of food for the swordsman.  


I live in NYC with my boyfriend of 3 years after being long distance for almost 3 years which I’ve been working towards for 3 years. I am a college graduate, I have an amazing potential job offer on my plate, I am SO HAPPY.

Oh hey, so I have this beautiful new offering plate I found on Etsy at this shop and I decided to make an offering to the Morrigan with it yesterday.

I start wondering what to offer to Her.  Whisky? Blood? No. Instead, I got hit with the overwhelming desire for…

…snickerdoodles. I baked some snickerdoodles for the Morrigan late last night because She wants snickerdoodles.

…Well, them’s the gods for ya.