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Speaking of errand boy au, do you plan on adding more to it or at least bringing more characters? I’d help but I don’t have any ideas

It’s being worked on slowly but surely. I know it’s been a while and I appreciate the patience you all are giving me. I’m hoping to finish it before the next episode of BATIM comes out but we will see.

hey so i feel like i need to make smth a lil clear real quick: 

i offer to draw quick sketches of marvel characters for $6 kofi donations, that’s a continuous thing. (if you want to give more, that’s ok and very much appreciated, i get that sometimes! thank you!) you gotta remember: these are supposed to be quick sketches. they’re not commissions. i specifically do these and not commissions bc right now i have a Big One in the works and real life is busy, i just don’t have the time for it. please don’t donate $6 and ask me to do smth that’s complicated or super detailed and specific, that’s a commission. and to be honest, i don’t think that level of work is worth only around $6. it’s difficult sometimes to do multiple characters at once, imagine something big like that. i really don’t have the time or energy for it right now so if you donated for this offer (which is still open), please keep that in mind. these are supposed to be fun, quick sketches of marvel characters you like. thank you!

Offering stones

When taking something from nature, such as herbs, it is nice to give something back. You can leave these lovely air-dry stones in places such as the forest as a way to say thank you. Leaving these in nature is also totally safe for the environment. You can also offer these to a god/goddess.


2 cups of baking soda

1 cup of corn starch

1 ½ cups cold water

Mix until smooth, then put it in a pan and stir until it boils. Keep stirring until it is the consistency of mashed potatoes.

Let it cool and take the clay out of the pan. It should feel really smooth and you will probably play with it alot before you are even going to make the stones :)

I added some herbs and flowers, such as rosemary, lavender, roses, carnations, thyme, cloves, cinnamon, some blue flowers of which I don’t know the name and some orange berries that I found near the park.

I just made a little ball, then made a hole in it and added some herbs.

Now you can decorate it! You can add anything and shape them in any way you want. As you can see I made some squares, hearts, blobs and even an easter egg :) I’ve seen some people use glitter and I recommend you don’t add any glitter since that is actually bad for the environment. I tried using normal white sugar as an alternative, but i noticed that the stones got kind of wet, which I should’ve seen coming. Not sure what’s going to happen when it dries so I’ll keep you guys updated.

I’m so happy with these and I am definitely going to use these for Ostara ^^ Of course you can use this recipe to make anything you want, not just offering stones. 

I hope this was helpful for you guys ^-^

Magic is an exchange. 🔮🦉🕯🗿 I love this quote from Nashville writer Honest Lewis. The moment I read it I smiled and sighed. The role of the witch can be brilliant, exciting, enlightening, shamanic, challenging, and exhausting all at once. Our work is in energy. Our work is at the crossroads, on the hedge, at the shore, at the altar, in the forest, in the cosmos. We listen, counsel, share insight, divine, hold space, conjure, and manifest results. It is only fair to contemplate this statement: it rings true with our ancestors and has been spoken of in our legends and mythology. Magic is an exchange, so allow the offering and its process to heighten power and awaken wisdom for those who seek you out. 🔮🦉🕯🗿

PLEASE READ THIS EDIT: Incredible image isn’t this? Inspiring and beautiful quote from Honest Lewis, right? A cut up and pixelated version of this meme has been spread on Facebook recently. What I find frustrating is that the theme of this quote is that you must offer an exchange for magic. Honest Lewis is a masterful poet and to think he is not getting credit for his words is angering. I am in a rage over this.  And NO: I will NOT be told that I should have made the graphic differently so people couldn’t crop his name out. This is a beautiful and symmetrical layout as is. People blatantly cutting out the credit of this quote do not offer an equal exchange. They did not bring the witch his offering. Please use this clean copy. Additionally: I have heard that the image is being used for products on etsy. I will find you, report you, and hex the shit out of you.

Witch Tip

It’s okay to use the same three herbs in all your spells. It’s okay to have a simple altar. It’s okay to give the store brand as offerings. It’s okay to modify spells, chants, recipes to fit you and your practice. Being a witch doesn’t have to be expensive. 

A while ago, I offered a pancake to my Goddess [as an offering]. I was delighted to find, the next morning, that the pancake was gone. Which normally means that the offering was accepted.

I’ve told quite a few people about my pancake offering… and almost all of them have a problem with me offering my Goddess a simple thing. They call it silly. They call it flat. They call it absurd. They call it me being mentally ill.

Listen: the gods, unless they have specifically asked for something, do not care what you offer them. It could be a pancake, or water, or milk, or the smoke from your cigarette, or a daily walk, or even an offering of the breath you breathe. What matters is that your offering…. Comes from your heart.

The gods don’t want anything half-assed, this is what I have come to understand. You could offer your goddess or God all the things a recipe for devotion [found online or in a book] says that he/she likes… and your offering not be well-met or accepted.

Believe it or not, I’ve had this happen.

I used to take recipes and make devotions and offerings.. and the next day, I KNEW that they were not accepted, nor appreciated. Why? Because it didn’t come from me.

Sure, I made the items/meals/etc, but there was no personal touch to the offering or devotion. There was no piece of me.

When I threw the recipes away and started offering my goddess what I had, what I could give, of ANYTHING [yes, even a pancake], I found that She almost always accepted the devotion. I had taken the time to decide what to give Her, to prepare it for Her. I put myself into my devotion, no matter what it was.

And THAT’S THE POINT OF AN OFFERING: to give a little bit of yourself [or all of yourself] to the gods. They don’t need money or food or spirits. 1) they aren’t human and their lives don’t depend on what ours do and 2) THEY GAVE ALL OF THIS TO US.

So… next time you make an offering to your gods, try something a little personal, a little mental, a little crazy.

Offer them something from YOU… even if it’s a pancake.

Witch Tip 🌻

Use dried sunflowers as offering bowls!

You can pull out the seeds on the sides to create sigils or runes, if you want! Dried sunflowers as offering bowls are great for honoring Apollo or even the Fae!

These dried mammoth sunflowers are pretty tough as well. They can hold crystals, herbs, and even milk! You could even morph it into an incense burner… honestly, the possiblities are endless. 🖤

🌿 Offerings to the Earth 🌿

When forging or harvesting flowers, plants, herbs and other living things from nature to use in your craft, it is wise to ASK PERMISSION FIRST, listen and use your intuition. The plants may ask for you to leave an offering - sometimes they will tell you exactly what they want and at times they’ll ask for a surprise, but leaving an offering for the earth in appreciation and gratitude is very vital, for they are magickal alchemist.

Here are some ideas of offerings to give to the earth: 

  • A sacred song 
  • A graceful dance
  • A beautiful prayer 
  • A poem 
  • A story
  • A handwritten love note 
  • A small crystal or gem 
  • Tobacco // Sage 
  • Your hair 
  • Biodegradable Tiny sealed jar with sacred menstrual blood 
  • Biodegradable Tiny sealed jar spell 
  • Moon water 
  • Rose water 
  • Holy water 
  • Herbs, seeds + other Plants 
  • Your most sacred item 

 \Please reblog with any other resources you might think of!

You are good enough for your gods.

This is your gentle reminder that the work you do for the gods, goddesses, spirits, and fair folk is good enough and valuable.

The offerings you make are gifts appreciated.

The prayers you give voice to are heard and loved.

The spare change you donate at a park or sacred space adds up.

The trash you grab out of the river or gutter in a rainstorm for later recycling improves the world.

When you give of yourself, small things matter. When you gift unto others, no one cares what it cost, only that you cared enough to give.

Let the cosmos be brightened by your work, as you already know it is.


~Offering Stones~

This is a great way to give back to the earth when collecting anything from it.

The item you are taking is making a sacrifice of itself to you it will be bent to your will and needs.

Giving back after you have taken shows respect to the place you took it from and ensures nourishment for the plant or earth or water what ever it may be that you value its sacrifice.

Or a simple thank you if you don’t plan to return to the place you took from these stones are great for travel altars.

You do not have to make an offering or if you don’t have the available items or money or if you don’t have the means to make it.

A simple offering of corn meal also works.

Offering Stones Recipe:

2 Cups Flour
2 Cups Warm water
1 Cup Salt
2 Tbs Olive oil (vegetable oil works as well)
1 Tbs Cream of tartar

That is the simple recipe for plain stones you can get creative as you like though and add herbs, dried flowers, essential oil (a few drops) Biodegradable glitter, food coloring, stones, the sky is the limit! Keep in mind they need to be biodegradable don’t put charms or plastic into these

Combined the ingredients in a bowl first to get out any lumps. Then put in a pot and cook on the stove on low heat! It will come together quicker than you think.

It will form a dough once formed and you can touch it without the dough sticking to your fingers, put it on a surface to cool kneading gently to work what’s left of the moisture into the dough.

Form your stones get creative and while working with the dough set your intentions into it keep love and light into your heart as you make them remembering you are giving back to mother Gaia and her beautiful majesty. The God and Goddess Smile upon your workings dear one.

Now once the stones are complete (you will yield quite a lot my batch turned out 203!! Keep in mind I was using a mold which you can use!)

You may leave them to dry for a few days in a dry warm area. However depending on your humidity and where you live (basement, mildew or moldy area, damp apartment etc.) I highly recommend baking them in your oven at 200 F (93 C) keep an eye on them!

Then after that you are ready to give back to the universe happy crafting and blessed be~ 🌻

☽ Sea Knot Magick: a Wish Bracelet Spell ☾

This spell in particular is very special to me as it was one of my first successful spells when I started practicing in the 7th grade. It’s a perfect example of Sea/Lunar Witchcraft and Knot Magick! 

What you need:

☾ a Full Moon

☾ 5 different colored embroidery threads - one color to represent the moon (white, silver, even yellow), one color to represent the ocean, a color to represent your birth stone, a color to represent the wish (red/pink for love, green for luck/prosperity, etc.), and your favorite color. The length of the threads is dependent upon the type of bracelet you choose to make–I did a double chevron, throwback to friendship bracelets (▰˘◡˘▰)

☾ A conch shell

☾ A symbol (a piece of jewelry that has sentimental value; could’ve been given to you by a loved one, or perhaps you choose a piece that represents the sea)

☾ Blue lace agate, which can be used as a wish stone, or stones that correspond with your wish

☾ Rain water, salt water, or sea water; I recommend water charged by the moon, your crystals, or blessed by Poseidon/Aphrodite/Selene/your patron

☾ (Optional) a Sea Altar or altar honoring a Sea Deity 

What to do:

  1. Take the embroidery threads and begin to make a bracelet of your choice out of them; it doesn’t matter what pattern you choose, be it chevron, double wave, diamond, etc.
  2. While you make each knot, visualize your energy flowing into the bracelet. Charge it with your wish. I even repeated my wish as a mantra in my head during the process as a type of affirmation as well, focusing on the outcome of my wish. While making the bracelet (which, depending on the pattern, can take a while), have some ocean-scented candles or incense burning! Let the bracelet sit on an ocean themed altar when you aren’t working on it.
  3. Upon finishing it, let the bracelet soak in a bowl of your salt/rain/sea water for 10 minutes. Use blue lace agate or your stone(s) of choice to charge the water beforehand–remember to research whether or not the crystals are safe to sit in water overnight! If the water hasn’t already been blessed, this would be a good opportunity to place the bowl on your altar, place an offering beside it, and ask a Sea Deity or your patron to bless it!
  4. Wrap the bracelet around your symbol and place it underneath the conch shell for 1 full day
  5. On the next full moon, place your bracelet outside in the light of the full moon.
  6. Wear the bracelet until the wish comes true!

When I did this spell originally, I had confused the new moon symbol with the full moon symbol on my calendar by accident. The night it was supposed to sit out in the moonlight, I figured the moon had already risen and fallen by then, so I went to bed and had a dream about the full moon. The next morning, I woke up and noticed it had already started to take effect. I remember realizing that magick worked in strange ways, and I was astonished and how fast it worked–I highly recommend this spell for sea witches! Feel free to incorporate the appropriate herbs or an incantation!

Guide to Mabon

Just to let you all know, on Sunday the 23rd of September, Mabon is happening!

Now, that’s great, but… what is Mabon?

  • Mabon is a pagan holiday that takes place on the annual Autumnal Equinox (which this year is on Sunday, September 23rd).
  • Also called Harvest Home, it is a time for celebration and for reaping what you have sewn.
  • It is a time to give thanks to Gaea, our Mother Earth.
  • Mabon is also the name of the welsh god of light and the son of the Earth Mother, Modron.

How do you celebrate Mabon?

  • Witches celebrate Mabon in a number of different ways. Typically, witches will incorporate the symbols of the harvest holiday into their day.
  • These symbols include items such as horns of plenty, ivy, and pine cones; foods such as pomegranates, pumpkins, dried seed, and apples; colours such as orange, gold, maroon, brown, and red.
  • Many wiccans have a large feast on this night, filled with the foods of the holiday such as potatoes, carrots, squash, pomegranates, apples, and onions. It is sometimes seasoned with the herbs of the god Mabon (rose, honeysuckle, acorns, thistle, and ferns) but make sure they’re edible!
  • Some witches build an altar for Mabon and decorate it with the symbols of the harvest holiday, as well as with tools (such as hand trowels, baskets or scythes), and a yellow or orange candle. When the candle is lit, many witches offer a prayer to the Goddess Mother or the Green Man.

What are other things to do on the holiday?

  • There are many things to do! Here are just a few suggestions.
  • Practice apple magic, go on a long walk in the woods, listen to music, do arts and crafts, and spend time with your family and friends!
  • Mabon is a time of balance. Meditation for harmony is great to do on this holiday. Maybe even meditate outside if it’s not too cold!
  • Celebrate the hearth and the home and cleanse your home by burning sage or using consecrated water. Decorate your home with symbols of the harvest season!
  • Leave an offering of thanks to the gods of the vine. Whether that is Dionysus, Bacchus, the Green Man, or other gods! Leaving an offering of wine, honey, apples, frankincense, etc.

I hope you all have a wonderful harvest season and a great Mabon! Feel free to leave a comment of how you’re celebrating this year. Blessed be to all!

Have you made your daily offering yet?

Y̮͓͌͋͟ǒ̷̳̥̖͙ṵ̆̽̈͠ ̩̞̱k̜̎ñ̟̰͎̣͖̟̰̂͆̽ͩ͜ő̢̉w̽ͣ̄͒̀ ̞͆ͥ͞s̰̪͔͖͙͍͛ͤͫ̏ͧ͐h̯̼̗̪͆̔ę̖͚̖̻ͯͪͮ̒ ̠͉̘̤̥̹̂̽͐̈ͮ͐ͭm̠̺̪̦̹̙ͅi͛̏̈̇͐͗̆͏̬̦̙s̢̞̻̅͌̆s̭̦̼̺̫͊̒͒͂ͩ͑e͊͏̙š͙͚̖̾͑͝ ̪̞̋̾ͣͥ̀̾̚y̘̱̹̲͆o̱̘̭̟̫͙ͫ̾̄́̈́̂u̗͔̞̥̩̔ͪ͗!̡͚̥̗̹̳̣̮̎ͭ̉ͪͩ̌!͙͉!̴̹̲͔̖ ̹͉̮̞͎̍

Prayer to Aphrodite

I come to you by candlelight,
I bring a humble gift this night,
View my soul and weigh my truth,
I love, respect, and honor you.

May this gift be well recieved,
By Love’s goddess,
Lady of the seas.

*Offering ideas: shells, beauty products, chocolate, roses, wine, moon/sun water, jewelry, a created object, sand etc.